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Capital One Hacking Suspect Had Data From Other Targets, Officials Say

Prosecutors said they found the stolen material from 30 organizations on servers in the bedroom of the accused hacker.


The software engineer accused of stealing the personal information of more than 100 million people from Capital One also obtained data from over 30 companies and other organizations, according to federal prosecutors

Prosecutors said they found the stolen material from 30 organizations on servers in the bedroom of the accused hacker.

Ms. Thompson was arrested and charged last month in the

At the time, Capital One said it had tens of millions of credit card applications stolen, including one million Canadian social insurance numbers — the equivalent of Social Security numbers in the United States.

The authorities said they were still working to identify the specific entities from which the data was stolen and they expect to bring additional charges against Ms. Thompson. They did not say if Ms. Thompson had obtained the data during her employment at Amazon Web Services.

They also said that in the course of executing a search of her home they found an arsenal of weapons, ammunition and explosives in the bedroom of her roommate, who was a felon and was not allowed to possess firearms.

Read more: The New York Times

What’s in your wallet, literally. maggieNYT yeah privacy is dead This is a lie. Listen to this if you want to. You really going to believe that one person breached thirty organizations and one of the US largest banks, alone?! Yeah, be gullible and stupid if you want to. maggieNYT How does this happen?

P R I S O N awaits! Wow.. The guys a genius And she's being funded by Russia or China? I mean that's the icing on the cake, right?

Federal Prosecutors Accuse Capital One Hacker of Hitting Dozens More TargetsThe woman charged with hacking into millions of Capital One records hit more than 30 other targets, federal prosecutors said Pinche periódico challotero chinguen su puta madre Does this actually mean if I steal massive amounts of personal data, I only have a 1/30 chance of being caught. Working on a new business plan. That’s a man baby.

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