China and Russia see the U.S. in their crosshairs at United Nations

9/26/2022 11:00:00 AM

In waning days of the U.N. General Assembly, Beijing focused on Taiwan, distancing itself from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while Moscow decried 'Russophobia' in the West.

As the U.N. General Assembly winds to a close Monday, the focus on the horrific images of death and destruction in Ukraine during hundreds of world leaders' speeches underscored the inability of the U.N. to prevent or end the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In waning days of the U.N. General Assembly, Beijing focused on Taiwan, distancing itself from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while Moscow decried 'Russophobia' in the West.

08:10 United Nations — As the U."Washington erected themselves into an almost-envoy for God on Earth," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the U.were to use a nuclear weapon in its war against Kyiv, the White House national security adviser said Sunday.mobilize call up some of its reserves even as the assembly met.

N.General Assembly winds to a close on Monday, the focus on the horrific images of death and destruction in Ukraine during hundreds of world leaders' speeches underscored the inability of the United Nations to prevent or to end the Russian invasion of Ukraine.Saturday through a translator.Although President Biden announced large new aid packages and funding for Ukraine, countries around the world took the moment to plea for world leaders to deal with growing inequality, a focus of the opening speech by U.Quite the opposite: They're signs that Russia and Putin are struggling badly," Sullivan said while noting Putin's autocratic hold on the country made it hard to make definitive assessments from the outside.N." BIDEN MAKES HIS LONG-SHOT UN SECURITY COUNCIL REFORM PITCH Lavrov spoke at the U.Secretary General Antonio Guterres.Moscow characterizes the referendums as self-determination, but Kyiv and its Western allies view them as Kremlin-orchestrated shams with a foregone conclusion.

On Saturday, the 193-nation Assembly heard from China and Russia and both took the moment to put the U.days after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he was mobilizing approximately 300,000 army reservists with training and experience for Ukraine and threatened nuclear escalation after Kyiv's successful counteroffensive campaign.MORE: Russian police block mobilization protests, arrest hundreds "At the end of the day, the future of Russian politics is going to be dictated, not by Washington, not by anyone in Europe, but by the people inside Russia," Sullivan their crosshairs." "People living there are basically only reacting to what was said to them by the head of the Kyiv regime," he said, referring to democratically elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky telling pro-Russian separatists in Donbas last year to leave.China's foreign minister, Wang Yi, took aim at the United States, saying,"Protectionism can only boomerang," hoping that the U.Last week, Putin called up reservists and suggested that tactical nuclear weapons could be used to change the course of the war, groundlessly accusing the West of threatening Russia's territorial integrity.S.S.N.

will not abandon what has become a major trade relationship.Wang and U.Lavrov arrived late to a U.And those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the prevailing winds can turn in their direction," Putin said in a speech last week.S.Secretary of State Antony Blinken did meet at the sidelines of the U.Security Council meeting convened Thursday to discuss the"maintenance of peace and security of Ukraine" and"fight impunity.N.S.“The incapacity of Western countries to negotiate and the continued war by the Kyiv regime against their own people left us with no choice” but to recognize the two regions that make up the Donbas as independent and then to send troops in, Lavrov said.

meeting."Impunity reflects what has been going on that country since 2014, when national radical forces, open Russophobes, and neo-Nazis came to power then as a result of an armed coup with direct support of Western countries," Lavrov said.Beijing's focus was on the current rift with Taiwan, Wang told diplomats — a point aimed at recent comments Mr.Biden made on"60 Minutes.Of course, you won't punish yourselves.We have been clear with them and emphatic with them that the United States will respond decisively alongside our allies and partners," Sullivan said." "Any scheme to interfere in China's internal affairs is bound to meet the strong opposition of all Chinese and any move to obstruct China's reunification is bound to be crushed by the wheels of history," he said.U.He made an appeal to demand"just punishment" for crimes he alleges Russia has committed against Ukraine's borders and its people.But we need time,” said Zelenskyy, the only leader who was allowed to address the assembly by video this year.

S." Stephanopoulos also asked Sullivan if protests in Iran over the death of a woman who was not adhering to the country's strict female dress code would be enough to topple the government in Tehran.Ambassador to the U."What was done to them so that they want to do this to others?".N.Linda Thomas-Greenfield told CBS News this week, that intense U..S.At a news conference after his speech, Lavrov said he discussed problems with the deal at a meeting this week with U.

diplomacy has taken place in an effort to persuade China that Russia's invasion of a sovereign nation is contrary to China's longstanding policies.Wang's statements underscored what China President Xi Jinping had told Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent weeks - that China is uncomfortable with the war.Stephanopoulos pressed, given the Iranian government's actions, if the Biden administration should continue seeking to revive the Obama-era nuclear deal which President Donald Trump scrapped."China supports all efforts conducive to the peaceful resolution of the Ukraine crisis," Wang told world leaders."The pressing priority is to facilitate talks for peace.The fundamental solution is to address the legitimate security concerns for all parties."The fact that we are in nuclear talks is in no way slowing us down from speaking out and acting on behalf of the people of Iran," he said.ADVERTISEMENT At the Security Council on Thursday, Ukraine and Russia faced off, in a rare moment when Lavrov and his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba, were in the same room — though they kept their distance.

" Wang Yi, China's foreign minister, speaks during the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on Sept.24, 2022.Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg/Getty Images "President Xi called on the international community to pursue common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries," Wang went on to say, regarding Ukraine.Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke to the General Assembly and then to reporters, making clear that Moscow is not going to make the first steps in talks to end the war in Ukraine, decrying that"Russophobia in the West is unprecedented now, the scope is grotesque." The comments came as Russian forces launched new military strikes in Ukrainian cities, including Zaporizhzhia.

Russia is also holding referendums in portions of Ukraine it currently occupies.There, Ukrainians are voting on whether to become part of Russia.It's a move that is not only considered illegitimate by the West, but as possible justification for Russia's use of force later in these regions."The sham Moscow runs in occupied territories can't be called referenda," Ukraine's U.N.

Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya told CBS News on Saturday."And its results are and will be null and void." Asked by CBS News about Putin's comments suggesting the use of nuclear weapons that Mr.Biden referred to, Lavrov referred to Russia's"doctrine for nuclear security" in which self-defense is core, a definition that is often in the eyes of the beholder.As to next steps for the U.

N., the attempt to garner unity against the war will continue, albeit without results.In a letter, obtained by CBS News, which was sent by Kyslytsya to Nicolas de Rivière — France's permanent representative to the U.N., and who is also serving as the current Security Council president this month — Ukraine has requested a meeting of the 15-nation body next week to discussion the"sham 'referendums' in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

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Where has the UN ever been able to end or prevent war? In Palestine? In Afghanistan, in Iraq the first or second time? In Syria? In Libya? In Yemen? So why would it do any better in Ukraine? What an absurd inversion. If any nation is in the ”crosshairs”, it is Russia. It's inability of the UN to prevent and stop the arrogance of the Western and the gang. US and allies .

To claim compensation from workers saying that they caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to the company during the strike is equivalent to saying that 'workers cannot be treated as 'humans'' Workers are machines that make money. Currently Korea's reality Yawn The UNGA could kick Russia out if they voted to, but they won't

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Russia slams US for acting like 'an almost-envoy for God on Earth' at the UNNEW YORK — Russia's top diplomat accused the United States of acting like a dictator toward countries that threatened its political and economic dominance during his United Nations General Assembly address. You mean Soviet Union. You know, he might be right. Blinken's single minded dogma is palpable. I think we should back the hell out of this mess, and only supply defensive weapons. The devil recognizes good!

US sees signs Russia is 'struggling,' has warned of catastrophe if Putin uses nuclear weapon: SullivanThe U.S. is seeing evidence that Russia is 'struggling' in its invasion of Ukraine and warned Moscow that there would be 'catastrophic consequences' if it were to use a nuclear weapon in its war against Kyiv, the White House national security adviser said. Propaganda Why threaten? I DON'T UNDERSTAND NATO, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT A FUCKING COMIC PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE UNLEASHES THE 3RD NUCLEAR WAR, INSTEAD OF REMOVING THE COMIC PENDEJO FROM UKRAINE THAT, HE IS NOT GOING TO MANIPULATE ME OR PUTIN EITHER, GET READY THEN PUTIN FIRE YAAAAAAA

On Ukraine, Russia repeats insistence that it had no choiceRussia made its case to the world Saturday for its war in Ukraine, repeating a series of grievances about its neighbor and the West to tell the U.N. General Assembly meeting of world leaders that Moscow had “no choice” but to take military action. Creative script writer F***ing Russians. 💩💩💩💩 UKRAINE has done NOTHING but defend against invasion, RUSSIA is the one crossing the border and sending long range missiles into hospitals, apartments and citizens. 😡😡😡

Women and girls affected disproportionately by Russia-Ukraine war: UN reportWomen and girls in Ukraine and around the world have suffered disproportionately as the men of the country fight against the invasion by Russia, a new report by the U.N. has found. That's what this world does: It fucks over women and girls, and guess what? The world keeps producing more girls than boys and you know why? It's about time to get even with them. The men are fighting and dying but its the women who are the real victims. 🤡 The men are fighting and dying, but yes it’s the women who suffer disproportionately Absolute delusional media

Even Russia’s friends are getting upset over its warThroughout the annual gathering, world leader after world leader had expressed deep discomfort if not outright condemnation over Russia’s war in Ukraine this past week at the United Nations Why the long face Lavrov? Horse got your tongue? Wait till you get your energy bills My friends don’t invade neighboring countries and rape their children.