Virginie Viard, Fashion Week, Chanel, Cruise 2021

Virginie Viard, Fashion Week

Chanel Jumps on the Gen-Z Bandwagon

The collection suffers from having a few too many ideas that don't blend together:

5/9/2021 8:10:00 PM

The collection suffers from having a few too many ideas that don't blend together:

The Cruise 2021 collection mixes Virginie Viard 's now-signature silhouettes with a '90s nostalgia.

Photo: Courtesy of ChanelIf you've perused TikTok, or any of the clothing retailers teens are known to frequent — think Abercrombie & Fitch or American Eagle — you'll know that Gen Z is downright obsessed with all things '90s and early aughts. If a millennial wore it in high school, they want a version of it, be it vintage or new: '90s jeans, '90s tank tops, '90s babydoll dresses, even '90s butterfly clips. If you can slap that late-20th century number on the name, they want it.

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