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Freebritney, News

Charity organization denies donation from Jamie Lynn Spears after backlash from #FreeBritney fans

The decision not to take money from the younger Spears comes after fans of her older sister, Britney Spears, directed harsh criticism at the nonprofit.

10/20/2021 4:32:00 AM

A charity organization announced it would not accept donations from Jamie Lynn Spears’ upcoming memoir sales following criticism from FreeBritney followers, who believe the younger sister was complicit in the singer’s 13-year conservatorship.

The decision not to take money from the younger Spears comes after fans of her older sister, Britney Spears, directed harsh criticism at the nonprofit.

that she chose the organization"because I know how scary it can be to share personal struggles, especially if you don’t feel you have the support or a safe space to do so, and they are doing amazing work to support and encourage people as they bravely share their experiences."

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One week later, the nonprofit, which advocates for ending the stigmatization of mental health illness and addiction, said on its Instagram page that it won't be accepting the book proceeds.“We hear you. This Is My Brave was recently recommended to be a beneficiary organization for the proceeds from Jamie Lynn Spears' upcoming book,” the nonprofit

wrote in a post on Monday. “We have made the decision to decline the offer of receiving proceeds from the book sales.”The organization did not immediately respond to NBC News' request for comment. Representatives for Jamie Lynn Spears declined to comment. decision not to take money from the younger Spears comes after fans of her older sister, Britney Spears, directed harsh criticism at the nonprofit on social media.While Jamie Lynn Spears has denied profiting over her sister’s conservatorship, #FreeBritney activists insist she has failed to help Britney Spears to gain her freedom.

Following Jamie Lynn Spears' post, many fans commented on several of the nonprofit's Instagram posts“Yet you’re accepting donations from someone who HIGHLY contributed to the detriment of their own sisters mental health,” one user wrote in a comment. “FOR HER OWN PROFIT. Completely cancels any and all of your credibility.”

Other users commented characterizing Jamie Lynn Spears as “abusive,” or simply leaving #CancelJamieLynnSpears and #FreeBritney on social media posts. Read more: NBC News »

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Bring Britney's trust back so she has peace of mind and can sleep soundly. We don’t just believe, there are court documents that prove it… do your work. I’m glad the charity had integrity & refused the dirty money Well done & hats off to ThisIsMyBrave Its not easy to turn down money,but they stepped up& stood by their ethos in helping those with mental health issues. Benefitting from anything Jamie Lynn Spears has to say would only further perpetuate the abuse Britney has already suffered

WHO BELIEVE 😳😳😳She has been named trustee of BS We do not “believe” she was complicit. ITS A FACT. jamielynnspears contribuiu com a tutela abusiva. Usou o dinheiro da irmã enquanto ela era abusada, se calou ao invés de ter ido contra os crimes. Merece ser presa. Vaca! Facts aint defamation 😸 BritneyTheStan Btw I think it’s a clever move from the charity, because it raised awareness and got people donating directly instead 🤷‍♀️


Mental Health Nonprofit Declines Jamie Lynn Spears Donation Tied to MemoirThe mental health nonprofit, This Is My Brave, said it will decline a donation tied to the proceeds of Jamie Lynn Spears’ upcoming memoir, 'Things I Should Have Said.' wow ... they REALLY know what she did... or DIDNT say Whatever she does the FreeBritney movement will not rest until there’s justice. Anyone who supports her is supporting an abuser

BritneyTheStan Beautiful words!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 FreeBritney Jamie Lynn Spears 🤡🐍 I think the charity felt used. Jamie Lynn has only very recently started posting about charitable causes on Instagram. It certainly seems to be a way to compensate for problematic past behavior and dismissive comments she’s made about mental health in the past.

how would a much younger sister , with her own life to deal with , with no role in the conservatorship be “ complicit” - what could she have done ?

Charity Rejects Jamie Lynn Spears Donation After Backlash From Britney FansThe younger Spears sister had pledged to donate a portion of her upcoming book's proceeds to the mental health nonprofit This Is My Brave. Ну хоть тебя вытащили. Спасибо все кто участвовал. we are all bp .. Pretty shitty family if even charities don't want to be associated with you or your money.

A Nonprofit Is Refusing Donations From Jamie Lynn Spears' MemoirThe mental health-centered charity This Is My Brave is 'taking action' after complaints.

Jamie Lynn Spears' Donation Denied by Mental Health Charity\u003cp\u003e\n\tSandra is PAPER's Contributing Editor-at-Large. She writes about sex and internet culture from her haunted house in Los Angeles. \u003ca href='' target='_blank'\u003esndrsng\u003c/a\u003e\n\u003c/p\u003e They said no very loudly. NO! Also the teen mom who trashed a working career millions of girls can only dream about enjoyed living in a Miami luxury condo owned & paid for by her sister-who couldn’t enjoy it herself without permission.

Nonprofit Org Denies Donations From Jamie Lynn Spears' BookJamie Lynn Spears' money is not welcomed by a charity she chose to support, and it seems undeniable the reason has to do with her big sister.

Mental Health Nonprofit To Jamie Lynn Spears: We Don't Want Your MoneyBritney Spears' sister said she wanted to donate some of her book sales to This Is My Brave, and the organization declined. Oof. Weird that a non-profit for mental health has mental health problems. Where did her upper lip go?