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Celebrities React to Ellen DeGeneres Allegations

Ashton Kutcher, Alec Baldwin and more stars are reacting to #TheEllenShow allegations.

8/5/2020 6:05:00 PM

Ashton Kutcher, Alec Baldwin and more stars are reacting to TheEllenShow allegations.

Scooter Braun, Brad Garrett, James Woods and more celebrities reacted to the allegations against Ellen DeGeneres and her daytime talk show — details

“That ‘be kind’ bulls–t only happens when the cameras are on. It’s all for show,” one former employee told the outlet. “I know they give money to people and help them out, but it’s for show.”While the ex-employees agreed that the behavior was due to the executive producers and senior staffers, they believe the

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Finding Dorystar, 62, should have intervened.“If she wants to have her own show and have her name on the show title, she needs to be more involved to see what’s going on,” another former staffer told BuzzFeed. “I think the executive producers surround her and tell her, ‘Things are going great, everybody’s happy,’ and she just believes that, but it’s her responsibility to go beyond that.”

DeGeneres addressed the allegations andin a lengthy letter on July 30.“On day one of our show, I told everyone in our first meeting thatThe Ellen DeGeneres Showwould be a place of happiness – no one would ever raise their voice, and everyone would be treated with respect,” she wrote in a letter obtained by

Us Weekly.“Obviously, something changed, and I am disappointed to learn that this has not been the case. And for that, I am sorry. Anyone who knows me knows it’s the opposite of what I believe and what I hoped for our show.”Hours later, BuzzFeed News published a second report

by the show’s head writer and executive producer Read more: Us Weekly »

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Did they work on the show 8 hours a day? There's a big difference between working with someone and being their friend. You see all sides of a person when you work with them. Now days everybody wanting to jump on the 'stir up shit' bandwagon!!

Katy Perry and Portia de Rossi defend Ellen DeGeneres as Brad Garrett, others react to scandalAfter Ellen DeGeneres' apology following mistreatment allegations on Thursday, Portia de Rossi, Lea Thompson and others are giving their thoughts. Lefty culture will always eat its own the end. cancelEllen What are those fiery LIGHT ORBS falling down from the CEILING and sky and the stars are falling down from the sky. Washingtondown

Portia de Rossi Breaks Silence About Ellen DeGeneres Workplace ScandalThe actor declared 'I Stand With Ellen' on Instagram Monday. Nothing like a ringing endorsement from a relevant public figure. Well they are married . What else would your wife say.

Portia de Rossi Asks Fans to Stand by Wife Ellen DeGeneresPortia de Rossi is standing by her wife, Ellen DeGeneres, amid allegations of a 'toxic' work environment. How would Portia know what goes on behind the scenes. Her wife doesn’t even know. Both pedos I heard her say that she will get this licked quickly. It was a very hairy situation EllenDeGeneres

Executive Producer Of 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' Denies Cancellation Rumors'Nobody is going off the air,' Andy Lassner said this week, following employees’ allegations of a toxic work culture.

Your Guide to the Current Ellen DeGeneres DramaGet all the details on the talk show host's recent workplace debacle. F her.... no longer a fan. She’s disgusting treating people like that. It went downhill fast for her! All the details? Lame story.

Portia de Rossi Stands by Ellen DeGeneres and Against Bot AttacksFollowing multiple reports of intimidation, racism, harassment, and sexual misconduct and assault by executive producers on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Portia de Rossi posted a message of support on Instagram for her wife Supports harrasement? These are crazy times.