Charles Manson Fanatic Couple Get Manson Portrait Tattoos With His Ashes

Charles Manson fanatic couple uses his ashes for matching tattoos.

10/23/2021 8:15:00 PM

Charles Manson fanatic couple uses his ashes for matching tattoos.

Charles Manson fanatic couple uses his ashes for matching tattoos.

Patrick Boos, the Niagra Falls man who got inked up, tells TMZ ... his wifeDeannewanted to be the first woman with a tattoo featuring Manson's ashes, and he didn't want her to go it alone, so he got one too.As you can see, the couple both got CM portraits ... Patrick's is on his thigh, and Deanne's is on her lower leg ... and the couple says the special ink set them back about $1,600 total.

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Who said those tattoos match, Stevie Wonder? YT right? 🙄 Even weirdos have followers Weird! 💖

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