CDC expands eligibility for Covid booster shots, endorses ‘mix and match’ approach

A CDC advisory committee recommended boosters of Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, and endorsed a 'mix and match' approach to booster shots.

10/22/2021 4:01:00 AM

BREAKING: CDC officially endorses booster shots for both the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines, days after the FDA authorized the additional shots.

A CDC advisory committee recommended boosters of Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, and endorsed a 'mix and match' approach to booster shots.

Others are those who qualified for booster doses of thePfizervaccine, which was authorized last month.Tens of millions more are now eligible for the shots, including the nearly 15 million people who were initially vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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Whether people are eligible for booster shots depends on which vaccine they initially received.For people who were initially vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, there are no limits on who can get boosters, as long as it is has been at least two months since an initial vaccination. That is, anyone who got the Johnson & Johnson shot would now be able to get any of the three vaccines as boosters.

People initially inoculated with the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines can also get any of the three vaccines as boosters six months after they were initially vaccinated, but there are limits to who is eligible: adults ages 65 and older, those living in long-term care facilities, people with underlying health conditions and those whose jobs put them at higher risk for Covid-19 exposure.

Download theNBC News appfor full coverage of the Covid-19 pandemicWhile the committee members voted unanimously in favor of both booster shots, there were significant concerns about the benefits of additional dosesduring the daylong meeting.A committee member, Dr. Sarah Long, a professor of pediatrics at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, stressed the importance of following the science, noting the lack of evidence that people under age 50 need booster shots.

Indeed, although vaccine effectiveness has been shown to wane in older adults, it appears to remain robust in younger people.Another committee member, Dr. Wilbur Chen, a professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, agreed. “I think we’ve already discussed that there is data that there are some people that really don’t need the booster doses this time,” he said.

Dr. Jason Goldman, who is not a committee member but attended the meeting as a liaison for the American College of Physicians, said that regardless of whether people need boosters, many people are deciding on their own to get them.“The reality is they’re not consulting with their physicians in all cases,” he said. “They’re just going out and getting booster doses.”

After the meeting, Glen Nowak, a co-director of the University of Georgia’s Center for Health and Risk Communication, said communicating who should get boosters to the general public will be “challenging.”“You are going to probably hear people say, ‘Go talk to your provider,’” he said, “but based on today’s conversation, I don’t know that providers are going to be as equipped or better equipped to be able to have those conversations.”

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CDC approves Moderna and J&J Covid vaccine boosters, allowing people to mix-and-match shotsA CDC advisory panel Thursday endorsed boosters of Moderna and J&J Covid vaccines, sending the recommendation to the agency's director for final approval. Lol ‘ cause vaccines work, as long as u get them every 6 mths! Change the fuckin narrative! Let’s find post infection treatments and learn to live with this!! No i am eligible for spacex booster.

CDC Recommends Booster Shots For All 3 Covid Vaccines — But Not Everyone Is EligibleMillions of fully vaccinated Americans will now be able to take an extra Covid-19 vaccine dose — but eligibility depends on the vaccine. this is terrible news 😃

COVID vaccine: CDC expands booster rollout, OKs mixing shotsWASHINGTON (AP) — Millions more Americans can get a COVID-19 booster and choose a different company’s vaccine for that next shot, federal health officials said Thursday. Certain people who received Pfizer vaccinations months ago already are eligible for a booster and now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says specific Moderna and Johnson & Johnson recipients qualify, too. Outoftheirminds! As they've been exposed. Watch IllusionsBroken & Learn the Truth on why they're pushing so hard to get their BioWeapon inside you quickly: JesusSaves KTP CORE Form101 ( 'They're All Going to Jail'. ✝️ _Politics Good luck CovIdiots, I will never take that junk. PRO Vaxers dream - enjoy

CDC panel backs expanded rollout of COVID-19 boostersMillions more Americans are closer to getting a COVID-19 booster as influential government advisers on Thursday endorsed extra doses of all three of the... Amazing, Democracy is everything conservatives and GOP are doing and Dems are just doing some socialism and fascism and calling it progressive.

CDC approves boosters for Moderna and J&JThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's independent advisory panel voted unanimously to recommend booster doses of Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine for certain populations and allow people to mix-and-match doses.The big picture: The agency aligns with the Food and Drug Administration authorization Wednesday night which said people could switch to whichever vaccine they wanted for their booster shot. Stay on top of the latest market trends and economic insights with Axios Markets. S I got J&J. But F 'mix and match' on it! That's a health and immune system disaster just waiting to happen!

CDC panel recommends Moderna, J&J boostersThe committee also endorsed a 'mix and match' approach to booster shots, which would provide greater flexibility. CDC needs to provide the public with clinical results about mix-n-matching vaccine booster. Many are reluctant to mix the vaccines. Recent reports shows increases in death among those vaccinated. CDC rush to mix vaccines is alarming to public health safety.