Celebrity fans praise Simone Biles for prioritizing mental health over Olympics

Celebrity fans praise Simone Biles for prioritizing mental health over Olympics

7/28/2021 1:48:00 AM

Celebrity fans praise Simone Biles for prioritizing mental health over Olympics

Uzo Aduba, Andy Cohen and Rosanna Arquette are among the celebs rallying behind gymnast Simone Biles after she withdrew from team competition at the Tokyo Olympics.

“You are incredible #SimoneBiles,”wrote“2 Broke Girls” alum Beth Behrs. “I wish I’d had the strength and bravery in my 20s to prioritize my mental health the way you and @naomiosaka have done. You have set an incredible precedent for all the young girls who look up to you, and to this gal in her 30s. Thank you”

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AdvertisementHer sister, Adria Biles, also took aim at detractors: “y’all are all about mental health until it no longer benefits you.. i can’t imagine being that inconsiderate WHEWWWW”Here’s a look at the support Biles received from Hollywood and beyond.

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if you have issues.. ..why enter the olympics, and take someone elses spot ..go camping... Or is it you want the spot Just for the pr... She knows her body and limitations, what’s important to her isn’t her fans nor should they be. But don’t tell me if others compete against her they won’t use the word quitter and soft and try to mentally break her down again, welcome to competitive sports

Of course they do. For athletes who have already achieved the pinnacle of sport, the celebrity support will be available and they can openly withdraw with huge support. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Anyone who says she just quit because she was nervous she might lose and is now using a ‘mental health emergency’ as a cover for her cowardice is racist.

She’s no Phelps or S. Williams. They knew how to handle stress. This new generation is weak. Go talk about your feelings. Wah-wah. Meanwhile ROC came to WIN! Too bad lots of pressure on a young woman at a bad time.

Simone Biles' surprise withdrawal at Tokyo Olympics puts spotlight on mental healthSimone Biles' shocking withdrawal from the team competition at the Tokyo Olympics put a spotlight on the extreme stress elite athletes are under. It’s the olympics of course there is stress and anxiety. I remember the times where this was exactly what put elite athletes apart. It never was about the mastery of the sport alone She is terrific❤️

Simone Biles Had a McKayla Maroney 'Not Impressed' Moment at the Olympics — Did You Notice?Simone Biles's 'not impressed' face from the Tokyo 2021 gymnastics qualification round reminds us of that viral McKayla Maroney moment from 2012.

How Simone Biles Performs Her Most Difficult Gymnastics Moves at the OlympicsSimone Biles defies gravity and physics to continually push the boundaries of Olympics gymnastics. We break down how she does it. 'As you see here, she can fucking fly' It’s pretty easy to explain. Simone Biles is a superhero

Simone Biles ends competition early in gymnastics team at Tokyo OlympicsJUST IN: Simone Biles leaves competition early at the Tokyo2020 gymnastics team finals after rare stumble on vault. Take care SimoneBiles a) It may be 'rare', but it is human. Forgive me but this is implying that she is above humanity most of the time. b) It was due to a 'mental issue', not a stumble. She deserves nothing but praise and prayers. I am sure she is heartbroken but our love for her strength and talent is unwavering.

U.S. gymnast Simone Biles pulls out of team competition at Tokyo OlympicsFollow along for the latest news, results and features from The Times' team of 12 reporters covering the Tokyo Olympic Games. good luck pretty whack pic to use imo

Simone Biles Pulls Out Of U.S. Gymnastics Team Final With “Medical Issue” – OlympicsReigning Olympic gymnastics champion Simone Biles is out of today’s events in Tokyo after appearing to sustain an injury while participating in the Team Final, the International Gymnastics Federati… She is amazing. Pushed herself beyond what most people do. N That sucks This totally sucks, Simone is amazing to watch, one of the best gymnasts of all time