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Charred Broccoli and Lentil Salad Recipe on Food52

A very good reason to make sure you’re always stocked with broccoli, lentils, and tahini.

1/24/2021 7:32:00 AM

A very good reason to make sure you’re always stocked with broccoli, lentils, and tahini.

This spunky little salad is inspired by an Instagram post from Gramercy Tavern. The dish was 'charred broccoli slaw,' and the moment I read 'charred broccoli,' I knew I wanted to create a salad around that idea. Rather than go in the slaw direction, I chose lentils for heft -- plus, lentils and broccoli are one of those tried-and-true pairings that never disappoint. For the broccoli, I thinly sliced it (akin to making a slaw), tossed it with olive oil, and gave it a quick run under the broiler. The thin pieces get charred and crispy and nestle up perfectly with the lentils. I opted for a tahini dressing because I wanted something bold enough to stand up to the charred flavors and keep each bite interesting. This is the type of salad I’d happily eat for dinner with some crusty bread and then pack for my lunch the next day. It’s even better once the flavors have had a chance to meld.

 cookinginvictoriaOctober 9, 2014Yay, Emily -- congrats on being selected as a finalist!! I was fortunate enough to test this recipe and we all loved it. In fact, I have made it twice since you posted it. As I told the editors, this is "an inventive, wildly delicious salad that somehow feels both original and new . . . It is one of the most delicious recipes that I have ever made from food52, and I have made quite a few!" So glad that this recipe is getting some food52 love. :)

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 AntoniaJamesOctober 9, 2014cookinginvictoria, do you have an ideas on what substitutions could be made for the peppers and paprika in the sauce? I realize that it's hard to get the smoky taste without the smoked paprika or a smoked chile or other pepper, but I cannot eat either of them . . . . ;o)

 cookinginvictoriaOctober 9, 2014Hi AJ, that is a tough one because the smokiness is so much a part of the flavor of this dish. I am wondering if maybe a sprinkling of smoked salt on the plated salad or even adding a small amount of ground looseleaf Lapsang Souchong tea to the dressing might deliver some smokiness if one were unable to use peppers or paprika. EmilyC, what do you think?

 EmilyCOctober 9, 2014Thanks, cookinginvictoria, for your lovely feedback on my salad! Really means a lot coming from you. Thanks so much for taking the time to test it! EmilyCOctober 9, 2014Funny you ask about substitutions, because I debated back and forth between this dressing, with its spicy, smoky character, and a lemon tahini one. I like cookinginvictoria's suggestions for trying to replicate the smoky aspect and you could try charred roma tomato (or maybe even sun-dried tomatoes) in place of the piquillo. Or -- you could take the salad in a completely different direction with a lemony dressing. I'm thinking lemon, tahini, garlic, olive oil, and some freshly ground cumin and/or coriander would be nice. Please let us know what you try!

 AntoniaJamesOctober 9, 2014 Read more: Food52 »

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