Cat 'in critical condition' after getting washed for over 40 minutes in washing machine

6/26/2019 5:45:00 AM

Cat 'in critical condition' after getting washed for over 40 minutes in washing machine

Cat 'in critical condition' after getting washed for over 40 minutes in washing machine

Felix, the one-year-old kitty, is recovering from pneumonia, a concussion and temporary blindness caused by being washed in the washing machine.

A cat was left sick, concussed and temporarily blind after a trip in a washing machine spin cycle, needing the help of an oxygen machine to breathe.In case you didn't know, Carrie Underwood released ANOTHER great album recently, her sixth, called"Cry Pretty.Vue International’s Deputy CEO, retired on June

Minnesota woman Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff was doing an extra-large load of laundry and forgot to close the door to the washing machine while folding clothes."I had checked the washer like I always do but turned my back to retrieve more clothes and he apparently went in then," Carroll-Kirchoff told USA TODAY.."The clothes were dark and he is dark and the room was dimly lit.He helped grow Vue from one UK site to more than 200 international sites." Immediately after the wash cycle was complete, she heard a meow and noticed a little paw sticking out of the washing machine drum: It belonged to her 1-year-old tabby kitty, Felix.all of it gorgeous.Felix was found with bruises on his body, wrote Carroll-Kirchoff's daughter, Asha Caroll Mccullough, in a GoFundMe page for Felix's recovery.S.

Immediately after finding him, Caroll-Kirchoff took him to the emergency veterinarian.Jason Kempin / Getty Images.Alan was a key executive at UCI and was instrumental in seeing it grow from its early days as a purely UK based company into one that, by the time he left in 1999, had cinema operations across 5 European countries as well as in Japan and Brazil."His heart rate and blood pressure dropped upon arrival, and it is suspected that he has hypothermia," wrote Carroll Mccullough.After concerns that he wouldn't survive the traumatic accident, Felix is recovering from pulmonary edema, pneumonia, a concussion and temporary blindness caused by his run-in with the washing machine.Ouch: Pennsylvania woman bitten by venomous copperhead snake while doing laundry Part of the recovery process requires him to be connected to an oxygen machine, as there is still water in Felix's lungs.“When I left Warner Bros in 1998 to start Vue, I wanted to hire the very best executives to create a genuine world class team – the very first name on that list was Alan’s,” he continued.So far, the family has raised nearly $13,000 of its $15,000 GoFundMe goal to raise funds to cover the costs of care..

Fortunately, Carroll-Kirchoff chose the express wash.It takes less time and might have saved Felix's life.” Subscribe to and keep your inbox happy.Carroll-Kirchoff warns cat owners to double-check their washing machines before they run a load."Our family is traumatized for the rest of our lives," she told USA TODAY."We love Felix more than words can say.

" This article originally appeared on USA TODAY:.

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Omg! My worst nightmare, I always make sure... without a doubt...there’s no cat in my washer. The way I do that is...I never take my eyes off of the drum while I load it. It’s paranoia.

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