Chicago drops lawsuit against police union over vaccine mandate

Chicago drops lawsuit against police union over vaccine mandate

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12/2/2021 4:32:00 PM

Chicago drops lawsuit against police union over vaccine mandate

Mayor Lori Lightfoot pledged to take the matter back to court if the police union takes 'further action toward encouraging an illegal work stoppage or strike.'

In her statement, Lightfoot said the mandate had been put in place to protect lives."From day one when this requirement was announced in August, this entire process has been and will continue to be about protecting the lives and safety of all Chicagoans," she said."The data shows that we are succeeding in that mission, and that police officers recognize that protecting and serving in the times of global pandemic means ensuring that they are vaccinated against COVID-19."

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The mayor said the number of officers complying with the requirement to report their vaccination status, as well as the city's mandatory vaccination policy, has"continued to grow" since October 15."I have completely confidence that the entire Department will be in compliance with City policy in the near future," she added.

Police have lagged behind other departments in complying with the city's vaccine requirements. But as of Monday, about 87 percent of the police's department roughly 12,000 employees had reported their vaccination status and almost 76 percent are fully vaccinated, according to the

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Former DC mayor spokesman switches parties over Biden presidency, voted for YoungkinA now-former spokesman for District of Columbia Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser told Fox News on Wednesday that President Biden's tenure in office has led him to change party affiliation.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesI do not know how this guy got elected.

South Africa considers vaccine mandates as omicron cases spiralAfter first identifying the omicron Covid-19 variant, South Africa is bracing for a fourth wave of infections. Since they have a low vaccination rate (35.6%) and people refusing vax, mandate only way to go imo.

More than half of employers to require Covid vaccines as omicron fears growThe majority of U.S. employers now have, or plan to have, a vaccine mandate in place as return-to-work plans are pushed back again. SHICO ने भारतीयों को बनाया अरबपति So we should be deathly afraid of a variant that we don’t know anything about and employers should push a vaccine that we don’t know if it even works against omicron. This is what hurts public trust. This is rush for a headline is why nobody trusts you!! Why do you disseminate this fear propaganda? Have you even looked into Angelique Coetzee’s view (the South African scientist who discovered it in the 1st place)?

UPDATE 2-Courts block two Biden administration COVID vaccine mandatesThe Biden administration was blocked on Tuesday from enforcing two mandates requiring millions of American workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 , a key part of its strategy for controlling the spread of the coronavirus. U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty in Monroe, Louisiana, temporarily blocked the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) from enforcing its vaccine mandate for healthcare workers until the court can resolve legal challenges. Doughty said the CMS lacked the authority to issue a vaccine mandate that would require more than 2 million unvaccinated healthcare workers to get a coronavirus shot.

McConnell's latest challenge: Stopping a shutdown over vaccine mandatesA small group of conservatives wants to force a funding showdown over Covid inoculation mandates. But most in the GOP leader's conference aren't convinced. The question here is...who exactly IS leading the GOP now? It's certainly not GOPLeader in the House, so who is leading in the Senate now? Any 'normal' GOP leaders are being called weak and are being cast aside... Kill the government or kill the people. That’s the gop Can we all take a minute to acknowledge the craziness that this represents? They want to close the government down so people won’t get vaccinated. &, they’re all In agreement that vaccinations must stop they just don’t want to take the political hit for doing it