Candidate Kanye West Gets Not-So-Stellar Mentions On 'Saturday Night Live'

But ... 'Maybe?' wondered Michael Che.

10/18/2020 4:09:00 PM

But ... 'Maybe?' wondered Michael Che.

But ... 'Maybe?' wondered Michael Che.

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Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearing live updates

The high-stakes confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, is underway Monday in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

'경배는 여호와를 위한 것이지, 여러분을 위한 것이 아닙니다. 경배는 일요일 예배가 아니라 우리의 모든 삶이 경배하기 위해 태어난 것입니다. 경배드리기 위해 사는 것입니다. 계속되는 경배… 감사하며 겸손함으로. TheSundayExpedition I don't understand the Libertarian party's ideology How can it include a Black candidate in Chicago & a proud boy in St Louis? Is he getting stellar mentiones anywhere currently?

. That's not news. You are paid by billionaires to ignore issues. The Huffington Post is the rodeo clown of libtard news. FakeNewsMediaCLOWN RealSway should have turned off the mike and we would never had been here its his fault because everyone has a plan until he's punched in the face this is RealSway fault

trump and Guiliani are gullible targets of Russian intelligence. Pathetic. RussianDisinformation BidenHarris2020 SNL is still on? wow Attention seeker yes, candidate no

Fact check: Kanye West, other third-party candidates, not leading in Kentucky votingThe evening of Oct. 13, West tweeted a screenshot from the website of LEX 18 News, a local Kentucky news outlet, where he appeared to obtain 19% of the vote in Kentucky. But the numbers in the picture aren’t real. I was going to vote for biden, but I feel kanye has the best chance to do great things as president. MAGA f him. Wait. Kanye shared something misleading and untrue? Perhaps he is qualified to be president. Guess I had him all wrong.

Kanye West 'reported to cops for breaching UK covid quarantine rules'The rap superstar – and 2020 Presidential hopeful - was spotted in and around London earlier this month, and sparked alarm over his approach to meeting UK covid rules

Kanye West Teases Appearance on Joe Rogan's PodcastKanye West wanted to be a guest on 'The Joe Rogan Experience,' and it looks like it might be happening. And? noone cares lol Ew

‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch Sees Issa Rae Voting for ‘Everybody Black’ — But ‘F’ Kanye WestIn the Oct. 17 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” guest host Issa Rae played a lawyer for the NAACP who swore to vote for “everybody Black” come election day — but when… On the Che Bsndwagon... lol So funny! Kanye is a maga conspiracy theorist and he’s not one of us! Racism is cool again. Love it.

Kanye West Confirms He's Doing Joe Rogan's Podcast, Posts FaceTime PicsYe and Joe Rogan are finally coming face-to-face ... and microphone to microphone. May get the most views LOL So?

Kourtney Kardashian Faces Social Media Backlash After Wearing 'Vote Kanye' HatKourtney Kardashian is supporting her brother-in-law's presidential run. What the fuck is that outfit Dumb b***c. Kourtney got my vote ❤️ Kanye2020