Health, Cdc Warns Multi-State Listeria Outbreak From Deli Meats - Cnn

Health, Cdc Warns Multi-State Listeria Outbreak From Deli Meats - Cnn

CDC warns of multi-state Listeria outbreak linked to deli meats

A Listeria outbreak has sickened 10 people across three states, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes deli meats are the cause

10/24/2020 6:12:00 AM

A Listeria outbreak has sickened 10 people across three states, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes deli meats are the cause

A Listeria outbreak has sickened 10 people across three states, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes deli meats are the cause.

The CDC issued a warning about the outbreak Friday, which has sent ten people from Florida, Massachusetts and New York to the hospital and led to the death of one person in Florida.Deli meat was the likely the source of the outbreak, the agency said. Nine victims reported eating Italian-style meats, such as salami, though the CDC has yet to identify a common meat or supplier as the source.Listeria Fast FactsThe median age of those infected was 81 and most were female. While many are unlikely to get seriously ill from Listeria, people 65 and older, those with weakened immune systems and pregnant women are at a higher risk for becoming sick. Listeria can be particularly dangerous for pregnant women. Infection during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, premature delivery or life threatening infection of the newborn.Read MoreSymptoms of infection usually begin one to four weeks after eating contaminated food and can include fever, muscle aches, headache, confusion and loss of balance.Previous Listeria outbreaks have been linked to hard boiled eggs, mushrooms and soft cheeses.Get CNN Health's weekly newsletter Sign up here to get The Results Are In with Dr. Sanjay Gupta every Tuesday from the CNN Health team.

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Food outbreaks have long been happening long before Trump was president... don't try to blame it on him. Let me guess.....this is somehow Trumps fault? CNN has the lowest journalistic standards anywhere in the world. I live in Australia and that’s all you hear is how biased your ‘news’ stories are. Cuomo is probably the worst of the worst!

That’s almost 11 Meat is killing way more people that that with cancer, heartdisease, hypertension, strokes, diabetes. Report THAT. Deli meats are not the cause of the outbreaks. Stop the crazy media. It’s poor food handling and exhausted workers. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Fixlaborlaws Trainworkers No more char coochie boards

Temper your immune system. All of this sh*t that CNN is posting is nothing but a scam that directly targets your health and well being. Wear mask and save lives... Not enough chlorine. No, I'll isolate and wear a mask...but i will not stop eating salami and What a load of Bologna. Biden & Harris will eliminate our Oil, Gas & Fracking industries costing millions of jobs & bolstering the Middle East, Russia & China! Vote Trump Vote GOP Watch these!

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Socially distance yourself 6 feet from your bologna and boars head ham. Quarantine them 14 days in the bottom refrigerator bin if they show symptoms Once again, meat. Animal protein is the devil. Eat more beans! halfway through my sandwich, I scroll Twitter to see what's new New pundemic😪 Meats and vegetables gets diseases. They should test them before putting it on the shelf. Do they do that already or are people getting sick and then they test them? That is confusing.

We don’t believe you anymore! 10 people got sick, SHUT THE COUNTRY DOWN!!

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Coronavirus updates: 'Close contact' definition updated by CDCThe CDC's deputy director for infectious diseases urges Americans to use face coverings and adhere to social distancing guidelines ahead of the holiday season, saying that doing so is 'important as it's ever been…as we move into the fall season.' Doctors are the most corrupt caste on Earth. Do you remember when they claimed that fat is bad, and quick sugars are healthy? Why are they silent about 'body positivity' now? Who will ever be able to trust them again? I still don't understand how wearing or not wearing face masks has taken Roe v Wade status in America. You dick.

What The New CDC Definition Of A COVID-19 'Close Contact' Means For YouThe new pandemic guidance increases the pool of people considered at risk for the coronavirus following exposure to someone who is sick.

Brief encounters with COVID-19 patients now considered 'close contact,' CDC saysThe CDC has redefined what counts as 'close contact' with someone with a coronavirus infection to include brief, repeated encounters that total 15 minutes. They can't get their whole approach to this thing down can They? Then most doctors and nurses would've died by now. If masks work, why the distance? Lmao nobody cares about this anymore 😂 it’s great to see

The CDC Just Updated Its Definition of a “Close Contact” of Someone With COVID-19Repeated short-term interactions may be just as risky as long-term exposure.

For Covid-19 vaccine recipients, CDC to roll out cell phone-based monitoring systemOnce a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plans to monitor vaccine recipients for any health problems through text messages and online surveys, as part of a new program called V-SAFE And in the meantime there was a press conference with the work partner of Biden’s son who has 3 phones with info supposedly. So how come this isn’t on CNN? Got a letter today offering me $1220 to help in vaccine research from Acurian Health. No can do. Why are u showing a black persons arm we r not taking it we r not guinea pigs wolfblitzer donlemon I guys r millionaires u take DanaBashCNN AlisynCamerota JoeBiden KamalaHarris ananavarro Bakari_Sellers AC360 CuomoPrimeTime BernieSanders JacksonLeeTX18 WhipClyburn