Carla Lalli Music’s Dinner Menu Is Breezy, Elegant & Endlessly Adaptable

Carla Lalli Music’s dinner menu is breezy, elegant & endlessly adaptable.

10/22/2021 4:08:00 PM

Carla Lalli Music’s dinner menu is breezy, elegant & endlessly adaptable.

The 'That Sounds So Good Author' brings fried farro sallot with shallots and cauliflower to the table alongside her cumin-fennel lamb shoulder.

The three dishes on Carla’s menu are the kind that manage to be impressive without being fussy. Her Cumin-Fennel Lamb Shoulder, inspired by Uyghur lamb dishes, has a coating of crushed, tongue-numbing Sichuan peppercorns alongside the cumin and fennel to compliment the lamb’s sweetness. It’s also a dish that can be done totally on the grill, perfect for roasting in the oven during months when it’s cozier inside, or a warm weekend with friends drinking a cold drink and chatting as the lamb cooks through, or roasted in the oven in months where it’s cozier inside. Lalli Music offers suggestions for spice swaps too. No Sichuan peppercorns? Use black pepper instead. Throw in a star anise, if you like, instead of the fennel seeds, or replace sesame seeds with caraway.

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Cumin-Fennel Lamb ShoulderThe Fried Farro with Grated Cauliflower and Shallots is an excellent accompaniment to the lamb or served all its own. Boiling and then frying the farro gives the nutty grain an excellent bite, making for a dish that Lalli Music describes as “somewhere between a stir-fry and a grain salad,” and “equally good hot, warm, or as leftovers the next day.”

Fried Farro with Grated Cauliflower and ShallotsHere, Lalli Music keeps dessert simple with Mocha Hazelnut Biscotti, dry and crisp and perfect for dunking into an after dinner tea, coffee or amaro. They’re also convenient for making ahead of time and serving when guests drop in, or for mailing during the holidays. They’re recipes that might inspire you to have a few people over, unprompted, or just make an excellent Sunday supper. But most importantly, they’re recipes that are fun to make with and for other people. “I hope these recipes bring you closer to the people in your life,” Lalli Music writes. And we do, too.

Mocha Hazelnut BiscottiWhich recipe from The Big Feast will you be incorporating into your menu? Let us know in the comments! Read more: Food52 »

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