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Canadian high schoolers on fat-tire bikes hunted a 1,500-pound bison during a field trip

Canadian high schoolers on fat-tire bikes killed a 1,500-pound bison during a field trip


Canadian high schoolers on fat-tire bikes killed a 1,500-pound bison during a field trip

“The Yukon is a very unique place in Canada where outdoor education with these type of trips are still happening,” one teacher said.

Students and teachers from Porter Creek Secondary School in Whitehorse — Yukon’s largest city, with 25,000 of the territory’s 35,000 people — killed a 1,500-pound bison during a hunt on a field trip in March, and feasted on its meat with classmates and parents earlier this month. Three teachers and three government guides led eighth and 10th grade students on a four-day trip into the wilderness filled with camping, hiking, ice fishing and bison-stalking.

This was Porter Creek’s first school-sponsored hunting trip. The excursions are usually organized by the nearby elementary school, teachers said, so older students can partner with younger ones. But when that trip fell through this school year, teachers saw a high school-only trip as a way to combine lessons from multiple classes — geography, history, First Nations education, math and others — into a field trip.

Students, teachers and guides bike over a frozen lake while hunting for bison. (Terry Milne) By the first morning of the trip, it was clear they worked, and the bikes were quiet enough to allow the group to successfully find a bison nearby. Hunters in recent years have complained the animals have grown too wise to hunters. Though bison are native to Yukon, the territorial government says they were “extirpated” from the region 800 years ago. A herd of 170 was reintroduced to Yukon from Alberta in the 1980s, and the herd has since grown to close to 1,500 animals.

[If you’re dumb, there are lots of good ways to have a bad time at a national park]

Then as night fell, they switched on their headlamps and field dressed the animal, bringing the tenderloin back to camp for a midnight snack.

Here’s a Canadian Broadcasting Corp. video report with footage from the trip:

Activists cry ‘torture’ after matador wipes the nose of a dying bull

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Oh people let it go! They trekked into the wilderness. They fished & hunted. They caught, killed and ate it. That’s life in the Yukon. They don’t have grocery stores on every other block. Even if they did how do you think our meat gets there? Someone slaughters it first! Disgusting Shooting a wild animal should not be part of the school curriculum. Shooting pictures of the animal in its habitat should be. This is wrong.

It’s educational Trip Totally disgusting. Imagine if every student decided to have such an experience? What do Greenpeace and the Sierra Club have to say about this? Who runs that school, Donald Trump Jr.? Why not teach them to plant rather than to hunt What did they do with the meat? Wow HEROES? l think NOT! Hope they use every bit of that dead Bison for food,tools, clothing and shelter like the Native American Indian Tribes did.... they were the sustainable years!

💔💔💔🙏 Washington Post, what’s with the headline? I guess “Canadian students go to school to learn life skills and respect for First Nations culture” doesn’t sell. Too bad, since the article wasn’t terrible. But please don’t stir up trouble when you’ve got enough in your own backyard. That's it. Build a wall on our northern border.

should be embarrassed for switching out “hunted” in headline to “killed” in the tweet. Also, please read the article before posting uninformed comments about another country’s cultural roots and traditions.

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🤮 1 Notice how much they enjoy posing around the carcass of the beautiful creature they just killed 2 If hunting is so noble n necessary, why not show the animal bring killed in the video? Coz they know how barbaric it is. 3. If u really want to respect the animal, don't kill it Hunting 'ethics'? Bull$hit. This is how gun-culture is passed on from generation to generation. Barbaric n disgusting. If the noble intention was to regulate population of bison, what was the need to eat it?

That's something to be proud of!?! I’m surprised high schoolers are actually out doing things🤷🏽‍♂️ This was an interesting article, but the headline in the tweet is poorly written and misleading. Horrible, and look how happy they all are for killing this magnificent animal. 'Hunting' is offensive? The headline should have read: 'Yukon teens on fat bikes hunt a bison.' Like this article published by a source that doesn't require a subscription. Forget the and nytimes click bait headlines.

Bravo! By far healthier than beef and better tasting Alert: People are happy to read the title not the actual article, throw in an irrelevant and ignorant comment and move to the next tweet. Some of you will end up confused, misinformed and angry for no reason. Please don’t do that. Take more than 10 seconds and read the article

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Shame on you! I’m not understanding the point of the article. I don’t agree with what they did at all. Assholes. That’s f-‘d up Why? So many of these comments display a ignorance of the Yukon. Look on a map (note the lack of roads to the south). Read about the cost of food there. Maybe then you will understand why hunting is a necessary part of the culture.

Looks like a lot of people are tooooo old to still be in school.....look carefully and see what u reckon. So many ignorant comments- read the damned article! BTW - stupid headline WaPo. ohhhhhhhhhkaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy.................................I guess.........ish?

Dow falls almost 500 points as China retaliates by slapping tariffs on $60B in U.S. goodsDEVELOPING: Dow falls almost 500 points Monday, as China retaliates by slapping tariffs on $60B in US goods. Winning Thanks, Trump! Yes. Because: trade war.

...and they are proud of themselves? They had better eat it all!! That’s not very Canadian of them... Why? Did each kid take a turn at butchering the animal too? If not, why not? This sounds like a 'field trip' of cowardly selfishness. Next field trip ... off to Africa to kill an elephant for no good reason.

The Headline is The Message Evil. This is great. Are we celebrating this?! I’m confused Why? Disgusting. Our country’s future. There it is. 🤦‍♀️

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Assholes Wow Sad 😞 Washington Post the buffalo story seems a bit out there. Did the Canadian news write about this? What the f**k is this about... Beware how U print your news. “Fat-Tire” is a name of an alcoholic beverage sold in stores. So were they on bikes,ie motorcycles, bicycles, drunk or sober. If I could ask this? Here? U could have been clearer there.

Ugh why? Cool What the FUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!?!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

This Monet painting’s return on investment just blew away the S&P 500A painting by legendary 19th-century French impressionist Claude Monet fetched a record $110.7 million in a frenzied eight-minute bidding war at Sotheby’s... The dumbest of takes. The last time a painting must have beaten the S&P must have been late 2007 early 2008...

“The government encourages locals to hunt bison to maintain a stable population size, and sometimes complains that hunters haven’t taken enough of the bovines in a season, according to the CBC.” Sad. yet, they are mostly smiling. Most times these animals are just minding their own business. WE invade THEIR homes and territory. hsusnews wwf peta

Misleading tease to say the least. Stop fat shaming bicycle tires. Wow they must be so proud 😢 Assholes 😮😯😢 😢😢

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Why? Shameless shits Disgusting. Every teacher, parent, counselor and student should be punished. Stop with the clickbait shit First, WHY would they do this? Second, WHO allowed this? Third - WHEN will they receive their peunishment? How and why?

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Mmmmm Bison Burgers 🍔 Another misleading article my fakenews Good. Glad to see they got a big one. Not impressed. How sad Laughing, white, entitled, ignorant fuckwads Terry Milne may be a good teacher, but he should know better than to say: 'very unique'. Meaning 'one of a kind', 'unique' can not take a modifier of degree. A thing can be neither more nor less 'one of a kind'. A mistake often repeated remains a mistake.

Good eats. Ran over the bison with their fat-tire bikes did they... are you one of those kids in the US that paid someone to take your exams in College?

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That’s good work, a lot of meat. Those Canadians are skilled hunters There is an epidemic of incurable genital herpes among young people like these high school students in Canada. However, I did not realise that this condition could affect the brain or moral rectitude of those affected. More research needs to be done or The bison is doomed.

On the way ... Did they kill a few seals for practice That is a lot of white kids for Canada's north. I thought that was native territory. 🤔 PETA Their mothers must be awfully proud of them. But these look like white people.... they can’t have a “culture.” That’s awesome How sad and cruel Pos people

People consume 500 more calories a day when eating ultraprocessed foods, study findsSuch people also tend to eat more quickly and consume more fats and carbohydrates, researchers say. 'It's not just the extra salt and fat in processed food that causes people to gain weight. It's the processed food itself.' This is not news. What? eating bad food is bad for you? Next up: Water, how wet is it?!?! Who knew, moderation works.

Sounds delicious. Disgusting This is more important than learning how to read, write and do arithmetic? When you ask yourself why did this young person commit mass murders remember this educational photo. What are these kids Grizzly fucking Adams ? Will any of them ever again in their lives have a need to kill a Bison, I think not. Killing without reason is stupid and teaching kids to kill without reason is fucked up.

Yep, let's all pile on cultural practices we don't agree with. That'll show everyone how mature and intelligent we actually are. Right? Typically American B.S. school shootings don't faze you, but indigenous youth and their peers kill one Buffalo for food and you freak out. Seriously, who fcken cares.

WTF, Canada?! Respecting other cultures is not just important but necessary for world peace. Respecting all of life on this planet is the larger picture of a true peace. I can see lessons learned by this primitive hunt but not nearly as many lessons learned.... as watching it live. God I hate spin. Can’t even get headline right.

Did they eat it?

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So Canada sucks sometimes too Hunting is the worst kind of human cowardice. How dreadfully sad. What joy did killing a living creature give them? ALL CREATURES HAVE WORTH AND DESERVE TO THRIVE. Canadians sure know how to party Good life! Show these stupid vegans How to grow with proteins The mental imagery of that title...

WOW! impressive, kids. Definitely a bucket list check. Before puberty no less! I hope they ate it afterwards? Disgusting and inhumane! Proving once again why America is better than Canada. Don’t these sad kids at least have an Xbox?

About 500 people test positive for HIV in Pakistani district; infected doctor arrestedAuthorities say the HIV outbreak in Larkana, Pakistan, was apparently started when physician Muzaffar Ghangharo, who has AIDS, infected patients in April. This is very alarming situation He'd only get 6 months max in California... Horrible!

They checked the bison hard into the boards hey. I’m not even a PETA type and I don’t like this shit. Why? School project? as long as they’re Canadian it doesn’t offend me for some reason Still seems wasteful to kill an animal as a classroom life lesson in this day and age, but at least they consumed the meat.

So do we need to congratulate them? Ugh. I get that it was hunted for food but still...did they really have to gleefully pose with a murdered animal (who just hours before had been peacefully minding its own business & presumably enjoying its life) Guess they wanted the Insta likes. I'm sorry. eatplants

WHAT! Canadians are NICE though! What happened to these ones? KILLING animals is EDUCATION? This is fucking amazing. I wish I could have done this in high school. Sounds so fun.

That’s some good eating right there. Snowflakes are triggered. Screw ‘em. These students are celebrating their indigenous culture. how could be? Such barbarians, d*mn u! What? They were hungry? Wow is this how you get traffic now? Misleading titles? Why? Tweet says killed. Article says hunted. Like we didn't do enough to the bison in the last century. thrasherxy

Why What is the benefit now of the death of the bison? Hopefully, they properly dressed all that animal's meat and hide and distributed it to people who needed it. Hunting isn't just about shooting an animal. It's also about the work it takes to utilize its resources. People who waste game aren't good hunters.

Strange wording in your lead here, making it sound like Canadian youth ran over and killed a bison with their fat tire bikes, when in fact they were on a traditional/educational hunt in the North. What in the actual fuck is wrong with people We need 2nd Special Counsel to investigate this! He colluded with...bison 😂🤣🤣! RepAdamSchiff DNC

They hunted the bison for food. Good job. Hunting is natural human behavior. white culture gets such a hard on by killing animals with firearms and then posing with it like if it was truly a challenge to hunt something with a firearm lmao. A weird flex that I will never understand. Be proud 🙄 True hunters, just drive right up to it.

So long as they eat the whole thing. Starting with the fur. Raising kids to be evil, what chance has the world got?

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