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Carey Mulligan, Hustlers

Carey Mulligan Suggests Oscar Voters Need to Prove They’ve Seen the Movies

Carey Mulligan Suggests Oscar Voters Need to Prove They’ve Seen the Movies


Carey Mulligan Suggests Oscar Voters Need to Prove They’ve Seen the Movies

Carey Mulligan has made a conscious decision in recent years to collaborate with female directors, from Sarah Gavron (“Suffragette”) to Dee Rees (“Mudbound”). On Saturday night at the Sundance Film…

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Watch the ALL the Oscar nominated movies before you vote Damn Right! Yes! Some of the things that get nominated and win are terrible movies. Dunkirk for example. Agree. Its the same 10 to 15 movies being nominated. she's absolutely right She's right Absolutely, tbh I’d happily watch them all if I was paid it it was free as it is for members

Carey is right. Also, why does the Academy seem to only recognize movies that come out the last 3 months of the year? Not always, but most of the time. I see everything ALL YEAR LONG, and I am a busy person. I bet I am more qualified to vote then some of the members. This should be a given Wait, what? They don’t do it?

I approve 100%, they're not regular viewers, they are going to give the so called most prestigious award in the US to a select few so the work must be done properly and the viewing must be accounted for the votes to matter

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That's been on my mind for a while, glad she said something about it. She maybe right but it's financial and time consuming effort. Anyone who has worked NATAS or the Academy as a monitor or has had to screen nominated titles knows that. She’s right and should say it Yeah. Some voters even brag about not doing so I’ve heard

SimonaCroisette I 1000% agree with Carey TRUE ! I mean it is their job to pick the best so how do you pick the best film if you havent seen all of them I would have thought that was mandatory! Carey Mulligan a Queen for a reason

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ONLY NOW SOMEONE SAYS THIS.....?!?!?! I agree with her. Hell yes! This is always been on my mind all the time.. Did the voters see all the movies? I agree 100 percent So do the people who bitch on Twitter about what did and didn't win brave move muligan Yup. So right. The voters get sent the dvds and there is no guarantee at all they have seen the films when they vote. Often they vote for someone they like or they liked the trailer or sthg.

I agree..... They just go with the flow and pick those films that are being recommended by other awards and film festivals..... Especially for low budget foreign films this is very unfair.....

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If Rotten Tomatoes can do it.. I had the same thing in mind. They should absolutely do this. DanielRPK Surely surely surely they have seen all the movies😳 That's true! And not just the first 10 minutes Yes--- like Jennifer Lawrence one year saying she hated Phantom Thread because it was boring, but two seconds later, she admitted she only saw the first five minutes of the movie. That's not right at all.

Agreed. Emmy voters too. There I said it. Oh my fucking god they don’t watch the movies? What the fuck I would’ve thought that the voting groups for each category would have discussions as to why they vote for the films they vote for or why they think the others aren’t “qualified” this legit should have been a requirement since the start of the academy wtf

She is fucking absolutely right

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Like...duh How is this not a thing? Like damn While I do believe people have there owned opinions of what they like and don't like, that's not a bad idea. If done right that idea could be used well for future ceremonies YES YES YES Are they allowed to blink? I f I was the TheAcademy , I would just do whatever TF Carey Mulligan says all the time.

YES MULLIGAN2020 👑👑🇺🇸🎬🏆 Agree I mean that’s over 7,000 members to watch what 350 films? Guaranteed she hasn’t watched them but yet voted also who cares

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Agreed.. but uhh.. YESSSSS This right here. Absolutely it’s their job. Can’t judge a film’s merits without seeing it. Let’s make them take A.R. tests on each Also you can't vote in the category unless you've seen them all I 10000% agree WAIT IS THIS NOT THE POLICY ALREADY? Does this mean they'd have to watch Joker 11 times because of the 11 nominations? I feel like any reasonable person or group of people would get burnt out by that.

I would have thought that was an obvious requirement to begin with So use it or lose it? Hmmm... where have I heard that before?

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Excellent point. From personal knowledge, many dont They should have to sit in the movie theater like everybody else. Make them write an essay for each movie Definitely, because maybe the Lighthouse would actually get a good shot. She is SO right. I forget who it was that said that they know some of them haven't seen the movies and it's all about popularity and who sucks up to them. Some openly admitted they didn't see a lot of the movies.

I imagine some people nominate films and talent without even watching the films themselves. There’s no excuse for them not to see them. That’s what screeners are for. Wait they didn’t have to watch the films? Especially for the animation category. I’m tired of seeing what voters say each year and finding out that most didn’t even see them all

WorstHeroEver07 We all suggest this.

I agree. pmiscove Every award season, I talked to others in the industry, and it's extremely rare to find someone who has seen all the nominees before voting. 😑 SoftDebicki Carey Mulligan is out for blood and spilling that hot tea we stan RICHARDLNEWBY My Babe Is right Yes! That should be a thing! Fernsndezrivera

I watch every film. Most of my friends in the Acad also do. Great! Mulligan for president (of the Academy)! that is a fantastic idea!!!! I would bet a large amount of the older generation of Oscar voters are too busy trying to stay relevant (yes I mean you Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Warren Beatty)

1000% agree

Well duh! Mostly the same big name actors r nominated if they make a movie. It all come down to that & if the movie get a lot of buzz & come from a big production company or if a lot of big names talk about a movie, it get highlighted & nominated. Everything else get push aside. Yea I agree That’s something

It’s disgusting that it wasn’t already required. lol quiz all the voters 5 simple questions concerning each movie just to be sure. AllMyloveQueenD Agree fincherism So Rotten Tomatoes it? Hard pass

Couldn't agree more, Alita: Battle Angel got completely robbed of an Oscar nomination HunseckerProxy starting to campaign this early? OK! LMAOOOOOOO how was this not already the case? Great idea. Bannish screeners. Make them go to an actual theater. While I understand the sentiment, the simple fact is no one can watch every movie released, a fact that I think is acknowledged by Ms Mulligan's reference to 100 screeners. Even if a voter watches 100 screeners, that isn't all of the eligible movies.

She said that. They should revamp the whole Oscar voting system If they saw the damn movies Alita: Battle Angel would have been nominated for best VFX. She's the first freaking humanoid that Weta ever made (in their own words)! fair She is right. And going by the last interviews with some ( anonymous) academy members, there should be a type of recall of some memberships as well.

stop weaponizing Feminism for Pete's sake you can be diplomatic about it more people will listen way to show your true colors mynameisjro a whole concept QuotedReplies Some hourly freelancing jobs require you to have an app open, which tracks time and mouse movement (activity). It takes screenshots at random times, to make sure you're working on your tasks. Something similar might work for the Oscars. Yeah, I don't trust them either.

This should be obvious Well now She’s never getting nominated again. Not to sound like a jerk, but does she know what she’s talking about? every academy member must verify their letterboxd Clever girl 😎

Exactly. Terry David Mulligan DanielRPK How about we just stop watching these award shows. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 tsarahagst wait, they don't? how are they the 'voters'? 🤮 Has she? And she’s absolutely right 👏👏👏 Ever wonder why Oscar So White or why women directors aren’t nominated? It’s not (only) because the Academy is full of sexist racists. It’s also because they only actually watch a small handful of what they can potentially vote for.

It's an interesting matter, how reliable is the voting. There's always been pressure from the majors asking their employees to vote for their films. So I think it's very difficult to handle this. FYC_Oscar '

Amen to that. But Hollywood folk don’t like being faced with reality, they’d rather just listen to hype. The male commenters on that page... goddam there's so much work to do still. BLOCKCHAIN Every voter will now have to post their live reactions as they watch each film on YouTube.i Oh, she’s blacklisted now.

Another radical idea, Academy membership is not for for life. Maybe ten years and then you have to renew, based on real criteria, not because you have an aggressive PR team. The membership itself is the problem. Oscars OscarsSoWhite Oscars2020 She's right. Should be pretty easy nowadays. They should have had Oscars by the end of February so they have enough time to watch all movies.

It's either the movies or the awards ceremony, cupcake. Not both. Changing the rules because your preferred gender or race of filmmaker did not receive an Oscar nomination discredits the whole idea of having a film competition in the first place. DanielRPK We need to get this on camera. DanielRPK This would be extremely helpful when the voters vote for Best Animated Feature, as usually, the voters don’t watch all of the animated films nominated and they would just vote for the one that their kids have seen.

Totally agreed. Just like Tony voters. It’s only reasonable. DanielRPK Yeah. A quiz😂 DanielRPK Good idea. yuppp

I’m OK with that. But If she’s a voter, I want proof that she watched the 344 films submitted for consideration this year. They also have to prove they're not biased against men since thats what fascist racist Hollywood is forcing on everyone these days. Probably best why is once the films are nominated, the people picked to vote during that year can have a special screenings of the films leading up to the day their votes have to be made. People who love film wouldn’t mind that and those that vote should be film lovers anyways.

Love this idea, not sure how it would work but I’d love it if people at least had to give things a chance TheCherryPicks They should ban screeners, make it so that all the films are screened during awards season like some kind of “festival” you have to attend and reduce the academy in numbers by x1000 to form some kind of “jury”

I propose a movie quiz! Been sayin this for years In turn, we suggest studios make it easier for us to watch them all: 1. Larger window of time in which to view all the films, prior to voting. 2. Reliable multiplatform fullscreen delivery (streaming via Roku, AppleTV, etc) 3. Reliable in theater screening access period.

Finally someone said it publicly. After those Academy voters admitted (anonymously of course) that they don't watch all of the films, especially those 'they don't understand or know the actors', translation, films with people of color, I was totally done with the Oscars.

...Imagines a Blockbuster store where the store clerk asks a series of questions about the film... sounds fun! 😑 Kathy Bates in Richard Jewell found dead I agree! She is correct. If you analyze the voting over the last several’s clear the voters only watch a handful of movies. They can use the new Netflix metric : a 2mn watch means you likely watched the whole thing 😏

That makes perfect sense. Eh, seems like a double-edged sword, didn't films like 12 years a slave and moonlight win best picture largely on votes by academy members that didn't actually watch them? If anything that might make the academy situation worse Absolutely, there should be a streaming link for each movie sent out on screeners and if you haven't completed each one (can't click away) then you simply are unable to vote.

she’s right

cant they just say theyve seen it So that means watching every movie from a calendar year? Not possible I agree, but how? Agree 100% Great idea BLOOD TESTS Yep Good idea, duh! Agree totally

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