CDC Recommends Masks For All K-12 Students, Even Those Who Are Vaccinated

The CDC has officially recommended that all students, even vaccinated ones, wear masks when schools reopen this fall.

7/29/2021 10:38:00 PM

CDC Recommends Masks For All K-12 Students, Even Those Who Are Vaccinated “Delta is surging because, to date, more than 30% of eligible adults have dragged their feet or outright refused to be vaccinated. Our kids need to be protected, so here we are.”

The CDC has officially recommended that all students, even vaccinated ones, wear masks when schools reopen this fall.

driving up infections and hospitalizations in all 50 states, the CDC is walking back on concessions that it made when cases reached a low point a month ago. Now, the agency is once again recommending masks for vaccinated adults indoors, and, according to new guidance, for all K-12 students when school starts this fall, regardless of whether they’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19.

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BREAKING: CDC officially changes mask guidance, recommending that the vaccinated, in areas of high#covid19transmission, wear masks indoors.Also, everyone in K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status, should wear masks indoors. This is key, as honor system does not work.

— Leana Wen, M.D. (@DrLeanaWen)July 27, 2021CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky stressed that schools are encouraged to fully reopen this fall, but that the proper safety precautions are necessary to doing so. Among them: Masks for everyone in schools, even those who have been vaccinated.

“CDC recommends that everyone in K-12 schools wear a mask indoors, including teachers, staff, students and visitors regardless of vaccination status,” shesaid in a statementto reporters.President Joe Biden also spoke about the new guidance, saying he knows going back to masks will be a disappointment to many kids, parents, and school staff.

“Today, the CDC also reaffirmed that we can safely reopen schools this fall — full time,” he said. “Masking students is inconvenient, I know, but will allow them to learn and be with their classmates with the best available protection.”This guidance comes after a number of states have passed legislation saying schools cannot mandate masks for their students or staff.

public schools cannot require students to wear masks in: Read more: Scary Mommy »

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CDC recommends the vaccinated wear masks in areas with low vaccination ratesThe CDC director said the decision to call a return to mask use wasn't taken lightly, and that she hopes it will be temporary. Just saw all minorities and democratic areas. That would be accurate. The CDC seems to forgot about the millions of people who got COVID & recovered. They don’t seem to be getting sick as the people who got vaccinated. CDC sending bad message that you need to still wear a mask if vaccinated. Key word recommend not require. Our personal choice

CDC recommends masks for all K-12 students, even if they're vaccinatedCDC recommends that all students in kindergarten through 12th grade should wear masks when they return to schools this fall, including students who have been vaccinated. you refuse to vaccine because your poor or your kid is already seriously physically ill. the government will fill the paperwork out do not be so dumb you forget to ask for help. I smell another shutdown coming it’s way President Biden is mandating all Government employees be vaccinated for COVID. DEEMED STATUS will apply to all State employees & facilities. It’s more cost effective to take the COVID vaccine versus getting admitted in the hospital for a day. The vaccine will save your life!

CDC Recommends Some Vaccinated People Resume Wearing Masks IndoorsJust two months after lifting the COVID-19 mask mandate, the CDC is now recommending that some vaccinated people should resume wearing masks indoors in areas with high or substantial transmission of COVID-19 That’s because some of us people are acting like children so our parents have no choice but to ground all of us for some of us!! 🤷🏻‍♀️

The CDC Recommends That Some Vaccinated People Start Wearing Masks Indoors AgainVaccinated people in some areas of the U.S. can expect a reversal of the CDC's previous license to go mask-free in most places.

CDC recommends masks for all K-12 students, even those who have been vaccinatedLast week, the American Academy of Pediatrics proposed similar guidance for children returning to schools. What is the purpose of vaccine then ? Child abuse dcsdk12

Masks Required Again In U.S. House And White House After Updated CDC GuidanceAs COVID-19 cases increase, the CDC has reversed guidance that allowed people who had been fully vaccinated to no longer wear face coverings. CDC focused on controlling landlords instead of studying and providing science based research about the virus. Biden’s Administration needs to hire medical professionals, and scientists. While the border is wide open 😳 Let's not forget the anti vaxxers this going backwards wouldn't have been possible without them