Capehart calls on Sen. Joe Manchin to be more realistic about his bipartisan Senate dream

Sen. Joe Manchin must be more realistic about the possibility of bipartisanship in the Senate Jonathan Capehart says in this week’s ‘Bye Line.’

4/12/2021 5:04:00 AM

'Surely, Manchin wouldn’t want to be blamed for his party losing that majority because he spent more time looking for a pony that doesn’t exist than dealing with the reality of the pile of work right in front of him,' CapehartJ says about Sen. Manchin.

Sen. Joe Manchin must be more realistic about the possibility of bipartisanship in the Senate Jonathan Capehart says in this week’s ‘Bye Line.’

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CapehartJ Seems to me Sen_JoeManchin and SenatorSinema are worried about the wrong minority. CapehartJ Manchin is forcing himself to sound like a naive child. CapehartJ Maybe he forgot how stupid the people in this country are for a second CapehartJ Manchin will screw it for the party. Guaranteed.

CapehartJ violet ties make them twinsies! CapehartJ If he's trying to unify the two party's for some political future like a presidential run so far he's doing a terrible job haven't heard one republican say we'll meet Manchin in the middle. CapehartJ You be surprised what JoeManchinWV Sen_JoeManchin is willing to do to keep his seat in majority klansmen town of WV. 🤣

CapehartJ Manchin just needs to pick a freaking side and stop playing the middle. It's so frustrating to watch/hear so I can only imagine how much his grief his party is having to put up with. CapehartJ Someday, liberals will realize that Manchin is not a progressive Democrat, he’s a centrist Democrat. He could even be a liberal Republican. That’s what his constituents want, that is what they elected. The rest of the country can shed crocodile tears, it’s not gonna change him!

CapehartJ Manchin is a trader, remember it is the Far Right groups that are causing all the divisions. It is not the Left. He is not a Democrat, he is a Republican. I hear one Republican say, they don’t send people to DC to do right but to be loyal to the party. Why want the Dems do that. CapehartJ Manchin is a dinosaur and a fence-sitter. They don’t get reelected anymore. For good reason. Get on the progressive train or enjoy you looming retirement.

CapehartJ Manchin is too busy fighting windmills; I mean wind turbines instead of doing what is good for the American people. CapehartJ Everyone wanted to be a celebrity 🙄🙄 CapehartJ Thank God for Sen. Machine or this country would be completely wrecked! CapehartJ Maybe President Biden makes a deal. Tell Manchin to find 10 or 11 GOP votes on ANYTHING and he'll listen to what he says. If he can't Manchin joins the Dem caucus on their agenda for the American people. No wavering no waffling. PERIOD.

CapehartJ showing up to work and refusing to work and or let anyone do any work unless they kiss my ring first... anyways wait till close to elections. In 22 so voters get motivated. CapehartJ CapehartJ NAME THE 10 REPUBLICAN SENATORS NAME THE 10 REPUBLICAN SENATORS NAME THE 10 REPUBLICAN SENATORS NAME THE 10 REPUBLICAN SENATORS NAME THE 10 REPUBLICAN SENATORS NAME THE 10 REPUBLICAN SENATORS NAME THE 10 REPUBLICAN SENATORS NAME THE 10 REPUBLICAN SENATORS

CapehartJ I still don’t know where Manchin is coming from, but if power is the aphrodisiac he is not going to be ‘realistic’ about his ‘bipartisan dream’. CapehartJ CapehartJ Hey Sen_JoeManchin America's founders REJECTED the idea of requiring a supermajority (like the filibuster requires) in order to govern. The knew it made governance almost impossible. Why do you support the filibuster? EndTheFilibuster

CapehartJ That is exactly what he is doing. CapehartJ He can be blamed for shaking up the majority the Demos have now! CapehartJ I don't think that anybody in Washington will set around a campfire - holds hands together & sings 'Kumbaya,' These are different times. They couldn’t even agree on giving the Capital Police a gold metal. The good old days working together is GONE. Greed & Power took over. Sad

CapehartJ Manchin is controlled by people who are only representing their own interests. CapehartJ I love you but he is looking for a damned unicorn, not a pony. He is pandering to WV and the nearest camera not. Perfect argument for DC statehood. CapehartJ Why is MSNBC part of the cancel culture? CapehartJ Mean while, the country has been hoping MSNBC would hire some real Journalists, but that’s not going to happen either.

CapehartJ Manchin has a seat at the grown ups table, and all he wants to do is spill his wine and insult the chef. Joe, you have a chance to actually help enact meaningful laws that can help citizens of your state. Don't get lost in a fantasy. CapehartJ Don't we all. Stop being the nail and lock to the Dems coffin. It would be great if this was all bipartisanship decisions but get to reality. The GOP wants it their way or the hi-way. Nothing in the middle so it's time you get on board with the rest of the Dems for once.

CapehartJ spicy

CapehartJ I agree ☝️ CapehartJ Sen_JoeManchin after WWII, Germany did not try for unity and compromise with the Nazi party. How much are you being paid to support insurrectionists who tried to overthrow our government and shame our country world wide? I bet it’s a lot CapehartJ Sen Machin doesn’t care if Democrats lose the majority as long as he keeps his seat. He’ll continue to get paid by corporations and can vote for Republican priorities in the name of bi partisanship.

CapehartJ Manchin shining light of reason & bipartisanship Manchin is a Rock Star KeepAmericaAmerica CapehartJ I'm truly amazed at how little people understand about Manchin, his past, and who he actually is. He doesn't care about national Democrats. He's a DINO. Always has been. Always will be. Do some research. Google is your friend. Clearly you're too lazy to do real leg work.

CapehartJ I have thought for a long time he is just a Republican plant. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. CapehartJ Send in the ponies There ought to be ponies CapehartJ He's the only moderate left in congress. The rest fighting over which version of fascism we should pick, communism or dictatorship. CapehartJ The man who fights against his own country is never a hero. -- Victor Hugo

CapehartJ It's boring to sit at home alone, looking for someone to spend time with