Celebrities Take on the #WearADamnMask Challenge as Coronavirus Cases Soar

Celebrities Take on the #WearADamnMask Challenge as Coronavirus Cases Soar

7/1/2020 10:25:00 PM

Celebrities Take on the WearADamnMask Challenge as Coronavirus Cases Soar

Jennifer Aniston, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerry Washington, and more posted masked selfies amid surging COVID-19 cases.

Jul 1 2020, 1:44 pm EDTInstagramAs the rate of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to surge amid state reopening phases, celebrities are trying to raise awareness on the importance of wearing face masks to stop the spread.Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Kerry Washington have taken on the #WearADamnMask challenge.

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Roses are red, violets are blue, the pandemic is still raging, and celebrities wear masks too.A new social media campaign, dubbed the #WearADamnMask challenge and started by designer Tory Burch, is attempting to remind everyone about the importance of wearing a face mask while out in public in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 infections.

As states have pushed for reopenings amid the pandemic, the rate of confirmed coronavirus cases has soared. Now, at least16 states have paused or rolled backon phases of reopening. Bars in Texas and California were ordered to close again, while beaches in Florida were also made off-limits to the public.

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Respiratory therapist struggles to catch her own breath after COVID-19

Ana Carolina Xavier was helping as many as six coronavirus patients a day to slowly recover lung capacity when she began worrying about her own breathing.

L.A. County coronavirus cases surge past 100,000 with record high one-day tallyLos Angeles County confirmed 22 additional coronavirus-related deaths and 2,903 new coronavirus cases Monday. You can thank the protesters, rioters, and looters for the increase in cases and ruining it for the rest of us looters Has anybody asked these folks if they participated in the riots and protests? Timing feels like that could be the result of thousands in the streets for weeks.

Treasury yields retreat as Fed's Powell stresses uncertainty and coronavirus cases surgeU.S. government debt prices were higher Tuesday morning after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell emphasized the prolonged uncertainty facing the U.S. economy, as coronavirus cases soar in numerous states. Defund the fed. Defund Powell WHERE IS THE STIMULUS BILL?

Los Angeles County Coronavirus Sets New Record For Daily Coronavirus Cases As Total Infections Pass 100,000Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Department Director Barbara Ferrer said on Monday that the country 2,903 cases, a record high a Total 100,772 people. “The 7-day average of dail…

The Stock Market Just Had Its Best Quarter Since 1998The strong gains come even as new coronavirus cases surge across the country. skleb1234 And? That doesn’t mean shit when 45 million Americans are unemployed!!! skleb1234 U.S. economy is objectively awful right now. The unemployment rate is at levels not seen since the 43 months of Great Depression and this quarter’s decline in gross domestic product is expected to be the worst on record. Most economists believe it will take years to recover skleb1234 Didn’t it just have its worst yet in like 30 years? 😂 So much volitility

COVID-19 Impact: Macy’s Inc. Reports Steep Loss in Quarter'We do not anticipate another full shutdown, but we are staying flexible and are prepared to address increases in cases on a regional level.'

California fights to prevent July 4 coronavirus disasterState and local governments plan more restrictions as coronavirus cases continue to spike in California. They definitely ain’t staying at home 👹🤬Arriving in my little ORegon village in OBSCENE numbers we don’t even see at peak August tourist season. Bringing cooties with them 👹 ONLY THE NAZI LA TIMES WOULD CALL 4TH OF JULY A DISASTER. Let the young go out and the old and I’ll stay home, we need to build the herd immunity. To stop this thing.