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Chile regrets panic triggered by mistaken tsunami warning after quake

Chile regrets panic triggered by mistaken tsunami warning after quake

1/24/2021 8:05:00 AM

Chile regrets panic triggered by mistaken tsunami warning after quake

Authorities in Chile said on Saturday they regretted spreading panic with a mistaken tsunami warning calling for people to get out of coastal areas following an earthquake in Antarctic a.

( 2 images )The interior ministry said on Twitter that a tremor of magnitude 7.1 struck at 8.36 p.m. 216 km northeast of the O’Higgins Chilean scientific base and called for the coastal regions of Antarctica to be evacuated because of a tsunami risk.The ministry also sent a message to cellphones around the country urging people to abandon coastal areas, though the ministry later said it was sent in error.

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“We want to provide peace of mind to the population, tell them that it is not necessary to evacuate the entire national territory, only the Antarctic base,” Miguel Ortiz of the ministry’s National Emergency Office (ONEMI) told a news conference.He said the agency regretted the inconvenience caused by its messages, which he blamed on a technical error.

The tsunami warning for Antarctica was later lifted.People in coastal cities including La Serena, to the north of Santiago, and Valparaiso, started to leave areas close to the coast after the warning until reports started appearing that it was a false alarm.

But as Chileans were reacting to the warning, a second tremor, of magnitude 5.6, struck the Chile-Argentina border region, at 9.07 p.m., the GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences said, at a depth of 133 km and 30km east of Santiago.No damage was reported from either quake.

The second one was close to Codelco’s Andina and Teniente copper mines and Anglo American PLC’s Los Bronces.The Chilean mining regulator Sernageomin said that workers, mining operations and facilities had reported no problems after the quake.Sernageomin said that following the first quake, 80 people were evacuated from Chile’s main base in the Antarctic, the Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva Base on Fildes Peninsula west of King George Island, and 55 more from three other bases, along with five foreign bases.

The army said no damage was reported at the Antarctic base.Reporting by Aislinn Laing, Fabian Cambero and Rama Venkat in Bengaluru; Editing by Daniel Wallis, Robert Birsel Read more: Reuters Top News »

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Pfff! Amateurs. Here’s the message the professionals send to panic people. The last huge earthquake we had, the government didn’t send an alert to the phones and more than 500 people die. sebastian_gray This dangerous man has been pointed out as the one responsible for sending the alert mesagges. This makes sense due to his previous criminal record

This is 1MM times better than what happen years ago when Michelle Bachelette (then president), told Chileans on national TV that there was no risk of tsunami and they could come down from sheltering up on hills... many listened and were killed by the waves... The fear of having such a panic attack can be almost as bad as the panic itself.

incompetent scum in charge This is the worse case scenario in an emergency planning - false advertisement can cause ‘crying wolf’ reactions 🤷🏼‍♀️. Chile’s government will need to work hard to undo the damage and instil confidence in their digital systems. Good luck 🤞 Not good. good luck There's worse things to regret