Vol 56 Issue 17, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Basketball

Vol 56 Issue 17, Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley: ‘Michael Jordan Would Have Been Nothing Special Had He Played In My Day’

Charles Barkley: 'Michael Jordan Would Have Been Nothing Special Had He Played In My Day'

5/23/2020 11:11:00 PM

Charles Barkley : ' Michael Jordan Would Have Been Nothing Special Had He Played In My Day'

ATLANTA—Mocking the media’s glorification of a player who faced a supposedly soft, talent-deluded league, former NBA star Charles Barkley claimed Thursday that Michael Jordan would have been nothing special if he had played in Barkley’s era. “Look, I know Jordan was good, but guys in my day were just much tougher. He never could have gone toe to toe with players like Grant Hill and Karl Malone,” said Barkley, who predicted that Jordan wouldn’t have even sniffed the finals, let alone won six titles, if he had to contend with the physical play and brutal rivalries of the late ’80s and ’90s NBA. “I played against Dominique Wilkins, and he would have run Jordan off the court. Jordan’s a good scorer, no doubt, but when you are going up against guys like Olajuwon and Pippen? It’s just different. People like Jordan, acting like they are the greatest ever? They have no sense of history.” Barkley added that today’s social media-obsessed stars would have never cut it in a league with serious players like Dennis Rodman and Shaquille O’Neal.

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Lol your day was soft bro This has to be a joke You know that jordan and barkley were drafted the same year and played against each other their entire careers? Right? knicks_tape99 Is this supposed to be satire? Or maybe it’s meant to expose those who know nothing about basketball. MJ did play in your day so apparently you may be special needs

“Charles Barkley: 'Michael Jordan Would Have Been Nothing Special Had He Played In My Day'” Interpretation: That’s what they all say. awfulannouncing awfulannouncing GriffinExplains PPO In a shorter wider universe with a hard salary cap. We all know who the greatest really is I never cared for Barkley until I saw this video.

Hol up this is the most wooshed Onion article I've ever seen. hey dumdums, here's a hint: Barkley and Jordan are the same age and were drafted the same year. Gee I thought he did. Who has more SNL gigs (hosting & guest spots) though? Any guesses before the internet answers this for us? In a vacuum he ain’t wrong

His song 'Crazy' is perfect for this statement. There's many people in history that wouldn't have been taken seriously or wouldn't have made it in a different day. The era is the era, the time is the time. It was their time and they made an impression on the world and that's that. Don't put them in another time for kicks.

Charles now you stepped in it. is this canon? This joke fails in just about every way it can fail. It assumes Barkley is dumb, resents Jordan, and undervalues Jordan’s greatness. All untrue. Didn’t they place against each other? TonyGerdeman this take is ttrrrrrrblle And here I thought this was supposed to be satire.

Chuck was better than Jordan. His teammates weren't, however. Has he ever done adverts for maltesers? Man who discovered fire: Einstein would have been nothing if he was here back in my day You forgot the 'Let me tell you something' to start the sentence

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