Business, Carnival Seeks $6 Billion As Covid-19 Pandemic Devastates Cruise İndustry - Cnn

Business, Carnival Seeks $6 Billion As Covid-19 Pandemic Devastates Cruise İndustry - Cnn

Carnival seeks $6 billion as Covid-19 pandemic devastates cruise industry

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4/1/2020 8:22:00 AM

Cruise operator Carnival Corporation is seeking at least $6 billion to weather the coronavirus crisis, after outbreaks aboard its cruise ships killed several passengers and sickened hundreds more.

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Hi, Alfredo here, head chef from the all new Petri Dish Cruise Lines reminding you that no one lives forever anyway. Aaaaaaannndddd, we're out of business too. If they get the money from the public, part of their assets must become public inventory. Otherwise, jog on. Screw them! Where is their savings? Why does my dad, small business owner, get a loan with a 'low interest rate,' while these assholes expect billions in free money? What the hell is the point of government if not to help those who actually need it?

Uh no. I challenge you to find one person who supports Carnivals proposal other than Carnival themselves. Dishonest, despicable operators, tax avoiders, slave drivers who now plead support. Pollution generators not to mention their attitude to cleanliness - so far from Godliness. No They employ slave labor and cruises aren't that great. They don't need our tax dollars.

These ship are not even under the US flag, registered in other countries to avoid taxes. They do not deserve any bailout. The amount of waste these ships produce and deposit ... oof! Perhaps the cruise operators can sell the rooms as semi-permanent residences or condos Seriously!!! This is ridiculous! Carnival has MORE than enough to cover their losses!

Carnival paid $40 and $50 million in fines for polluting the ocean, they can pay $100milion to Cuba for 1 day to offload the passengers directly to sealed busses to end of airstips where eight 747’s can take them away. 1 day. $100 million. Eight aircraft. At JFK thats 1 hour. Not until you pay all your back taxes to America, had you have been located here for the past 25 years. Sorry about the people involved that got sick, or passed away, but Carnival should not get any bailout at all. Apparently they are not even refunding people’s money. Wow!

Give them nothing till they flag all ships in the USA and pay their fair share of taxes. No. Carnival 2018 profits: 18 billion..... Providing taxpayer money to any cruise line would be outrageous. Cruising is a good vacation but not required to keep the economy going and not everyone can afford to cruise.

OH HELL NO!!! Can someone explain to me, with the Covid 19 virus danger on cruise ship well documented, why on earth they continued cruises? Why on earth is there a ship off the coast of Florida with Corona virus cases. Why did this ship even sail? And now they also want a $6 billion bailout? CarnivalCruise Should have save at LEAST 6 months of money. I hope you recognize that $6 billion you’re asking for should go to families

How the fuck about no? Fuck CarnivalCruise They're not registered in the U.S. to avoid taxes and safe, fair working conditions for their employees. Sink those floating toilets and move-in they need to ask their own countries for a bailout. Ask Panama....that is the flag they normally fly. These cruises typically sail for 7 day voyages. Who would possibly be boarding these ships in the first place during these times?

Nope 👎 Pay all the back taxes you never paid to thus country and then we can talk about it No Yeah, sorry, wrong number. Why the hell are their still cruises going on right now? Did these idiots not get them memo orrrrrr what Sounds like CCL needs to register its ships in the US if it wants a bailout Hard pass. Cruises are horrible for the environment

Can we sink the cruise industry already Sounds like they better go ask for those funds from the countries they’re registered in. Are they registered ina foreign country to avoid US taxes? Truly asking Do they pay US taxes? If no the NO! Maybe they should have thought about needing someone to help them before they registers all their ships outside US. I know we have people who are employed on those ships, but give them unemployment and we are going to have to collect taxes, loans w/interest from industry.

Oh geez, just let it sink to the bottom, where it belongs. If they can't pull themselves up by their bootstraps, idk what to say. Isn't this why they pay their CEOs millions of dollars anyway? 🙄 They shouldn’t get bailed out from the US they need to ask the country where they are registered and pay taxes!!

They are gonna need it. Going on cruise is now the worst possible idea No. Not a dime. theres lots of strings that should be attached but theyll get their money.. just watch... they need to go oyt of business. Did anyone even read the article? Naw. Let’s give them a loan, they are not at fault china XiJinping and crew is

We’ll go back to the country that you are flying your flag ship under,because it’s not the United States,you haven’t paid taxes to America all these years now you want a piece of the pie, not here,drop your coronavirus infected passengers off at the same place,not in America. The ships fly flags of convenience: 18 of the ships fly the Panama flag, six that of the Bahamas and two that of Malta. - I don't think Panama, Bahamas, and Malta can afford that.

It’s not a us company f em People were getting sick on these cruises b4 the virus🙄 They are not sanitary! They should ask THEIR country for help. Us Americans have enough of our own worries right now, so bailing out a foreign company is none of our problem or business. No, no and no! 6 billion? That's insane when there are folks living paycheck to paycheck. My tax dollars need to go to them not a corp!

Fuck’em. THEY DON’T PAY ANY TAXES!! How can they expect money from America when they aren’t even registered to America? Get support from the country you choose to register with so you can avoid America’s labor laws! Hummmm...not sure if they should get 6 billion dollars especially since many of these corps play the system to avoid paying taxes.

juste game over titanic lol Ask Panama, Malta or the Bahamas. You fly their flags Are they going to use taxpayer bailout money to settle lawsuits generated from poor management? This is what regulation is for. You either have “free enterprise” with no bail out or you regulate enterprise at the beginning to avoid poor management and resulting lawsuits.

Only one question - do they pay U.S. taxes? No. Hell No! Most aren't even American ships (Holland cruise line Netherlands) and they sailed AFTER the outbreak They are registered in Panama and their employees are foreigners… why give them Americans' tax money. No thank you. Just hear for the glorious ratio...

Give them what they paid in US taxes! Carnival Corp. needs to go down with the ship. Greedy bastards. No. They can ask their home country for aid. They need to register ships in the US. taxdodgers Fox news is the best station ever They could rent out their fleet as floating hospitals in major harbors! Hell no! I’ve been on a cruise. Cokes cost $8. They’ll be fine.

They should get a 20% discount for their next trip lol just like they do to customers. I don't understand these bailouts. Where is the US bringing all that money from. Are they printing money out of thin air ? I want to know how these numbers are determined. It seems like a quick liquid test would be to look at their operating costs for the month using past annual reports not just some figure out their a**. potus cdcgov TravelGov

Dear Carnival, you knew there was a deadly virus moving around the world and you kept your cruises going. All problems are yours and no one needs to bail you out NO. Absolutely not. They won't even let folks cancel cruises and refund money. Fck that. Let cruise ships fail kgopinion Registered in another country and no USA taxes. To quote Willy Wonka “you get nothing!!!!!”

$6 billion from which country? No money for cruise ships. They are huge ocean polluters. They often fly under foreign flags to avoid American taxes. Why should we bail them out? We don’t need them. Not a cent. Nope. They just need to go to the jurisdiction they pay taxes in and fill out a claim. Airline bailouts is one thing for basic global common business but cruises are mobile environmental toilet dumps your business failed, America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

They’re not an American corporation. Why should WE bail them out? Go ask the governments under whose flags you sail your petri dishes. Nah Who do they think is going to compensate them. They do not pay taxes in the US as their ships fly flags from other countries to avoid paying taxes. I would tell them, register your ships he and we will help.

Do they pay taxes in the US? If not then no! No money for ships that don't carry the US flag. We have American citizens and businesses to worry about right now. The vast majority of the workers on their ships are not even American. They don’t hire Americans because they don’t pay enough to. Fuck them. NO

Yeah, they can ask the countries whose flags their ships fly. 😠 The nerve & audacity of CarnivalCruise. Beyond disgusting. Since they are incorporated in Panama, then Panama should be responsible for them. CCL is seeking a loan. CCL is headquartered in Doral, FL. Loans get repaid. blow em up No sympathy for them. Shut down the industry. Cruises are cesspools of germs. Seriously people you need to think before you travel that closely with so many people.

Welcome to 🇺🇸 Cruises destroy the environment and pay employees slaves waves. Let capitalism reap this one for humanity. No bailout. 🖕🏼💰🖕🏼💰🖕🏼💰🖕🏼💰🖕🏼😷 Give the $$$ to their employees. Sorry but those floating Petri dishes have been causing problems for years no aid in my book. How the hell can you sanitize a boat that had 5000 people in it in 5 hours? They have always puts profits ahead of health and safety. Not one penny would I give them!!

I thought the cruise ship industry didn't pay American taxes because they register as foreign companies? They don't want to use their money to pay taxes then they don't get tax payer money CarnivalCruise They arent registered in the US, why should any of them be bailed out. No thanks. They fly under international flags to skip on taxes that would help Americans. Let the countries they “fly under” bail them out. NO BAILOUTS FOR CRUISES UNLESS THEY PAY TAXES.

CarnivalCruise I got a better idea, why you don’t ask for the money from those countries that your vessels are registered. NO MONEY UNTIL EVERY VESSEL IS REGISTERED IN THE US AND START PAYING TAXES. Hopefully Panama will bail them all out. 🤞🏽 No! Carnival needs to fly under the US flag 🇺🇸 , pay back taxes, and subject themselves to American laws before $1 in taxpayer money is given to them.

Nope, Carnival Cruise ships do not pay taxes So you can pollute our oceans even more and your exes get nice paycheck Nope. SToP GeTTinG Y’aLL DumbAzz On CRuiSe SHiPs RighT NoW!! Trumps buddy owns Carnival! Let all of these mega companies die. New ones will replace them over time. Give other folks a shot.

Too bad Get your bailout from the Country you pay taxes! No. They're not an American company. Fuck them. Americans need that money. Maybe they should get it from the country the are registered in, not with my taxpayer dollars Aren’t cruises luxury items? Non-essential? Yep. CarnivalCruise sounds like poor business management. Good luck with that.

Carnival Cruise get the $6 billion from the country flag you fly. Unless it’s Stars and Stripes it’s not Americans. Trump America first no money for foreign ships Don’t they know they’re supposed to have 6 months of living expenses saved? Too much avocado toast? Are they asking Panama for that bailout?

Not a dime they don’t pay American taxes. No no no Foreign flags, foreign workers, not paying taxes, destroying the environment. I have an idea....pound sand Sell the boats. I'm sure we can turn them into floating hospitals, or housing for the homeless Where are their ships registered? That is the country that should bail them out.

This industry can just fade away. Owned by a Trump supporter. Done deal, unless something in the bill prohibits foreign companies from cashing in. No way People come first! Its taxpayers $$$. Lol.. the cruise line industry isnt essential. It would effect many if it fails but get real. The new reality is sticking 5000 people on a floating petri dish is a bad idea.

Let them go to the countries they pay taxes to for a handout They should reach out to their government. Fuck Carnival... Let them fold. Dock the ships and use them as hospitals or for the homeless! Just no CarnivalCruise I love cruising with you. But you a) register in a foreign country; b) are not giving people full refunds, telling them to rebook and c) have enough $ to keep redesigning and building ships.

CarnivalCruise what flag do you fly? You pay no taxes here so you deserve nothing from us. Go to your home country for help. Hell no just go out business and someone else will step into your place How many of their ships fly under the US flag and how much have they paid in US taxes in recent years? CarnivalCruise

No. Not a dime How much do they want for one of these boats, my wife wants a flower pot... No more bailouts Only if there ships are registered in the USA and they pay a high level of taxes. The cruise industry should go to their countries of registration for bailout. Who the hell will ever board one of these again? OK, besides 'spring breakers'. And can we stop talking about paying for their college?

Just buy the dam industry And autonomize it with Robots to staff Go to hell!Join trump!!! Which country do they call home and pay taxes in? Not the US. Let them ask their home country for help. Better for them to go bankrupt and turn the ships into homeless housing. Put me on the list for $6B too. SMH.

IF you would have pulled cruises sooner, it wouldn't have happened! Trumpitis coronavirus cruiseships No. CNNFakeNews is a curse. Since when any of your tweets offer any solutions to people. You make your crazy viewers crazier Let em fall I hate to say it but keep ONLY American ones no one else needs our financial help

No Nope, I don’t think so. I really think we all can use that money for smaller local businesses and healthcare providers in each states to stimulate and recover our local economies. Did they register in the U.S.and pay their fair share of taxes? Tax money to CRUISE SHIPS? Half of America wouldn’t get on a cruise ship if you paid them.

Oh, hell no. Fuck their boats ! They need to pay the citizens of this country for their neglect on handling coronavirus The US taxpayers should NOT have to bail them out especially if they don’t pay taxes to the USA We don’t need cruises. No. Are they headquartered in the USA paying US taxes? What is their flags of origin?

Are they licensed in USA or elsewhere to avoid taxes and rules? Incorporated in Panama (for obvious tax benefits) but headquartered in Doral FL. Hmmm, wonder how Trump, I mean Mnuchin, will handle this one? They make enough money, tell the stockholders to give up their dividends, they can fund $6 billion. How dare they ask for it. Panhandling is looked down Upon 🤨

Don’t give them a dime they do not pay taxes Oh no ! 'Cruise ship killed several passengers ...' . i support them asking the country of the flag they sail under for the money Better go ask Panama, Malta and the Bahamas since you're flying those flags CarnivalCruise Hell NO! Cruise lines became over leveraged, building giant hotels that increasingly placed passengers and employees at risk of infectious diseases. Most (all) are not registered in USA or CAN. Let them sort it out - they can merge. Who is going to cruise over the next 2 years? COVID19

Maybe the billionaires out there can have a bidding war and either bail them out or buy them out. There are plenty that could drop down a few billion and never really miss it. Hell no Carnival Corporation is a foreign company. It does not get aid from the U.S. get aid from your own country!! Carnival can ask for money from the state/government to whom they pay taxes. Let me know when they decide which country that will be.

Screw them. They have insurance. I just googled how much the cruise industry makes and screw them they can weather a few months and also bleach their damn ships. Not one penny. Hell no. Carnival ships fly Panamanian, Bahamian and Liberian Flags not American Flags. No help whatsoever unless will register in and fly American Flags.

Send me ten million if they get six billion I whatever Island country they are registered in has the money Hard no let them go Are they registered in America? Do they pay American taxes? They make enough money!! That’s BS!!!!!! If they get help they should have to pay it back when they start making billions again

We should take this time to let this horrible, polluting, worker-abusing unnecessary, tax-dodging industry just die. Needs to park it ! No thank you! That’s a big no . Now fuck off let them sink lol AHHHHHH NOOOOOO Oh really, how about start paying your share of taxes instead of avoiding them by hiding your ownership in Panama.

Hell no Awesome let them fail, let us use these ships for more floating hospitals, more housing for homeless. Scrap them for the metal, no ocean liner trash in our oceans, no more tourists killing the coral reefs, it is only an upside to their failing How much did they pay in taxes last year? Give them that.

Fuck them You start a cruise ship line, you’re taking an investment risk. No bailouts! Suck it up! Too bad. If your not registered in this country bc you want to skirt our laws. You don’t get our help. KARMA They will get it while states that need it won’t. Trump is friends with the owner. This is a dying industry. Who is going to take a cruise in the future? I certainly won't.

How about giving them back all the taxes they paid last year... :) Can’t wait to hear the explanation of why we can’t let these companies fail. Cruise companies incorporate in foreign countries to avoid our taxes. Let them get their help from those countries That’s not a Carnival ship that weird cuz that’s what we should be requesting in back taxes.

Hopefully the countries where their ships are registered will be able to help the cruise industry. Let them sink. They hire near slave labor. They pollute, they evade taxes. Forget them. They’re part of the problem. Don’t give them a penny if the are registered in a foreign country to avoid paying US taxes. Let them go to the country they are registered in.

Carnival should have insurance for this. No bailout! Crusise lines aren’t even American business and don’t even pay taxes to the USA NoCash4CruiseLines Fuck the cruise industry let them sink I don’t feel a lot of sympathy for people who say what was happening in Japan with two cruise ships and went on this one. The industry is not good at keeping these ships clean and free from disease on a good day why would you board a ship during these times

Do they sail under the American flag? Most cruiser lines don't so they won't pay taxes or abide by labor laws Unless they fly under the US flag they don’t deserve sh!t!! Goodbye CarnivalCruise- 6 billion? Get the hell out of here- is there really a more useless company/business we could help right now? Cruise lines? All you need to know about them, is they’re asking for 6 billion right now

Go ask your CEOs, CFOs, and COOs to take it out of the surplus salaries, stocks to keep your company afloat. American ppl. are the ones in dire need. The hell with cruise lines, and corporations. You can't win all the time ... They never say how many billions they make... only how much they suppose to lose ... This is the cost of doing business sometimes. Did they invest anything to solve a situation like this? NO ... that's why instead of Carnival guests get a funeral!

No money for foreign fleets Ummmmm. NO. and you don't pay taxes in at country? I'd let you sink. They aren't a American Company....Se might as well send 6 Billion to Putin to his bank in Switzerland if you use this logic.... They shouldn’t get a dime. They don’t pay taxes. They don’t employ Americans. NOT TAX PAYER FAULT, That’s why they Should have Insurance

Maybe after they pay their $6B in taxes Fine! Let them borrow against their assets in the country they are registered and insured! Fuck the cruiselines. They aren’t even American companies. Tax dodger. Registering as a US ship should be a requirement of any such bailout. Hell NO! Yeah no. They aren’t operating out of the US and not paying American taxes. Don’t give them a single penny.

They want free money? Hell No! No 🇺🇸 taxpayer money for the privledged, overpriced floating petri dishes! You created your own downfall by not shutting down in December/January! Ask the country whose flag they fly under. No. No more bailouts of either companies or people. you could always vacation in michigan instead...ten things not to like about michigan...the taxes, the factories, the greasy bikers, the women, the criminals, the governess, the virus, the u a w, detroit, the water..too be continued...

Well don’t invest in that industry, note taken. I note, for the record, that Carnival Corportion is headquartered in Miami, FL. Following through with the current *DOLTUS position that the states should take care of their own coronavirus-related issues, then DeSantis should pay Carnival from the Florida state budget.

I say they ask the governments in which they register for help. Not USA Bailout for what. Who in their right mind would ever go on a cruise again I say let them sink!! Literally!!!!! This “too big to fail” bullshit is one of the most important things which needs to be changed to normalise the distribution of wealth in the world. Even in huge corporations the only people adding REAL value to society are workers, everyone else is riding those coat tails!🤬

They pay zero taxes in the US! No damn way they should get a dime. Give them nothing. They use creative foreign addresses and incorporation to avoid US taxes. They don't deserve a taxpayer funded bailout!!!! No bailouts with US taxpayer money!,,, Get the money from the Chinese Authorities as a consequence of initially covering up the outbreak!

The airlines offer flying septic tanks flying at 30k feet and the cruise lines offer a floating sewage field to play in ... never have been on either that did not have serious health issues ... last cunardline cruise I went on towards the end announced that it was flea infested Ask Panama's government for help, or pay proper taxes for the last 20 yrs or so, then we'll talk.

The world will be a better place without them. How about well let them continue to skirt tax laws and keep it funky Fuck em This is NOT a carnival ship Fuck them NO! If it’s not the norovirus, then it’s this damn thing! CLEAN THOSE SHIPS THEN WE’LL REASSESS. A big HELL No! They pay no taxes to America! They deserve nothing!

Imagine how pissed off Main Stream Media is everyday when Trump says something, the media bashes him, then it comes true..DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY. At one point, MSM has to feel like the Coyote, as Trump is the Roadrunner. Chloroquine Comfort/Mercy in NY by Mon Masks Flights cxl Not a penny of American tax dollars should be available to the Cruise Line companies. Foreign registration of cruise ships, go ask for funds where your registered. CC USTreasury HouseJudiciary SenateCloakroom SenatorRomney SenateDems SenMarkey RepKClark SenSchumer

NAH😒 Don't pay the somali pirates. If they don’t pay United States taxes the answer should be no. Seek aid from the country whose flag you operate under. They can ask the country (s) where their ships are registered, or, we can give them back what they paid in US taxes. $0! Gtfoh 1. no socialism for capitalists (fair is fair, amirite?) 2. no pay in, no pay out 3. who is going to be 'cruising' anytime soon? (years to rebuild trust in this industry, if ever) 4. sorry some won't ever be the same after corona

Do not bail out cruise ship lines. Given all the CV deaths on cruise ships, they’re going to have file for bankruptcy anyway. 6 billion against how much profit Taxpayers that can't afford rent, mortgages, food should not be asked to pay $6 billion to a company that only stated $457 million earnings for 2019 I only need $80,000 and I'm on lock-down in Thailand

how about no. your businesses are listed as foreign so you can skirt taxes, gtfo. Are their ships even registered in the USA Carnival has done the impossible. Unified the right and the left in telling them to go fuck themselves. Remember when this all started, and a warning was issued, and yet people continued to travel and go on cruises? Probably wasn’t the smartest idea. It would suck to be stuck on one of those ships right now. My condolences to the families who lost loved ones and prayers for the ill

Aren't we all seeking at least $6 billion to weather the coronavirus crisis? Just take a look at their 2019 annual report page 20 and decide. Just out of curiosity how much are those ships insured for? Be a shame if something happened to them. Sink it good news America virus We got a carnival sales call this evening. Right. Come with us on a c19 cruise of death.

Quarantine FakeNewsMedia why are you writing on Bidens sexual Assault Allegations. Thank Jesus its not Trump. I need around $500,000 bailout package. Suffer same thing in COVID-19 epidemic I don't think they should get a dime. They are a vacation destination, not something that props up our economy. We have people dying and they need the money for med equipment to keep them alive. Their ships are registered in Liberia, not U.S.. Let them get money from Liberia

No. STOP bailing out corporations. Taxpayers are sick of it. Tell them to go to the country of the flag they fly and take out a loan Um no. Go ask the countries that ur ships are registered in n stop asking the American people to bail u out NOT ONE OF U SAILS UNDER THE AMERICAN FLAG The cruise industry is dead for at least a generation

Not one red cent for these floating petri dishes which by by pay zero taxes aren't US companies. Sink the things and make coral reefs out of them as far as I'm concerned Cruises are not essential life supporting services for human beings. $6 billion dollars for ventilators, PPE, hospitals, farmers, truckers, store workers and hospital staffing yes. Vacation cruise lines no. NotWithMyTaxDollars!

Ok.. Go to your country of registration and file for it!!! They should get tax breaks first, as filings have been pushed to June. Wait, they don’t pay taxes to the United States? Virus, the new cost of business. Vast majority of Carnival employees are not American citizens either. Makes zero sense to bail out Panamanian companies that don’t pay the IRS.

Our government should only help companies that are American companies. Nope. Yet they are foreign flagged No. They fly under other nations flags so they don’t pay taxes. No bailouts for cruise ships. No they register in other countries to avoid US taxes ! That's why cruise ships don't act responsible, they have something and nothing in each port. They are so good in getting away from paying taxes and refunding their customers. Let them go bankrupt. Teach them a lesson.

Money laundering. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Well ya know...they been polluting our oceans for so long now, I think we probably don't owe them anything... Health care worker relief is a disgrace. 80 hours of paid leave and that’s it! Nope. Not an option and not available to request a handout when your ships aren’t registered and paying taxes in the US. But let’s watch what conman Trump does for his buddy Mickey who owns Carnival (and the Miami Heat).

Hey CarnivalCruise I hear grocery stores are hiring. ThoughtsAndPrayers Cruise ships are not a necessity to life. The majority of Americans can't afford a cruise. The one thing we see is that Cruise lines, sports, ect., are not a necessity when it comes to people dying. Cruise ships have their own insurance.

Do they pay US taxes, fly the U.S. flag? Otherwise, fuck em Don’t think they’re seeking a bailout, it’s rather a loan! They wouldn’t qualify for a bailout anyway! It would be really stupid of federal govt to bailout a company incorporated in Panama! Nope- they don’t even pay US taxes correct? If a company doesn’t pay taxes in America that company must never receive a dime of taxpayer money unless there are very serious strings attached to it. JoeBiden BernieSanders KamalaHarris SpeakerPelosi ewarren

I’m not opposed to supporting businesses. Small and large. But when companies are registered out of country to save on taxes. F*ck off! We don’t need cruises, no bail out ! Seek the money from China. Its not the USA’s fault Maybe it should ask the country it is registered with? They aren't registered in the US, we shouldn't give them a dime.

Absolutely! Carnival can get financial assistance for every vessel it has registered in the USA! NONE!!!! Intentional avoidance of US safety, consumer protection, and employment laws along with associated fees and taxes gets you ZERO support from the American public. They should get ZERO! They owe us 1000 trillion for spreading death, disease and pollution all over the world all while evading taxes.

Let them go out of business, they don’t even employ Americans. Why should they get a bailout? Cruising will be an obsolete industry. They’re not 🇺🇸 companies hire slaves from 3rd world countries. No taxpayer money 💰 for them While American companies are having to lay off their employees right now. Let them beg for help from Panama, the Bahamas, and Malta where their ships are registered

No. My feeling is that we are all in this together and there are people suffering aboard ship. We can work out the money later. Who will provide $6 billion. Is it a hand and mouth business 🙄 That’s not American ships 🚢 They are NOT AMERICAN PROBLEM!!! Carnival Corporation & plc is a British-American cruise operator,

Sell some ships You're going to anyway 🚢🚣🆘🚫 They don’t pay USA tax, they don’t hire USA citizens to avoid more tax and they continue to operate putting thousands of lives at risk, and let’s not even talk about environmental impacts. Go to hell greedy cruise companies No way in hell. They aren’t even registered in the US!

cases per million in USA is 502 Countries with confirmed cases per million population of COVID 👇 CoronavirusOutbreak COVID Not a dime from America until CarnivalCruise pays taxes to America. Yeah ok I like a million for myself to get me thru this crisis... So...when business is booming, they keep all the profits. When business is bad, they want tax payer money?

I will be really pissed if they get ANY money from the US government. I thought they operated out of a different country... They better get it where they fly their flag. Most of us know their islands of disease without Covid19... 😷 No way, either pay your fair share to run the infrastructure of our great nation or go out to sea and sink. This company doesn't deserve our tax dollars. TrumpVirus

I feel like Carnival should have spent less on avocado toast and Starbucks and put more in savings. Maybe learn to code or something Tell them to get in line Dear CarnivalCruise please go fuck yourself with your foreign flags. Sincerely, America StateDept CDCgov HHSGov NIH Yale Yale Researchers Disinfect N95 Respirators For Reuse

Let them sink... NO

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