Cat İn The Wall, Locarno Film Festival

Cat İn The Wall, Locarno Film Festival

‘Cat in the Wall’ Directors on Immigration, Xenophobia and Brexit

‘Cat in the Wall’ Directors on Immigration, Xenophobia and Brexit


‘Cat in the Wall’ Directors on Immigration, Xenophobia and Brexit

In their feature film debut, “Cat in the Wall,” Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova examine life on a housing project in modern day London, where the often difficult co-existence of immigrants and loca…

In what way does your film deal with the timely issues of immigration, gentrification and the challenges facing multicultural societies?

A well-known black British actress who came to our casting told us that “Cat in the Wall” was the least racist script she’s read in a while and that made us very proud. She asked for an extension of her role and we couldn’t work together but she helped set the tone of Rhianna, one of the characters. Emotions were flying high and we were blessed to have a team that didn’t shy from showing their true feelings and employing them in the most creative way.

The documentary genre with its truthfulness and authenticity, which we love, caused us a lot of grief. We were crucified for making an innocent portrait of an exceptional artist, the animator Antoni Trayanov. The controversy was covered by

On the other hand, we kept closely to a fictional approach when working on “Cat in the Wall.” We rehearsed our scenes to a point that they started to look like reality. That was intentional. Experienced advisers, actors and crew helped us achieve it.

I worked at Glasshead in London for quite a few years producing animation for the BBC and Chanel 4. Glasshead and managing director Lambros Atteshlis gather documentary specialists with an astute sense for topics covering reality and social issues. … Three years ago I met Lambros again in Soho and I told him I had to pitch a fiction story to him. He was surprised, as he knew me from animation. He said: “You have two minutes before I lose interest.” Those important two minutes gave the film another dimension.

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