News, Cdc Ls Lifting Cruise Ban İn Us Waters -- But İt's 'Conditional' - Cnn

News, Cdc Ls Lifting Cruise Ban İn Us Waters -- But İt's 'Conditional' - Cnn

CDC is lifting cruise ban in US waters -- but it's 'conditional'

The CDC is letting its ban on cruise ships in US waters expire. In its place starting November 1 is a 'Conditional Sailing Order' that is the first step toward the resumption of cruising in and out of US ports.

10/31/2020 12:32:00 AM

The CDC said it's letting its no-sail order for cruise ships in US waters expire on Saturday. In its place, the agency has issued a 'Framework for Conditional Sailing Order for Cruise Ships' that starts on Sunday, November 1.

The CDC is letting its ban on cruise ships in US waters expire. In its place starting November 1 is a 'Conditional Sailing Order' that is the first step toward the resumption of cruising in and out of US ports.

(CNN) —If you're one of those people who have been eagerly awaiting the chance to take a cruise out of US ports, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention released a bit of good news for you on Friday.The CDC said it's letting its no-sail order for cruise ships in US waters expire on Saturday. In its place, the CDC has issued a

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"Framework for Conditional Sailing Order for Cruise Ships"that starts on Sunday, November 1.But that doesn't mean lots of ships full of passengers will be sailing like it's 2019 starting next week -- the keyword in this order is"conditional."

The order is a first cautious step toward the resumption of cruising in an industry that has been devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic since the no-sail order was placed March 14.Friday's order applies to cruise ships with the capacity to carry at least 250 passengers.

Crew members firstThe first phase of this effort focuses not on passengers but crew members, who would be allowed to disembark from ships in territorial waters of theUnited States.The phased return begins while cruise ship operators build lab capacity to test crew members and future passengers. Companies must show they adhere to testing, social distancing, quarantining and isolating requirements when necessary.

Related contentCruise ship rescues 24 people from sinking boatLater phases involves"mock voyages," with volunteers playing the role of passengers to test virus mitigation strategies on trips. Once ships have met certain requirements, they will be certified to begin operations with real passengers.

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CDC to Allow Cruise Trips After Ban ExpiresFederal U.S. health officials are lifting their ban on cruise sailings in U.S. waters Saturday, allowing the industry to prepare to restart voyages amid a surge in coronavirus cases around the world. 'What you do now here on earth determines where you will spend your eternity. Blessed is The One who reads the Bible and uses it to transform his/her Life. ExpressFridayVigil At this point, anyone stupid enough to go on a cruise probably deserves what they have coming. USS Petrie Dish.

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CDC Says Cruise Ships Can Sail Again, Sending Shares Of Carnival, Norwegian And Royal Caribbean SoaringIt's still unclear, however, how long it will take for cruise companies to meet the CDC's new guidelines. ExpressFridayVigil No country in their right mind would let them dock.