Cheney says McCarthy and Stefanik are complicit in Trump's election falsehoods

Cheney also told 'Fox News Sunday' that by perpetuating the false election narrative, Trump has 'betrayed' his voters.

5/16/2021 10:56:00 PM

Rep. Cheney said Sunday that House Minority Leader McCarthy and new House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik are complicit in former President Trump's continued false smear campaign against the election he lost last fall.

Cheney also told 'Fox News Sunday' that by perpetuating the false election narrative, Trump has 'betrayed' his voters.

leaders, was voted in as her replacement to lead the House GOP messaging apparatus.Republicans from leadership through the rank-and-file said they wanted to stop focusing on the past and move forward with attacking Democratic policies and politicians in the run-up to the 2022 midterms. McCarthy, R-Calif., even told reporters last week he does not"think anyone is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election,"

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even as Trump has released roughly two dozen statements claiming illegitimacy within the past two months.This weekend alone, Trump released a series of statements promoting bogus election claims, adding that the 2020 election amounted to the"CRIME OF THE CENTURY."

In her interview, Cheney said she wished moving on from Trump was possible but that he"continues to be a real danger.""What he's doing and what he's saying, his claims, his refusal to accept decisions by the courts, his claims continued as recently as yesterday, that somehow this election was stolen," she said."You know what he's doing is, he's causing people to believe that they can't count on our electoral process to actually convey the will of the people."

She added that the"millions of people ... who supported the president have been misled, they've been betrayed."May 16, 202101:13Speaking with NBC's"Meet the Press," Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., echoed Cheney in saying Trump is the reason leaders can't simply move on from last fall. Kinzinger, who like Cheney voted to impeach Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, said Trump is why

several House members denied or waved offrioters' conduct during a hearing last week."You cannot on one hand say Donald Trump is a leader, or the leader of the Republican Party — which I believe he is the leader of the Republican Party right now because Kevin McCarthy gave him his leadership card — you can't say he's the leader and then say we have to move on," Kinzinger said."I would love to move on, but when Liz Cheney, probably on a total of maybe four or five times just simply answered questions that the election wasn't stolen and then Donald Trump dozens and dozens of times says it is. It's not Liz's fault."

Elsewhere on the program, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, said it's not an option"to excommunicate a former president" and that he personally refuses"to go into this sort of black and white thinking about it's either totally one thing or totally the other."

May 16, 202108:44"These are complex relationships that involve millions of people," he said."And I have always said, I do not think Trump is the devil. And I won't say that. I don't think he's Jesus either. You know, I'm a rational human being about this, OK? And I'm going to agree where I agree and I'm going to disagree where I disagree. And I refuse to allow this drama to engulf us."

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He added there is"no point in relitigating some of these things.""I stand by everything I've ever said and done," he said."And that's all I can speak for."On CNN's"State of the Union," Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., echoed Cheney in saying he believes McCarthy would get subpoenaed by a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 riot. Democrats and Republicans reached an agreement on such a commission last week, and its formation could be voted as as soon as this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said.

Of the House members who continue to try to write off the rioters' conduct Upton said"It's absolutely bogus." On Trump, Upton, who also voted for his impeachment earlier this year, said the former president"continues the big lie about the election being stolen."

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The fact that Massachusetts vaccination rate is nearly double that of Mississippi proves once again “you cain’t fix stupid”! “Education is overrated” and “Gods got my back” as they dump the little money they have into crazy rich televangelists pockets to be saved! McCarthy is a criminal and should be removed

The World 🌎🌍🌏 will Never Forget the DOMESTIC TERRORIST ATTACK on January 6, 2021, AGAINST OUR: 🇺🇸 U.S. Capitol 🇺🇸 U.S. Democracy 🔴Donald Trump is the ONLY person to have been IMPEACHED TWICE 🔴 Donald Trump's 2nd IMPEACHMENT was for: 🔥 Incitement of Insurrection 🔥 Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not too sure about the universe.

Two weak links. To prevent these lies from happening again..since the Dems have control of the House and Senate y don't they pass a law stating the maximum age to run for pres is 70..we have a minimum of 35 y not a maximum...this would keep out Trump...just a thought She’s already learned the vacant stare-with-adoration-look-at-the-leader made famous by mike pence

67% of the citizens believe China Joe cheated. Cheating isn’t winning. Who cares Cheney is done Kevin, Elise is looking at you with bad intent. Be very afraid. Look at the smirk and the dead eyes. Karma's going to have a ball with her.

Meet Elise Stefanik, who just replaced Liz Cheney as the No. 3 Republican in the House5 things to know about the New York Representative endorsed by former President Trump nice Wow, the new replacement, not so sure I like this, but republicans have always pissed me off, so anyway... Just like a fraud Trump was.

The Dumbing Down of the Republican Party! It scares me that a voice of sanity in the GOP is coming from a Cheney. Cult45 McCarthy will do anything to be Speaker. Simply. No price is too large. All Cheney is out to do is take over from the Mobster Lobster. She is tapping in to the Repugnants who now don't like him. There are no morals or ethics at play on her behalf here, and if anyone can't see that, they are blind.

It's clear. Donald Trump is accountable for the actions in DC. las year. Trump is done politically. Thanks The GOP itself is corrupt placing party over country…we know this already. So, her continuing to be so critical of Trumps concerns and suspicions about the election are somehow more important than the beliefs of 80 million republican voters?

K McCarthy actions are reminiscent of Joe Mccarthy in the 50s. He did it All for his own notarity and the spotlight. An insecure man's attempt to gain popularity and adoration, much like his Fav FORMER Pres Tr=mp “Could you imagine if I lose? My whole life, what am I gonna do? I’m gonna say I lost to the worse candidate in the history of politics. I’m not gonna feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country. I don’t know.” 🤦‍♂️TrumpVirus lost. Get over it

Liz Cheney says she regrets voting for Trump in 2020Liz Cheney tells jonkarl that Kevin McCarthy should 'absolutely' testify before possible commission investigating Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. 'I wouldn't be surprised if he were subpoenaed.' Watch the interview Sunday on ThisWeekABC. jonkarl ThisWeekABC 별미의 맛도-한국의 엉터리과학의 항생제의 내성 마냥--내성이라는지? 미래의 과학에서는-****-라하는듯 맛이 없다네요-막먹으면 그러하지 않을듯 가정에서 남자들의-맛투정-못난이들-부식을 줄여야할듯-불경기-등재국용이므로 금지된 제한국은 가치가 없을듯 경기가 좋으면 고급 또는 별식으로 드세요 jonkarl ThisWeekABC Which Republican on the committee is going to vote to Subpoena their leader? jonkarl ThisWeekABC That’s what we are talking about people. WAKE UP Israel is doing their best to show you that they are the victim but read more look at these hashtags we are showing you what’s happening now in Palestine we’re showing you the truth HearGaza GenocideinGaza

She has an evil smug smile. Right, they said united behind 45th not the Constitution, they know he have not read the Constitution or abide by it, He's a business man, sole-proprietor its my way or the highway. Be it GOP, DEM,PB,FOX,Family. YOU ARE FIRED. just like Putin and Kim and XI. Her comments mean nothing!

Honestly receiving $7000 is what I never expected thanks for putting an undying smile on my face LisaRights2 The good news about the GQP train wreck is that at least it has provided US with three possible presidential candidates for 2024 elections, Mitt Romney Liz Cheney and Mike Pence Not necessarily in that order though.

nbc = Fake Ass News In other news, the air is breathable. Of course they are. Everyone knows McCarthy has no scruples whatsoever. They thought Stephanik did but even her oldest and closest friends don't get her latest unveiling as Trump's handmaiden?

Liz Cheney Is Making It Her Personal Mission to Keep Trump Out of the White House“I won’t let a former president or anybody else unravel the democracy,” says the Wyoming Republican, who is waging a lonely fight in a party devoted to Trump—and, some fear, potentially motivating him to run again in 2024. I like it. Hell hath no fury... Uh oh.. watch her go. They should've left her alone. McCarthy opened up a big ole can of worms on himself now. Grabbing my beer to watch the fireworks. 🍿🍺 I More courage than all the GOP “men” put together.

Again words I never thought I’d type in regards to Liz Cheney. She’s right! This guy claimed Putin pays Trump! Did he report it to FBI? Or promise to keep it a secret? This is your GOP, folks. More than a lie, an attempted coup and Inserrection directed by the President of the United States against his own country. Why are Republicans loyal to Treasonous Trump? Guilty Guilty

Cheney so good political should be are next President. Not that liar thirsty for power stupid people that vote for that Why is she still talking? RepLizCheney is the wicked witch 🧙‍♀️ of the west, or at least Wyoming. She’s free to keep echoing her lies but any intelligent person knows the 2020 🗳 was fraudulent to the scale to overturn it. Fraud was in 3 forms: 1. Unconstitutional laws 2. Voter fraud 3. Election rigging

Them are some evil eyes, on her If you deny the obvious fraud in the election you are either a fool, or you condone it. Both are equally complicit in destroying faith in US elections. ektaka If they can afford to challenge the 2020 election, then we all can afford challenge the 2016 election while we're at it.

Liz Cheney Says She 'Regrets The Vote' For Donald TrumpThe Wyoming Republican was ousted from her House leadership role for refusing to say the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump. good Good. As bad as Dotard Jay Gump is, nepotism and dynasties in politics are also disgusting. This is the reason Cheney is no hero, she supported trumppolicies which separated children from parents, killed 500,000 Americans and gave huge tax cuts to wealthy in the backs of the working class.

Trump can say anything he wants...He is not president anymore...How about some news on the war & how the world is falling apart or who's going to adopt thousands of none English speaking kids & teens...or why our government had never paid for motel rooms for homeless people?.. People who assist with crimes are generally know as CRIMINALS and frequently wind up in jail for Aiding & Abetting! senategop HouseGOP

gopleader McSweetcheeks wore chaps to visit his king in Maralago Trump syndrome is real!!! This pic represents her very well, even if it is a 'fake'. Let's never forget her bombstatik behavior at the 1st orange-man impeachment in tandem with the other GOPTraitors GQPTraitorsToDemocracy DevinNunes ...Putin must have a lot of sh*t on the GOP!

Cheney was invited onto Fox News Sunday? Wonders will never cease. I bet the former guy was pissed.. Ya know what it means when the earth lays accusation? When land is filled w/ SIN the earth responds accordingly. First drought then after so long vegetation starts burning! Let me guess,y'all believe climate change is why CA has just this happening?Climatechange is FAKE! REPENT!

In case you haven't noticed the earth has laid ACCUSATION against us! That's why the trees already look like its fall and we're in the Spring of the year! NO ONE CARES ABOUT american'politics'! Public Service Announcement THE HOUR OF JUDGEMENT DRAWS NEAR! PREPARE FOR THE LORD! I don't know if the progressive left-wing media are sad or laughable. They still do not realize that what they publish is of no concern to Republicans, whether they are their voters or representatives.


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Fact check: TRUE Politics is like a game for them, no care for people! Remember Jared Kushner's ' smirk' whenever he stood in the presence of DJT? Get a load of Elise Stefanik's 'smirk' as she gazes at Kevin McCarthy! Just like GOP trying to convince us the jan 6th wasn't a violent mob, Israeli PM deny Israël being deliberately killing children and women and shutting up media. It's 2021 Netanyahou, we see everything life with our eyes. All liers.

Yes RepStefanik GOPLeader are complicit in the lie being told by the mentally ill Trump …and it’s creepy af. Are there any adults in the GOP?