Cardi B Leads 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards With 10 Nominations: Exclusive

9/12/2019 5:24:00 PM

The 2019 BET HipHopAwards nominations are here! See the full list of nominees below 🏆

Arik McArthur/WireImageCardi B performs at Made in America - Day 1 at Benjamin Franklin Parkway on Aug. 31, 2019 in Philadelphia.On Oct. 5, the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards will make its triumphant return to Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Center after vacationing in Miami for the last two years. After besting his peers with eight nominations in 2018, this year, Drake slides into third place with seven, allowing 

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Cardi B to lead the pack with double-digit honors.After notching four wins at last year’s festivities, Cardi looks to clinch more victories this time around with her 10 nominations including MVP of the Year, hot ticket performer, hustler of the year, best collab, single of the year, made-you-look award, and two nods for the best hip-hop video, & sweet 16 categories.

Though Cardi didn’t deliver her sophomore album in 2019, she stayed busy slinging out Hot 100 bangers in “Money,” “Press” and “Please Me.” Read more: billboard »

F** BETMusic and it’s fake, rigged award show! You will tell me NICKIMINAJ didn’t get one single nomination with all the great work she putted out? This industry truly disgusts me dome I might have billboard music BET Nasty_CSA Coolest Kid in Africa 🏆bringing home the Best international Flow Accolade 🎖😭❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

BET Sarkodie Sarkodie Sarkodie Sarkodie king of rap Obidi ponbidi BET King sarkodie ALPHA ALPHASZN SheikhDollar BlackLove Lucky legend DOYOU HipHopAwards BET _aayaad قريب تترشح لملكة جمال ليبيا BET Congratulations sarkodie AfricanRapKing BET Check your replies all because of sarkodie 🇬🇭🔥🔥

BET How I hope sarkodie will get the chance to perform as well .. haaa🤩🤩 BET Congratulations sarkodie BET Sarknation is blessed BET So billboard tweeted abt us too Awwww Menyame ay3 wie BET Congrats iamcardib BET Congrats sarkodie stonebwoyb samini_dagaati shattawalegh and many more BET Congrats king sarkodie

BET At kwadwosheldon let me put your content here wai People should know the flow 😁😁😁💥 from the King of Africa rap sarkodie BET Payola fraud retardi b BET KingSark BET Congrats king sarkodie BET Sarknation is everywhere BET BET BlackLove🖤🖤🖤. BET iamcardib BET Great seeing king Sark ryt there...we going for it

BET sarkodie 👑👑❤️❤️❤️ BET watch out for sarkodie BLACK LOVE ALBUM BET Congratulations to my King ...King sarkodie BET Sarkodie sarkodie BET Congratulations sarkodie BET Congratulations sarkodie BET Congratulations sarkodie BET Cardi winning every category she's nominated for as always the queen stay winning 💅🏻

HipHopAwards BET King sarkodie ✌️ BET Highest level sarkodie BET Congratulations Sarkodie! BET Congratulations Sarkodie let's win this for Ghana 🇬🇭 BlackLove 🖤 BET King Sark! 🔥🔥🔥 BET Congratulations sarkodie BET Congratulations Sarkodie sarkodie BET I love you sarkodie BET Congrats to sarkodie for his nomination

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BET Congrats sarkodie BET Congratulations Nasty BET sarkodie is winning his category hands down SarkIsANation Kingsark to the world BlackLove.Atanfo ani awu BET So now you see say MI ankasa he no know what be flow !😂😂😂😂 The whole Ghana en p3 oo! En p3!! Atw3r! Ad3n aa MI say di3b3n di3b3n 😂😂😂.

BET The queen of rap Cardi B winning as always, okuuurrr! RT to vote! Taki Taki CancionFavoritaUrbano LatinAMAs BET Congratulations King Sark sarkodie BET Congratulations boss of rap sarkodie BET Congratulations sarkodie BET Congratulations King Sarkodie BET Congratulations King Sark 😍 BET You did it again girl eoow😌 iamcardib

BET Cardi ain't black 🙄 BET Whew! They hate to see it.. lol BET King sark Al the way go 💪 BET sarkodie 🔥🔥🔥 BET congratulations KING sarkodie BET Congrat African rap God King sark 🇬🇭❤️ BET Congratulations Sarkodie BET Congrats Sarkodie BET congratulations African Rap King 🤴 sarkodie BET Nicki got 0 nominations 🤣🤣🤣🤣

BET King Sark got another one. Still raps in twi. Congratulations sarkodie Sarkcessvision BET Sarkodie BET Congrats sarkodie 🚀🚀🚀 BET sarkodie gonna bring this one home 🔥🔥🔥❤️ BET Africa's rap god is in there and we bagging this 🔥. sarkodie BET King sark representing gh BET Congratulations to sarkodie..... Nigga been working hard 💪💪💪 SarkcessMusic BlackLove

BET Cardi stays winning in life despite all the hate and lies thrown at her. We Love to see it! BardigangForever BET Hateful trolls disrespect iamcardib cause they claim she's not black are mental. Dad's Dominican and her mom is Spanish & Trinidadian. 'The country is home to people of many different national, ethnic and religious origins'. Dominicans and Puerto Ricans have blacks too. Press

BETMusic BET Next is Grammy where I know Cardi will atleast get 3-4 nominations and maybe win another one🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽Queen Cardi BET cardi better win all of em BET she stays winning, love that for her 😌 BET Hating on Cardi getting the most noms? Awwwwwwwwwww BET She wins again and haters are pressed

HipHopAwards BET that whole list stinks do better EBT BET No Nicki Minaj on that list So sad 'Queen' deserves BET Congratulations iamcardib HipHopAwards BET Not Cardi B. Please! BET BET Actually, BETs are currently a joke, they only nominate and support artists by rating and not by their talent. Here's the example, plus: she isn't even black Fact

BET 🙃 BET a joke honestly, there’s a reason why nobody ain’t checking for bet anymore BETMusic BET SHE ISN'T BLACK BET 🤦🏽‍♂️

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Jennifer Lopez Reveals Why She Recruited Cardi B to Appear in 'Hustlers'The actress also spoke about Usher's cameo in the film and shared how Alex Rodriguez proposed to her when she visited 'The Tonight Show' on Tuesday. JLo iamcardib Because she needed an urban audience for the movie... JLo iamcardib Cause Cardi got that pull which translates to🤑🤑🤑 JLo iamcardib because she was an actual stripper? unlike J.Lo who likes to pretend she was.

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