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Health, Molecular And Cellular Endocrinology

Child IQ in the U.S. lowered by exposure to flame retardants and pesticides, study warns

Child IQ in the U.S. lowered by exposure to flame retardants and pesticides, study warns


Child IQ in the U.S. lowered by exposure to flame retardants and pesticides, study warns

Exposures to toxic chemicals 'represent a formidable risk to Americans' physical, mental, and economic health,' said Abigail Gaylord of NYU Langone.

which comes from coal-fired electric power generation facilities, was linked to 8,860. Regulations to stop the plants pumping out mercury were finalized in 2011, but some plants still exist, the authors said.

The team acknowledged limitations to their study, including that the exposure-response relationships might not relate to all populations, and the cost of chronic diseases can change over time.

"Unfortunately, the minimal policies in place to eliminate pesticides and flame retardants are clearly not enough," she said.

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You can *thank* former Gov. Jerry Brown and California for nanny state laws that exposed all of us to toxic flame retardants. Thats why Trump & GOP are removing all EPA safeguards. They love brain damaged people they can easily manipulate. Keep the scared. Keep them uneducated. Keep them sick. AKA GOP base.

That cannot be proven. FlamingRetardAnts—? Fox News audience. Yep. This what happens when your children wear costumes and trick or treat in a soybean field that hasn’t been harvested yet. Damn people!! Just stop!!! *exposure to Devos The dumbing-down of America is working, and continues.... Don’t forget the transgender teachers

That explains Trump supporters. Don't forget vaccines and fluoride.

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Cheryl 'looking into using a surrogate' as she plans to have another childCheryl wants to give her son Bear - who she shares with ex Liam Payne - a sibling and she is reportedly looking into using a surrogate

Understanding and Communicating With Your Oppositional ADHD ChildChildren do not set out to defy, disappoint, and lie to their parents and teachers each day. They want to earn our praise just as much as the obedient kid who lives down the street. So why do some children with ADHD seem to be so oppositional all the time?

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