Cesar Millan's Pit Bull Allegedly Killed Queen Latifah's Dog, Then Covered It Up

Cesar Millan's Pit Bull Allegedly Killed Queen Latifah's Dog, Then Covered It Up

9/11/2021 12:15:00 PM

Cesar Millan's Pit Bull Allegedly Killed Queen Latifah's Dog, Then Covered It Up

Cesar Millan is in the throes of a lawsuit over his pit bull severely biting a promising gymnast, who alleged this dog not only has a history of extreme violence, it allegedly attacked and killed Queen Latifah's dog and he then, according to the lawsuit, tried to cover it up.

Brian M. Adesman-- says Cesar knew Junior had a history of violence yet regularly allowed the dog to roam free. She says the dog had bitten several people and mauled several dogs, including one dog owned by Queen Latifah.According to the lawsuit, Queen Latifah brought 2 of her dogs to Cesar's Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, CA. She says Junior mauled one of her dogs to death, and Lidia claims Cesar covered it up by telling his staff to tell Queen Latifah the dog was hit and killed by a car.

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Cesar filed an answer to the lawsuit, claiming, among other things, Lidia assumed the risk of being bitten because she knew of the danger. He also claims Lidia herself was negligent, although he doesn't say how.Lidia says the bite left her impaired ... wounded, disfigured and she continues to suffer physical and emotional pain. She's suing for unspecified damages.

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So this just now comes out 😴👀 ya ok Wat in the heck talk about a conniving canine......... So, the dog covered it up? That’s “doggicide” right there! queen about to set it off now Rut roh 💀💀💀 Cesar is an invention of reality TV. I've watched all his shows and he is wildly inconsistent and contradictory with his advice. Nobody can magically turn an abused neglected and unsocialized street dog into a pet. It takes a skilled dog behaviorist lots of time and effort.


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et tu Junior? Guess my 13 yo pit who has never bit anyone but the time she bit an aggressive person who tried to put their hand on my door and open it as I shut it when she was a pup. That makes her a hero a me a better dog whisperer then Cesar.

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