Celebrity Pets

Celebrity Pets

Celebrity Pets That Have Their Own Social Media Accounts

Celebs are just as obsessed with their pets as we are. 🐶

6/28/2020 3:05:00 PM

Celebs are just as obsessed with their pets as we are. 🐶

These celebrity pets have their own social media accounts with huge followings — and you need to follow them now!

have created public profiles for their own furry friends on Instagram and Twitter to share photos of their lives and sweet moments together. Read more: Us Weekly »

Jay Cutler is obsessed with the serial chicken killer that's killing his poor chickens. Is it Thelma the cat with loose morals, bigfoot, Carol Baskins? He's gone full Special Force to catch the murderer. SaveJaysChickens “News”

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'Global Goal: Unite for Our Future' will highlight coronavirus health disparitiesThe 'Global Goal: Unite for Our Future' concert will highlight global health disparities: 'We're calling on leaders around the world to combat the disproportionate impact COVID-19 has on marginalized communities.” Call to jairbolsonaro . He is not a leader, but he is president. 'Marginalized' communities typically have higher rates of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. These are generally controlled by diet and exercise. Is their a racist plot to prevent good diet and exercise? Why dont all these biracial celebs come together and acknowledge that they r the perfect examples of people loving each other regardless of race?

Coca-Cola pauses advertising on all social media platforms globallyCoca Cola on Friday announced it will be pausing advertising on all social media. We aren't aloud to share a coke right now so.... jonny5crypto It’s called cost cutting in recession

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Diageo will pause ad spend on major social media platformsSpirits giant Diageo said Saturday it will be pausing paid advertising globally on 'major social media platforms' beginning in July. Stunning and brave. Ok 🥱 Keep your $6.