CanesCounty - Four-Star DE Collins Acheampong Flips from Michigan to Miami

11/30/2022 10:50:00 PM

Four-Star DE Collins Acheampong Flips from Michigan to Miami thecribsouthfla with more:

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He did not seem high on the two visits , but spoke well about his trip to Coral Gables back in June: “It was great to talk to the coaches and connect with them in person.I already had a great relationship with them, and to see that it’s not just how they are on phone is great.) Fairmont Prep to play basketball, but picked up football and shined this offseason at the Under Armour camp in Los Angeles.They all came from different backgrounds, but definitely put in the work to be successful by playing and now have also put in years coaching.The CBDC will be issued in the same denominations currently used for notes and coins." He joins Jayden Wayne as the second defensive end commit in the 2023 class, both of which are of the blue-chip variety.They continued to recruit him through the summer and fall and never backed off, and the flip finally occurred on Tuesday.Miami now has 13 four or five-star commits in the class and is a lock to finish inside the top ten in the country.9 yard per carry average.

Talk with Miami fans on."But Miami was the only school that kept recruiting me the hardest and I had the best relationship with.1 was announced in October.

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