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Charlie Kirk, Vaccine Hesitancy

Charlie Kirk, Unsurprisingly, Is Out Here Stoking Vaccine Hesitancy

Charlie Kirk, Unsurprisingly, Is Out Here Stoking Vaccine Hesitancy

7/30/2021 1:00:00 AM

Charlie Kirk , Unsurprisingly, Is Out Here Stoking Vaccine Hesitancy

Turning Point USA is apparently teaching young people the best tactics in rejecting the covid-19 vaccine

recently hosted an event where an ER doctoroffered the following script to a room full of students in Tampa: “You say, ‘I’m 18 years old. I have no health conditions. Based on the five-year mortality data, I have a highly [sic] likelihood of dying from flu vs. covid, and I don’t get the flu vaccine, so I’m not going to get this one.”

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The affiliatedTurning Point Action also sent fearmongering text messages to young people, which opened“Charlie Kirk here” andthat Joe Biden is “sending goons DOOR-TO-DOOR” to force them to get the covid vaccine.Turning Point USA, meanwhile, hastakenout Facebook ads pointedly referring to the vaccines as “experimental,” casting further doubt on their efficacy. (A spokesperson for Turning Point told the

Washington Postthat Kirk is only against mandates, insisting: “If anywhere my client is represented as anti-vaccine that will be taken very seriously. This is a pro-freedom movement, not ‘anti-vax.’” He also said the text message wasn’t approved by Kirk, but the spokesman nevertheless defended their contents.

)His spread of misinformation isn’t limited to just vaccines, either. Earlier this week, Kirk took some time on his podcast to, calling her “immature, selfish, and a shame to the country.” Shocking that Kirk even had time to watch the Olympics considering his

devotion to convincing teenagers to expose themselves to a deadly virus.The potential for Kirk and his organizationto stoke vaccine resistance even as Delta gathers speed is no joke. ThePost Read more: Jezebel »

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Who? GreatDismal Some are saying that Charlie Kirk is anti vax. GreatDismal GreatDismal They say the vaccine will shrink your face GreatDismal 'I don't get the flu vaccine' is supposed to be an unstoppable argument? I've got to stop saying 'can't get any stupider than that' when I see him quoted... I still don't know if that's his real face or not.

GreatDismal I can't tell if his face is shrunken or what GreatDismal GreatDismal Why have they photoshopped (badly) someone's face onto someone else's head? Imprecation a Is that really his head

Lil Baby, Kirk Franklin Drop Video for 'Space Jam' Song 'We Win'Two months after Lil Baby and Kirk Franklin released their 'Space Jam: A New Legacy' song 'We Win,' the pair have finally dropped the video.

Ignore this person into oblivion I’m not even trying to be mean but I genuinely thought people were editing his face to be that small on his head. wow. that’s a new one

Saudi Arabia to Impose Covid-19 Vaccine MandatePeople in Saudi Arabia will need to show proof of vaccination to enter public and private institutions beginning Sunday, as the kingdom looks to drive more people to get shots. nice Where are the Nuremberg principles to adhere too ? Swiped under the desert sand ? Smart. Let's make it global and not let the selfishness of so-called vaccine freedom of the few trample on all the other freedoms of the many! Pay attention ScottMorrisonMP. After all, Saudi Arabia helped you keep the Great Barrier Reef off the Endangered List.

Expected vaccine requirement for federal workers raises new questionsThe possible vaccine requirement for federal workers raises ethics questions, since the vaccines have not been fully authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. The only question should be “where is the nearest pharmacy and how soon can I get an appointment?” Damned right , do it !!! Does POTUS realize that the crisis is over. Why do they continue to push the panic? Time to take our freedom back.

Find COVID-19 vaccine locations near youThe Delta variant is spreading rapidly in unvaccinated populations. Don’t let Delta & other variants stop our progress in the fight against COVID19. Get vaccinated and do your part to put COVID-19 in the past. Find your vaccine: The test can't distinguish one strain of the flu from another, correct? The best solution is to close the border now-absolute insanity to let covid carrying immigrants in and let them go throughout the country - ridiculous to expect our kids to mask up at school and at the same time let people with covid in I'm slow in getting the vaccine even tho my children have gotten the vaccine. Mom get the shot. They are right! I was getting a cold and sore throat and now the variant is raging. Getting my second Pfizer today

U.S. jobless claims down 24,000 to 400,000 as economy recoversThe number of Americans collecting unemployment benefits slid last week, another sign that the job market continues to recover rapidly from the coronavirus recession Until they shut it down again this is literal propaganda. New and continuing claims both rose and the estimates missed for the fourth consecutive week. Um...No. This indicates people out of work were removed from benefit collection. More pro-Wallstreet reporting from Politico. Stay Classy, Fake News.

NYC To Pay People $100 To Get Covid-19 VaccineThe city recently imposed a vaccine or test requirement for all municipal employees.