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Hongkong, Protests

Cathay Pacific shares slump after China cracks down on staff protests

Cathay Pacific shares slump after China cracks down on staff protests


Cathay Pacific shares slump after China cracks down on staff protests

Shares in Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific Airways fell more than...

The airline moved fast to comply with the demand, suspending a pilot arrested during anti-government protests in Hong Kong and firing two airport employees citing misconduct on Saturday. It also said it would bar “overly radical” staff from crewing flights to the mainland.

“We believe near-term headwinds are likely to lead to further downward pressure on the share price.”

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India cracks down on Kashmir ahead of Muslim Eid festivalIndian authorities imposed restrictions out of fear that the gatherings could trigger protests against Delhi's withdrawal of special rights for the region. So much for democracy. Gotta keep them Indian males busy or we all know what happens.

Pakistan’s New Plight in Kashmir: What to Do About the JihadistsIslamabad faces international pressure to crack down on extremist groups focused on the disputed territory and domestic pressure to counter India after it revoked Kashmir’s autonomy. We will not let India make another Palestinian out of Kashmir Why Pakistan is very much interested about what is happening in Kashmir- India rather controling about it's internal terrorism? 🤔🤔🤫 anyone or international community asked about what happening in karachi Or Islamabad- pak internally Pakistan’s test?why you always pressurise Pakistan to act according to your will?you can’t suppress Kashmiris struggle with your old cheap tactics alright😡now wakeup and do something to stop india. SecPompeo AmbJohnBolton StateDept POTUS realDonaldTrump LindseyGrahamSC

Feds release new airline guidance on emotional support animalsAirlines’ efforts to crack down on travelers abusing emotional support animal policies got a little help from the federal government Thursday after DOT officials released their “final statement” on ESA priorities. I’m still bringing my emotional support alligator so whatevs. My kids want me to get a box with sound effects labeled “comfort rattlesnake.” Even little kids see how stupid this is! This is a problem everywhere and doctors are complicit.

Asian shares falter as U.S.-China trade war, recession worries weighAsian shares fell on Monday morning, while gold prices held firm as investors wo... Yikes

China waiting out Hong Kong protests, but backlash may comeBEIJING (AP) — China's central government has dismissed Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters as clowns and criminals while bemoaning growing violence surrounding the monthslong... Protesters CRIMINALS? Ha Ha Ha ... I wonder if whether the act at Tiananmen Square back in 1989 of running Military Tanks over young adults and children and KILLING them to safeguard the LUXURY and WEALTH of THE BABOONs ruling China was HOLY or CRIMINAL? This characterization of an entire nation of people shows a lack of both an ability to respect the opponent, and the wisdom to judge the situation w a measure of self awareness. Neither bode well for China fighting many fires all at once. Love the defaced CPC crap-logo. The distribution of images like these will drive the Chicoms nuts. It's just plaster and paint (or more likely plastic since it's made in China), but the symbolism is powerfully subversive.

Hong Kong braces for another weekend of protests Hong Kong was bracing for another volatile weekend, with anti-government protest... These criminals now At the same time, I do not understand why Reuters support violentism? ... ceterum censeo sinarum esse delendam.

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