Cardi B Celebrates Her Birthday With a New Sneaker Collaboration

Cardi B announced her first ever #Reebok x Cardi footwear collection.

10/18/2020 7:00:00 AM

Cardi B announced her first ever Reebok x Cardi footwear collection.

Cardi B rang in 28 on Sunday (Oct. 11), and the rapper is celebrating her birthday in a characteristically big way.

feature a black and white design with a see-through sole, and are available in toddler and adult sizes, costing $50 and $100, respectively. The first drop is already sold out, but if you didn't snag a pair, worry not -- the full collection will be available on Nov. 13.

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hookers edition Who’s that? Billboard help us end sars.. They are killing us o.... ENDSARS ok.... and? we will be buying Exactly.. Exactly... She did drama on twitter a few hours ago and now a new collection is announced... One more drama from clout... Ew.. Dirty marketing haa Y’all should 🙏🏽 checkout my music 🙌🏽

ariana stopped her campaign so cardi could get her cents flop tanked Ariana out sold that fad 😂 not reebok 💀 you cant wear ari wig then be ari No one cares about this rat anymore Who cares i am here for OneDirection and my five boys😩 And nobody cared. Stream whole lotta Choppas remix 🦄🦄🦄 flop Stripper is over Party

She will get a Disney print merch ariana the blueprint nicki end*d you Flop 🦗 Like your fans 👁️👄👁️ nobody cares her 12 yo fans can’t afford it Nicki could never tanked 💀 the ariana grande print Don’t care she is over flopped 😏 anyways ariana did it first no one moved ew disgusting ariana the blueprint Cardi is mental She should be admitted in mental ward beacuse she harms her own daughter ,!!

u can’t wear a grande wig and be ponytail deadass right after she said byebye to twitter lemme giggle ariana did it better than that rt Iamcardibpriv positions is coming tanked like her career already wap megan impact she should thank her Já quero She is canceled 🦗🦗 🦗🦗🦗 Nobody moved i won't buy it... keep aris name out of your mouth iamcardib

no one’s gonna buy The fans she don’t even like might buy em of course this announcement pops up at this time Atlantic investing 1M buying it just like they did with WAP My ass can’t even afford Reeboks smh😂 🤡🤮 Yall are slow, it’s already sold out. And this happened days ago 🙄 Already tanked okay CardiBIsOverParty

rat dont care keep it No ones cares Who tf wears Reebok’s ariana is the blueprint nobody asked reason why the pandemic cant be stop

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