Carol Vorderman's lookalike daughter Katie is her twin - see uncanny photo

Carol Vorderman's side-by-side comparison photos with lookalike daughter Katie are uncanny

Carol Vorderman, Daughter Katie

12/7/2021 2:34:00 AM

Carol Vorderman 's side-by-side comparison photos with lookalike daughter Katie are uncanny

Former Countdown star Carol Vorderman , 60, shared a side-by-side comparison photo with her Cambridge graduate daughter Katie, 29, alongside a powerful message.

RELATED: Carol Vorderman dons her trademark leather trousers - daughter has the best reactionThe former Countdown star, a Cambridge graduate herself, proudly revealed her research scientist daughter has just finished her PhD in nanotechnology at the top university. Reflecting on how things have changed for women in the scientific field, Carol, 60, said she was proud of her 29-year-old daughter for following in her footsteps and helping make a change.

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She wrote:"Had a wonderful weekend in Cambridge with my girl First pic is of me (on left) age 9 and Katie at same age (on right). Katie has just finished her PhD here in nanotechnology (research scientist).MORE: Everything you need to know about Carol Vorderman: her family and home life

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READ: Carol Vorderman's swanky Bristol home with palatial décor – see inside"I read Engineering here many years ago in only the 3rd year when"boys" colleges also began to take girls in too. 300 students studying engineering that year, including about 4 girls. Things in education have improved since then.

"But my college took a chance on me. I was from a comprehensive school on free school meals in North Wales and a year ahead of my time (I went to uni age 17), the differences between comp schools and private schools were extreme. But my college were believers, and still are, in helping kids from poorer backgrounds as long as they're bright and work hard.

Carol (left) and Katie (right), both aged 9"I love my college and I give back with joy and thanks. This weekend was the first big college dinner for two years, So Katie and I went both wearing our black academic gowns."Carol went on to muse about the way women who enjoy typically"geeky" subjects and pastimes are often misrepresented, calling for things to change.

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She continued:"Made me very happy. And made me think about geeky girls and the joys we get from our subjects. Both of us are science based...geek girls...we fly planes and get excited about engines and molecules and are forever curious.Carol shared a powerful statement about her fellow science-loving daughter

"We also dance, laugh, enjoy mischief, cook, super fit, into fashion, love sport, go wild, travel [….] I can give you examples on a daily basis but that's for another time. Go geek girls...go ALL all have value."Carol's fans were loving the positive message, with one enthusing:"Love the picture. Love the message. Keep being a science inspiration, Carol!" Others couldn't get over the similarities between the two women, calling them"twins" and praising the pair for their hard work.

The pair are two peas in a pod!The presenter is also a proud mum to son Cameron, 24, who recently got his Master's degree from Dundee University, which was especially impressive considering his challenging experiences with education when he was younger.

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INTERVIEW: Carol Vorderman admits she's 'much happier being single' as she shares secrets to her fabulous figureAs Carol shared on Instagram, Cameron sadly endured a childhood of"endless bullying" due to his learning difficulties. She enthused:"Now he is THE MASTER and I couldn't be more proud of him." What a fabulous family!

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Carol Vorderman heaps praise on lookalike daughter who she calls 'smart as hell'Carol is proud mum to 29-year-old recent Cambridge Ph.D graduate daughter Katie – who she shares with ex-husband Patrick King. The ex-Countdown star has shared a passionate statement in support of her daughter – and ' geek girls ' the world over.

Carol Vorderman heaps praise on lookalike daughter who she calls 'smart as hell'Carol is proud mum to 29-year-old recent Cambridge Ph.D graduate daughter Katie – who she shares with ex-husband Patrick King. The ex-Countdown star has shared a passionate statement in support of her daughter – and ' geek girls ' the world over.

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