Cher, Joe Biden

Cher, Joe Biden

Cher Reworks an Old Hollywood Showtune for Joe Biden Campaign

Cher Reworks an Old Broadway Showtune for Joe Biden Campaign

10/27/2020 3:03:00 AM

Cher Reworks an Old Broadway Showtune for Joe Biden Campaign

Singer performed “Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe” from Cabin in the Sky and later released it as a single

Cabin in the SkyJoe Biden.The song, aptly titled “Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe,” was originally written by Harold Arlen and Yip Hapburn and sung by Ethel Waters in one of the earliest Hollywood musicals to feature an all-black cast.For her performance of “Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe,” Cher reworked the lyrics to fit the message of the presidential campaign. “Right now, our country’s gloomy/Fear is in the air/But when Joe is president, hope is everywhere/Troubles fly away, and life is easy go/Joe will keep us safe, that’s all we need to know,” she sang.

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On Monday, Cher released a studio single for “Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe” to Spotify and other streaming services.Other performers and presenters at the I Will Vote virtual fundraiser included Pink, John Legend, the Black Eyed Peas, Foo Fighters, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Amy Schumer, Helen Mirren, Maren Morris, Billy Porter, the cast of Netflix’s 

Queer Eye, Armie Hammer, and Jon Bon Jovi, all of whom turned out in support of the Biden and Kamala Harris ticket. Read more: Rolling Stone »

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Foo Fighters, Pink, Cher, Jon Bon Jovi to Perform at Joe Biden Virtual Event TonightLin-Manuel Miranda, Amy Schumer, Dave Grohl, Helen Mirren, Maren Morris, the Bidens and more to appear during “I Will Vote” event Sunday night Amazing how all these celebs are so eager to shill for a corrupt politician with a terrible record for 47 years. Biden family is going down. The laptop will bury them. All those bands suck and who cares not going to make anyone vote any different 😎🤟🏻

Cher Debuts Song 'Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe' at Biden Benefit Concert Cher changed the lyrics of the song, which was originally composed by Harold Arlen for the 1943 film musical 'Cabin in the Sky.' People of the world. I'm asking for your help. My son Artem has a heart defect, now he's in the hospital. We urgently need surgery. If you can help, please visit my page, there's all the information. I beg you to help save my son Idiocracy. You mean by happiness is host of all major problems like drugs, RICO, human trafficking etc. What a hippieish version of happiness you have!

Cher Debuts ‘Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe’ at Biden Benefit Concert: WatchThe legendary entertainer is throwing her considerable clout behind Joe Biden ’s run for the presidency with the release of a new single. ARIAsHarryStyles Harry_Styles Golden HarryStyles WeAreGolden YoureSoGolden YouAreSoGolden

How to Watch 'I Will Vote' Concert for Joe Biden, Featuring P!nk, Cher, John Legend & MoreThe Biden Victory Fund is throwing an 'I Will Vote' concert this weekend to support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his VP candidate Kamala Harris. FIRSTTT

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Today's Headlines: Trump's two adversariesIn the final days of the campaign, President Trump isn't up against only Joe Biden . New poll, please let them know how you feel.