Century City smash-and-grab: 14 suspects snatch high-end merchandise from Westfield mall

7/2/2022 8:20:00 AM

Bystander video captured a wild scene at the Westfield Century City mall Tuesday, as more than a dozen individuals grabbed high-end merchandise and scrambled away on foot and in cars.

Nordstrom, Westfieldcenturycity

The crews are getting bigger, more brazen and more daring. 14 suspects swarm a Nordstrom store in the WestfieldCenturyCity mall, grabbing as many expensive handbags as they can. The hunt for the retail robbers - Tonight at 11 from ABC7

Bystander video captured a wild scene at the Westfield Century City mall Tuesday, as more than a dozen individuals grabbed high-end merchandise and scrambled away on foot and in cars.

Video shows them fleeing out the Nordstrom entrance and at least several suspects were seen getting into a waiting car.Video of the incident isand police are reviewing the footage as part of their investigation.An estimated value of the stolen merchandise has not been released.

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Negros… why is so hard to say Hmmmmmmm Honestly, I really wish store owners were given the power to shoot in these situations, how is ok to take all of that merchandise without any repercussions!!! It’s like slavery, wrong. F those handbags. It must be quite an experience to live in a Blue State. So someone is going to actually look for the thief’s? Well that’s new; I thought the new rule was free for all!

no description of suspects... I wonder why Would a Billionaire, who $$$ backs up groups, be behind these well organized robberies? 🤔😳🤬 If only more people like this had their hands on a book like this just maybe they wouldn't be doing reckless and destructive things like this I don't see anything happening in this video.

There’s fabulous fakes commission them put them on display or amazing 3 d photos if really interested arrange private showing after a substantial deposit

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Why would they not ! Merchants blind deaf sums and insured . Everyone my black ass go near a “ high end “ i experience clicks and clangs before I reach the entrance ! I peep in a window suddenly there’s shuuters and we closed signs ! Really ! But y’all can’t c/ hear a mob bs honestly…..good for them…..

Newsoms California?! 🤦🏼 Yeah when there’s nowhere to shop except online and all the stores close do to leftist policy where you going to shop? Making Amazon & Jeff Bezos richer, I expect. Someone please put the theft limit back to $200.00 as a felony, and not $2000.00 Geez Louise. Recall George Gascon!!!!

Welcome to Democratic controlled Commifornia this is literally exactly what you voted for. You made your bed now lay in it and hope your not caught up in the next robbery Stupid Description of the criminals? Young black youths in the LA area are prone to making this a habit. They have no ambition in life, never finished school or try to get a job. This is their life - STEALING. What they don't realize is in each bag is a GPS tab and they will be found. KCBSKCALDesk latimes

Pattern recognition

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LAPDHQ LAPDWestLA 911LAPD inept in every way.... very soon you are going to see citizens shooting out the car tires of getaway vehicles and intervening long on theft and robberies long before you arrive on scene. The usual suspects. Later they wonder why security follows them around its almost always the same type of parasites.

elgrenchoviejo There isn’t anything “daring about it.” They run in packs like pack animals. They know damn well they can’t be stopped by the store employees. Hood rat animals I was at this mall Sat. At the parking garage, a gadget reads your license plate and prints the license on your parking garage ticket. They got some serious security stuff going on at that place.

Lock the doors with the criminals inside. Require the price of one finger chopped off to be released. This is disgusting, hope they r all going to jail. I also hope they got the license plate of the car You guys, it’s the blax. Events like this are killing retail everywhere. If things don’t change, in 10 years Amazon will deliver everything (possibly to a secure lockbox) and millions of retail jobs will disappear.

Same skin color every time Billary's mentor, Saul Alinsky's vision of America coming true!

Maverick City Music & Kirk Franklin Perform Live from Rolling Stone StudiosGospel music singer Kirk Franklin and collective Maverick City Music stopped by the Rolling Stone studio to perform tracks from their new album 'Kingdom Book... MavCityMusic kirkfranklin Oh and they are thrilled. Wolves in sheep's clothing as Maverick City considers this an honor?

And you wonder why everyone hates blacks Black at it cfoxthesound The Hooded Suspects should rob from Ralphs grocery store in Pasadena. The Ralphs prison guard would not let me inside the store. In fact, that particular store is a racist. The Arabs should not sell any more oil to the U.S. Democrat policy gets you more of this.

Why are you surprised ? So sad! Absolutely Disgusting 😡 this is the result of NOT having LawAndOrder 👮 no wonder our Country has gone to Hell! FJBiden All that for gas money Red flag

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I guess they really need to make payments on their getaway cars, times are tuff I guess And not a single cop in sight! We pay them, and exorbitantly, and for what? Maybe cops don’t prevent crime? They certainly won’t solve this one or the majority of those that get reported. So what are we paying them all this money for?

Checking offer up This Is BLM, Keeping In Shape While making a safe society we made a coward society. Only one required to be nabbed..... Vote for new leadership or LA will continue to be apocalyptic This is just bullshit! They act like animals!! Liberal policies at work This is what happens when you quit enforcing the law!

Guess their color

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They run like vermin blm Thank you politician’s Care to describe the thiefs? God forbid you mention its black gangs doing it. But BlackLivesMatter though! America’s lost its moral compass. Americans have lost their moral compass. If people were armed...maybe one of them would be limping and easy to locate ? Maybe ? Just a thought !

The voters of California ask for it ConwayShow Is it really THAT daring when there are ZERO consequences if they get caught?🤷‍♀️ Newsoms California. It looks like if the police really try thy can get the plate number off that vehicle.

Atlantic City casino workers union reaches tentative settlement with Borgata, three others face Friday strike deadlineDaily News | Atlantic City casino workers union reaches tentative settlement with Borgata, three others face Friday strike deadline

PFan404 Keep voting blue!!! Those darn white supremacists! Gascon ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. FOOLS stealing overpriced trinkets with declining values as soon as it leaves the store. 🤪😵‍💫🤪😵‍💫🥱 In Newsom's California, is it even a crime? Your DA is a bittttch Should read 14 hooded black males. Shoot a few of them and next time they’ll think twice

'They just want a better life' is where this all started. It's okay to break a law if you are looking for a better life. I laugh my ass off they were fake displays and not the real ones Just another day in the neighborhood Those are the honor students from the black community. They just want to be treated equally and nothing says racial equality like robbing high end merchandise 😂😂😂😡

Animals almostjingo 4th July shopping White supremacists! Stop voting for democrats almostjingo Calm down, everyone! This is fine. It's just reparations, sheesh. almostjingo Where is Dirty Harry when we need him?

almostjingo They don’t even have to wear masks to cover their faces not like anything will happen IF they get caught you can do whatever u want here, commit any crime and it’s fine where are the “bahhhh defund le cops acab” people now?.? Ironically, those handbags were made by slave labor and are practically worthless - their value being derived from marketing.

Do those handbags have names 😂 cares more about physical property than the people literally dying on our streets everyday bc landowners dont want homeless people next door. Good job doin nothin but paranoia fueling, day in, day out. Be free, wasteful overpriced resource squandering consumer objects. Viva la revolution! Just wait until the food shortages start.

420Babylon This is so third world. purely socio-economic Pas de vigiles ou la police ? ET les vigiles ils font quoi Bizarre quand même !! Poor underprivileged victims of systemic racism. They have no other options in their lives but to be dregs of society.

Who gives a shit Daring? No one does anything. Besides the liberal politicians, a lot of blame goes to the media. As soon as we get real about Black criminality, crime will come down. REALITY✅ hand begs are NOT made of gold and diamonds, this is a bunch junk no better than what you could buy at Santee lane in DTLA but with a designer label to sucker people into paying way too much❗

DA George Gascon must have needed some more purses. When you can walk out of store with up to $950 of merch, no cash bail & if you get caught you might get the equivalent of a parking ticket. THERE IS A FUCKING PROBLEM. Is L.A. going to wait for all stores to file CHAPTER 11? deathpenalty Stop blaming BLM! It’s them Mexicans

Thanks to our DA these jerks are not afraid of being caught! They know they’ll be back on the streets in no time! Damn Mexicans Expensive handbags? Only in the AgeOfStupid are criminals willing to risk prison and being shot to steal meaningless crap highly valued by today’s biggest morons and dilettantes.

Turnstyle doors are needed at stores like these that lock the theives inside.. 'Escape from LA' This is Gavin Newsom's California. 💯🎯 Have some compassion. They have hungry kids to feed. So sad that criminals are so brazen running wild because they know with the current administration Gascón they will only get a slap on the wrist no matter how lengthy their criminal record is.

Gascon did this. Recall him ConwayShow Come on, 14 and they got away with it? meanwhile the governor is worried about stuff in another state on the other side of the country Another governor decision let everyone out of jail Who cares

Fucking crazy ! Someone needs to do something to stop these low lives before all our American stores go broke. While Newsom busy criticizing other states It’s not daring when they have no consequences….. LA is savage Oh no now I’ll never get that louis Some people go to the gym, some goes to Nordstrom. Only way to stop it is with armed guards

So glad I moved out of California. Y’all can keep it, I feel bad for those that are stuck there. Lack of subject called ‘ethics’ in school or home.

Thank you GavinNewsom and Cacascon!!!! GeorgeGascon Why did these foos rob a Nordstrom when there's a Bloomingdale's in the same shopping centre? How did Gascón get elected anyway? The person who had the job before him wasn't so bad, why not re-elect her? Was it the fact that her husband was a gun-toting foo?

Parking in and around Century City is problematic. You gotta plan these jobs carefully so your whip doesn't get ticketed. SoledadUrsua Signs of a dissolving society. Not sure why nobody picks up on this ?! GavinNewsom CA where crime goes unpunished, homelessness, drug addiction, mental health a illegal immigrants get better insurance that taxpayers. Surprisingly, ppl what this disgraceful governor to run for President lmao! Wth is wrong with Newsom apologists?

the DNC is having a “*** 4th of July vote for us and we will defund the police” SALE….you can even burn the place down on the way out Not shocked tho it’s only the “oppressed “ ones … Why are you posting this when you were the cause of this … pushing and pandering (BLm, Antifa,defunding police and democrat BS) the last two years … now you want to report and cry to people like they don’t already know first hand … they prob didn’t like the trash you pushed ..

The progressive experiment continues to show promise.

Just shoot them with paint guns like the ones they use for protester’s so we can know who did this Now they're crews not criminals THE THUGS keep getting born........ So…What exactly is a “social” crime? I always thought crime was just crime. Everything woke goes to S**t! Thank you for all you’ve done for LA Gascon😂

You should do an investigation on the billions of dollars in wage theft that occurs every year How is this possible?! These thugs don’t want to work for something to better themselves because they want nefarious lifestyles to make a quick buck. This is what happens when you don’t have a father and never take personal responsibility for your actions.

Gascon won’t prosecute these guys they’ll just do it again and again till they actually hurt somebody Keep voting in Dems!

This is what happens when liberals have complete control It’s a nordstroms, they’re insured. Who gives a shit! Reparations. GavinNewsom be like And the DA says he knows how to keep the city safe😂 Very sad. I go to this mall on occasion with my family. This could easily turn into a deadly confrontation with law enforcement and out innocent bystanders in danger. It’s clear police need to step it up.

Voters voted for this shit. Biden, Newsom, Garcetti and Gascon FAULT. More racist tweets criminalizing the BIPoC Community This will continue under Karen bass

the revolution will not be televised; this is not it...!! I wonder if they’re black….lol So sick of this😡😡 Gavins California.. Isn't this what the liberal media wants? I’m sure they were all of Asian descent. 😏 Stores first - then those with 7 figure incomes next... going to get dicey in the big cities...

Absolutely disgusting! I pray they catch every single one of them and press charges to the fullest. This nonsense has got to stop. If you want something go out, work hard and earn it like the rest of us do. LockThemUp NoMoreStealing Criminals Omg Newsoms california

The usual suspects! Not every one of those kids has total life commitment. When they start asking themselves which one is going to be shot first, things will get better. This shit is becoming normal 🤦🏻‍♂️ Wow is that the same group as last week!? 🙄 I keep thinking that Los Angeles 2022 is the beginning of a new 'Death Wish' movie. deathwish Vigilante recallGascon

Sigan votando por politicas liberales bola de babosos. 🙄 The Caucasian man ended the Covid protection on the same day he ended the COVID requirements to work. Then his mentally under-developed mind wonders why crimes are spiking Bum activities More run amuck in the jungle. Let’s go brandon

Concealed carry would stop this! What is the security guards and employees been doing after this happened? proud of them Social crime😤!!! Looting!!! If only they put that effort in a medical type profession or engineering Today stealing expensive handbags from the mall, next time they're coming to your living room for the flat-screen TV.

Haha silly black people So no guns to protect? What would you do if no cops were around to help you?

“Usual Suspects” 🥴 But BLM won’t say anything Liberal Media abc7 I'm sure is going to say that it's our fault. This is because we have a governor and DA's in love with criminals. 😱😱🤦‍♀️ Can’t wait for BLM to make a statement WE MUST PROTECT THE PURSES! Why hasnt the governor brought in the National Guard to protect our purses? Why hasnt Biden done anything about this? He didnt mention it once today. protectthepurses staystrong nordstrom PrayForThePurses

'White supremacy is the single greatest threat to our nation today.' - DHS Meanwhile WeHo voted to defund our sheriffs office. 🙄 Damn White Supremacists!

Well, you all got what you voted for. And I bet they drove off in Mercedes G Wagons Oh well.. this is what LA clownty wants. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I counted 15 Who cares? None of us own this store 'DEFUND THE POLICE!'🤣 Cause and effect Vote stupidly. Pay stupid prices. I regret being a Democrat. We did this. It is funny because I have a couple friends who keep telling me this isn't actually happening it is all a hoax to make people think crime is worse than what it is. I keep asking them to explain the videos and how this could be a hoax, but like covid deniers they simply lack proof

Puiewhlllf graiipe layyyh When will this black crime wave end? No reparations for this group!

George GasCon's People Please. Is there a description of the thieves. It would really matter. Why aren’t they chained up? What’s the obsession with stealing purses in LA? To impress your hoe? But we got sissy DA This isn’t all Gascon though he has obviously made crime worse. But multiple propositions and state legislative action has had a huge impact. Also the city not enforcing drug or vagrancy laws sends a message that we don’t really care. It’s a failure stew.

You mean, ' 14 N ^ GGERS swarm a Nordstrom store in the Westfield Century City mall. '🙄 Liberal voters have created this

Police say a total of 14 male suspects grabbed goods that included high-end handbags and purses and ran out of the mall.RELATED STORY: Second day of long lines for monkeypox vaccine at Chelsea Sexual Health Clinic The White House plans to prioritize cities with high cases, like New York.The procedure is ‘an incredibly effective, very easy form of male contraception,’ one doctor said..

Video shows them fleeing out the Nordstrom entrance and at least several suspects were seen getting into a waiting car. Video of the incident is and police are reviewing the footage as part of their investigation. Celine Gounder. An estimated value of the stolen merchandise has not been released.S. No suspects are in custody at this time. In:. .