Charles Barkley Told He Can't Joke About Fat Women on 'Inside The NBA' Anymore

Charles Barkley Told He Can't Joke About Fat Women on 'Inside The NBA' Anymore

6/15/2021 5:16:00 PM

Charles Barkley Told He Can't Joke About Fat Women on 'Inside The NBA' Anymore

'I'm trying to hang on for another couple of years until I'm 60 and then they can kiss my ass.'

says his days of mocking the"big ol' women down in San Antonio" on TV are over ... and he's blaming cancel culture.For YEARS, Barkley has talked about the"big ass women" of San Antonio on"Inside The NBA" ... but has repeatedly said it's just a joke, and he has nothing but love for his larger fans.

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However, Charles says show producers have finally put the kibosh on the fat jokes -- after a recentarticle on MySanAntonio.comtook aim at Barkley and his"fat-shaming shtick.""They won't even let me talk about San Antonio anymore," Barkley said this week during an appearance on the

"Grant & Danny" show on 106.7 The Fan. Read more: TMZ »

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It's a joke he uses all the time... his point is that people are so sensitive now a days you can't even joke around without your job being threatened Dem big old girls eating churros MENISTREE OF MEWSICK Me (n)is tree I am the one legit AUTHENTIC superior supremacy the head or the authority Mew like magic or you been fall in a beauty Sick you fill like crying or fall in love Mewsick ME MOTHEFUCKER GOD FATHER CHRIS BROWN IM CEO BITCH DRAKE MR.PRESIDENT

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BARKLEY cannot afford attacking Women like that ABOUT their figure because they can easily come back at him with Attacks about his Personal Appearances also. So the word fat is gonna be the new taboo justiceforchuck 😂😂😂 Dude has ALWAYS stated that he is not a role model. Also... You don't get called the 'Round Mound of Rebound' as a skinny kid.

They big tho…

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He ain’t even skinny😭😭I swear it’s always the ugly niggas Charles barkley is a legend sticking it the woke left standing up to cancell culture if tnt fires him their ratings will plummett i guarantee no one is tuning in to see shaq or kenny Woah. He didn't say that at all. You are part of the problem here

He can't talk about himself? WoW. Bro, he looks like he ate the player he used to be. How TF are you gonna mock anyone for being fat Why Aint a damn thing wrong with the big girls so he can express any opinion he like because it won't change mine.. Lol 😂 I thought it was because he took a look at himself, realized he is in thst category too

He got cholesterol in his voice anyway.

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👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Shaq on the show next week: 'Hey Charles, how come you can't talk about San Antonio women no more?' Fun while it lasted He cant call nobody fat. He built like the letters 'O' and 'I' at the same time🤣 Aint that a bitch!!! 😂 He doesn’t care keep doing it chuck That’s so wrong‼️ 🤷‍♀️ Why he talking about himself like that?

Tell him don't worry, I'll do it for him 😭 WHO?!

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He shouldn’t be joking about women or men PERIOD!!! Y’all really letting another fat person hurt y’all feelings because he call some women fat 😂 y’all can’t be this soft You shouldn't be joking about fat period. How 'bout turn that high powered perception on yourself and tell us what you see. He’s fat himself ain’t no way he shoulda been allowed to do it from jump when he is super out of shape 😂😂😂

Need more fat shaming to get people back into a healthy body. Covid loved overweight people and America loves to tell them it’s okay to eat like shit and be fat. bushido49ers yeah and? No, 'Yo Moma so fat' jokes either. Soft NBA NBAonTNT

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I was waiting on this one. 😂😂🤣 TNT made _____, by stopping Chuck from taking about San Antonio’s Big Women People are so soft nowadays

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