Health, Wuhan Coronavirus Case Confirmed İn Chicago, The Second İn The Us - Cnn

Health, Wuhan Coronavirus Case Confirmed İn Chicago

CDC confirms second US Wuhan coronavirus case

A Chicago woman in her 60s is confirmed to have the second identified US case of the Wuhan coronavirus, the CDC says


A Chicago woman in her 60s is confirmed to have the second identified US case of the Wuhan coronavirus, the CDC says

A second case of Wuhan coronavirus in the United States has been identified in Chicago, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday in a press briefing.

(CNN) The patient is a Chicago resident in her 60s. She is in isolation at a hospital in Chicago, and is in stable condition. The patient flew from Wuhan to Chicago on January 13. She was not ill while traveling and health authorities do not think she spread the virus during that time. Health authorities say she has had limited close contacts since returning to Chicago; she has not used public transit, attended large gatherings or had extended close contact with anyone outside her home.A man diagnosed with Wuhan coronavirus near Seattle is being treated largely by a robotRead MoreThe first confirmed US case, announced Tuesday, is a man in his 30s in Washington state. The Snohomish County resident is hospitalized at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington, where he is in stable condition. He arrived at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on January 15, before any health screenings began at US airports.Sixty-three people from 22 states are under investigation for the virus, health officials said. Eleven of the 63 tested negative for the virus and two, the Chicago patient and the Washington patient, tested positive. The CDC says there are likely to be many more under investigation in the coming days.The immediate health risk from Wuhan coronavirus to the general American public is considered low at this time, according to the CDC."We understand that some people are worried about this virus and how it may impact Americans. While this situation poses a very serious public health threat, CDC believes that the immediate risk to the US public is low at this time but the situation continues to evolve rapidly," said Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.According to health authorities, patients infected with the Wuhan coronavirus may have common symptoms such as fever, cough, headache or muscle pain. A subset of patients may have more severe illness including trouble breathing and scans revealing signs of infection in both lungs.The United States has launched health screenings at several airports. Similar measures are being adopted by airports across Asia, including temperature screening of incoming passengers.On Thursday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention raised its travel notice for Wuhan to its highest level,"warning," recommending"that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to Wuhan, China."Earlier in the week, the agency also activated its Emergency Operations Center -- as it has done with Ebola and vaping-related lung injuries -- to centralize the US response to the outbreak.Get CNN Health's weekly newsletter Sign up here to get The Results Are In with Dr. Sanjay Gupta every Tuesday from the CNN Health team. Officials in China have linked the initial infections to a Wuhan seafood and wildlife market, which has been closed since January 1 to prevent further spread of the illness.Chinese officials are racing to contain the outbreak after it was confirmed the infection can be spread from person to person, raising the possibility of increased transmissions as China enters into the busy Lunar New Year travel period. Wuhan is the largest city in central China and a major transportation hub.CNN's Michael Nedelman contributed to this report. Read more: CNN Breaking News

Wuhan Virus culprits Bats-Snakes expose larger world problems WuhanVirus The Wuhan coronavirus is in the United States.63 people from 22 States are being investigated for the virus. 11 have been ruled out and 2 diagnosed with it. 50 more to go. Lord save us from this virus. 😳 'She wasn't I'll while traveling' Oh OK, sure. She just magically got the Kung Flu after flying home because reasons.

This was aan made virus by the same company that has a patent on the SARRS virus الفيروس.هذا وهمى ومن اختراكم كفى كذب ونفاق stop the damn flights from that part of the world. Fckin trying to build walls against natives/Latinos they ain’t the problem 😮😮 😮 How many people are infected? China will not release real numbers...

Wuhan coronavirus: Video shows scale of trying to treat Wuhan on lockdown - Business InsiderA video captured in a hospital in Wuhan shows people packed into small hallways awaiting treatment for the deadly novel coronavirus. matanevenoff

From what Chinese restaurants she order it 😩 breaking GodBlessTheMotherLand Chicago will have over 10000 cases of the Wu-flu by the middle of feb. Oh boy Taiwan cannot join WHO due to Chinese obstruction, hoping that it will not become a loophole in epidemic prevention After being beaten in trade war, Chinese government takes revenge by this worldwide biochemical attack! Vicious enough, isn't it!!

Moving to greenland rn It’s happening!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Contagion 😬 Is this about yall freaking out again like with Ebola?

U.S. health officials confirm second U.S. case of Wuhan coronavirusThe CDC confirmed a second U.S. case of the new Chinese coronavirus in a Chicago woman. As many as 63 potential cases were being investigated as the illness continues to spread around the globe The Chinese did this on purpose Remember when Obama sent American health workers to Africa to stop the spread of Ebola? Today, America is not great, it is alone 😲

Fake news. CNN is reporting it so dont trust what they are reporting For a moment I thought this read, A Chcago woman in her 60s is confirmed to have the second identified US case of the Wu-Tang Clan coronavirus. Now I am disappointed 🙁. mybad wutang KUNG-FLU Good thing the not corrupt GOP is in control of the USA, nothing bad can happen. Can it?

Oh fuck PERSONNEL ISSUED PANDEMIC TAMIFLU KITS, CHECK YOUR STOCKPILE FOR USE. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE YOUR MEDICATIONS OUTSIDE OF YOUR CRITICAL USE PERSONNEL AND STAND BY. y’all americans r fucked In the age if click bait and fake news this coronavirus feed is most valuable

A Scramble to Retrace the Steps of the First Wuhan Coronavirus Case in the U.S. Health workers in Washington State are trying to monitor 16 people who may have had close contact with the first Wuhan coronavirus patient in the United States SEND HIM BACK... FOR OUR SAKE, SEND HIM BACK. coronovirus Bolsonaro is not a good person, he is disgusting... but Lula is a robbery, corrupt, false, ... you and all the international media is in the wrong side... or you approve corruption, since made by left... Suspicious. Looks like there’s a plan to spread this virus 🦠

OMG the virus now has access to guns in Chicago Isn’t this the third case 🤔 she Asian or American? I’m fucked Remember a few years ago when ebola was a thing here in the US? How about SARs? MERs? Avian flu? Smallpox? These things sell news. This is how they distract the public from the important issues like impeachment and elections.

Open healthcare for travel bans...? Wait...🤔 I reside in downtown Chicago It is a big city with a very active social scene Coronavirus Should find out if they confirm the case of the Texas A&M student today, hopefully this morning. Fingers crossed this doesn’t spread

Flights Into the U.S. Are Not Being Rerouted for Coronavirus Screening, CDC SaysBut five U.S. airports are screening travelers from Wuhan

Close all borders. Screen everyone at airports. Done ✅ 2020 plague right on schedule Ban all flights from China. Why tf is this even a thing we have to say There are 5 cases of Coronavirus in the U.S....that's what's being reported right now💯🤯 Find the top articles and conversation on the CoronavirusOutbreak as shared by leading epidemiologist and public health organisations (such as ResearchAmerica MackayIM CIDRAP picardonhealth shoffmania with this open access and live feed 👇👇

So this makes Chicago the deadliest city in the US by gun violence, corruption and now viral infection Bet this is an biological warfare episode The cases being monitored in US stretch across 22 different states. CDC confirms second case of Wuhan coronavirus and is monitoring 63 other possible infections.

CDC confirms first US case of coronavirus that has killed 17 in China“We have it totally under control,” President Trump says after the CDC confirmed the first U.S. case of the coronavirus that has sickened hundreds of people in China. Davos2020

We need to close the borders and prevent Americans from coming to Canada! 😷🇨🇦 Incubation period is too long on this virus. No way to stop it unless you haunt global travel and that won’t happen.

Chinese virus-hit city of Wuhan closes transport networks: state mediaThe Chinese city of Wuhan, the source of an outbreak of a new flu-like virus, is... Quarantined; What is it that goes on in China. Is there research ongoing to develop a chemical agent to destroy all human life. JackPosobiec Needs global cooperation and immediate travel bans too and from China JackPosobiec PeterZeihan

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