CDC to recommend vaccinated people in certain areas resume wearing masks

JUST IN: Updated CDC guidance will urge vaccinated people in certain areas of the country to resume wearing masks

7/27/2021 6:07:00 PM

JUST IN: Updated CDC guidance will urge vaccinated people in certain areas of the country to resume wearing masks

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to update its guidelines on Tuesday to urge vaccinated people in certain areas of the country to resume wearing masks because of Covid-19.

People in areas with high or substantial Covid-19 transmission should resume wearing masks, the CDC is expected to say, according to sources familiar with the announcement. Nearly two-thirds of US counties have high or substantial transmission of Covid-19, according to CDC data; 46% of counties have high transmission and 17% have substantial transmission.CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is expected to announce the decision at a 3 p.m. ET briefing on Tuesday.CNN earlier reported that top officials met on Sunday night to go over the new data and evidence regarding the transmissibility of the variant and breakthrough cases, according to a person familiar with the meeting.The latest

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good luck Vaccinated people are getting Covid, why can't the left amit they screwed up, like everything else. Our borders are amuck, our president can't remember his name, prices are soaring and gas is too. Ya libs, you picked a winner. This is what by their actions are saying. Vaccines do not work but do not say that just say everyone mask up.

I’ve been vaccinated I’ve done my part not putting a mask back on, they’ve had their chance to get the vaccine if they don’t want it so be it So the vaccine doesn’t work then? So pretty much shot or no shot this Covid thing will never end… Wear a mask forever!!!!! Virus of the ages (in our generation). For now, a mask seems reasonable.

Stop calling it a vaccination if it doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid 🤡 Why do I feel like the CDC is punishing people who actually got the vaccine, because antivaxxer idiots can’t be trusted to wear a mask? I don’t care who said this, but it sums up my feelings perfectly: 'This time you stay at home, not us.”

Never stopped wearing mask felt this was coming

I believe everyone should show their vaccination card to be admitted to airlines, movie theaters, restaurants and concerts and anywhere big crowds will be. You said this would happen & it didn’t. CDCDirector CDCgov NIH JoeBiden GovCox CovidVaccine UtahDepOfHealth Come on when does it end