Person Of Interest|Washington, D.C.|Wine

Person Of Interest|Washington, D.C.|Wine

Carlie Steiner Is Making the World More Fun to Drink In

And at her D.C. restaurant Himitsu, she's not afraid to set her guests straight.


And at her D.C. restaurant Himitsu, she's not afraid to set her guests straight.

And at her D.C. restaurant Himitsu, she's not afraid to set her guests straight.

you’re thinking, but it translates to the floor of Himitsu, where Steiner circulates and keeps a lookout. “I might not be the best boss in the world, but I’m a damn good mom,” she tells me. (Not literally—she’s keeping a mother’s eye out for her team, though she also has a fluffy white dog named

We ordered nearly everything on the breakfast menu plus the anchovy-topped Caesar salad at Ellē, and while I shoved peanut butter doughnut in my face, Steiner had a London Fog and laid it all out for me. The secrets of the universe...or at least a handful of them.

is super gay. I had the best day ever. It was like,

The constant and ongoing sexual harassment and not having a work-life balance.

Doing yoga. It’s such a basic answer, but it’s literally a reason so many people do it. Like straight-up savasana though. I’m not talking about hard stuff. I just want to lie on the ground.

It took a toll on my body and it took a toll on my mental health. Alcoholism runs in my family; alcoholism runs in my community. But I’m not here to preach about not drinking either. I still drink because I’ve learned that if I cut myself off completely from anything, then I want to do it. I just tell myself, ‘Well, indulge when you want, but normally don’t.’ That’s a much better method for me.

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