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Canadian citizen sentenced to death in China on drug charge

BREAKING: China sentences Canadian to death on charges of making the drug ketamine amid heightened tension between two countries.

8/6/2020 11:32:00 AM

BREAKING: China sentences Canadian to death on charges of making the drug ketamine amid heightened tension between two countries.

BEIJING (AP) — China has sentenced a Canadian citizen to death on charges of manufacturing the drug ketamine amid heightened tension between the two countries. The Guangzhou Municipal...

BEIJING (AP) — China has sentenced a Canadian citizen to death on charges of manufacturing the drug ketamine amid heightened tension between the two countries.The Guangzhou Municipal Intermediate Court announced Xu Weihong’s penalty on Thursday and said an alleged accomplice, Wen Guanxiong, had been given a life sentence.

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Death sentences are automatically referred to China’s highest court for review.The brief court statement gave no details but local media in the southern Chinese city at the heart of the country’s manufacturing industry said Xu and Wen had gathered ingredients and tools and began making ketamine in October 2016, then stored the final product in Xu’s home in Guangzhou’s Haizhu district.

ADVERTISEMENTPolice later confiscated more than 120 kilograms (266 pounds) of the drug from Xu’s home and another address, the reports said. Ketamine is a powerful pain killer that has become popular among club goers in China and elsewhere.Relations between China and Canada have been soured over the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, an executive and the daughter of the founder of Chinese tech giant Huawei, at Vancouver’s airport in late 2018. The U.S. wants her extradited to face fraud charges over the company’s dealings with Iran. Her arrest infuriated Beijing, which sees her case as a political move designed to prevent China’s rise as a global technology power.

In apparent retaliation, China detained former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and Canadian entrepreneur Michael Spavor, accusing them of vague national security crimes. China also handed a death sentence to a convicted Canadian drug smuggler in a sudden retrial and has placed restrictions on various Canadian exports to China, including canola seed oil.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said there was no connection between Xu’s sentencing and current China-Canada relations.“I would like to stress that China’s judicial authorities handle the relevant case independently in strict accordance with Chinese law and legal procedures,” Wang said at a daily briefing Thursday. “This case should not inflict any impact on China-Canada relations.”

Like many Asian nations, China deals out stiff penalties for manufacturing and selling illegal drugs, including the death penalty. In December 2009, Pakistani-British businessman Akmal Shaikh was executed after being convicted of smuggling heroin, despite allegations he was mentally disturbed.

“Death sentences for drug-related crimes that are extremely dangerous will help deter and prevent such crimes,” Wang said. “China’s judicial authorities handle cases involving criminals of different nationalities in accordance with law.” Read more: The Associated Press »

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I guess maybe now the nba will respond to the Chinese government, not!! China 😠😠😠 Whoever does this in China will be sentenced to death. This is JustinTrudeau s swan song. Sounds like the good Christian nation some Qidiot told me America needed to become. This is rich! In the meantime, China continues to flood the world with deadly fentanyl. The entire world needs to decouple from China. Regime change in China should be a global effort.

CCP sounds like ISIS ...... No more no less ?!? Canada started this, by being a US slave and arresting Meng Wanzhou, idiots So many CCP are abroad with investment people. Why not treat them the same way they treat others? janisfrayer sanverde A rogue state is raising stakes higher and higher in the gamble to bring back Princess Men of Huawei DESPERATELY! ⚠️

Drug trafficking punishment is death in China whatever you are foreigner or Chinese.. They are extremely sensitive about drugs after what the British did to them with opium... ErykBagshaw Dont know the true story. But if true then he deserves everything he gets. 1 why go to China. 2 why play the drug game. CHINA IS THE MOST IMPORTANT COUNTRY TO STAY AWAY FROM.

The British pumped opium into the country once upon a time ago Catch me, you will not bodhibrian he's not CanadianCanadian they manner it works 😉 This is just TheChineseGovt playing politics with peoples lives. NoHonor I understand most do it. But it’s just sad. ChinaHasNoHonor If you do the crime you better be willing to do the time

stupid media, Not because of intense situation But The man who made drugs vilolated the law of china, Durg manufacturing would be sentenced to death no matter who including chinese or canadian it’s a veterenarian drug. wtf? If it's proven that this person is 100% guilty, this is a good thing. Rare to say about China.

no matter where are you from , drug trafficking is always death penalty in China They still aren’t getting the Hauwei VP back. She has a court date in America. Dont they 'allow' illicit production of ketamine and other drugs to be exported abroad through the dark web, along with precursor chemicals like pseudoephedrine? Yet they're going to fry this Canadian..

You should obey the laws of the country you are in, selling and manufacturing drugs in China is a capital crime, if you don't agree with this law, yes, please go back to your country and sell the drugs to your compatriot. I didn't know it was possible to have tension with Canada CCP China, horrible!! It’s been a thing.

In Oct 2016, Xu Weihong bought raw materials & tools for drug making,& made ketamine in the villa of another accomplice Wen Guanxiong,& stored it in Xu Weihong's residence in Guangzhou. Police officers seized 120.56 kilograms of ketamine at the above-mentioned residence & villa. russian_market I've done Ket a couple nights in a row at a festival a decade ago. Was a blast and mind-freeing. Being with a gorgeous girl at the time and my buddy for the weekend was fun. I haven't done it again since but this is straight politcal bs here. Don't they ship in Fentanyl? gtfo

I think Meng Wanzhou might need a China-style retrial with an assured death penalty conviction. Whether you agree or disagree, If you want to produce and distribute an illegal drug in China then you must accept their known laws and punishments. The man has been producing the drug since 2016 and had 266 pounds of the drug at his arrest.

Liberals mad Trump wants to ban TikTok now? Lol Wow! China don’t play when it comes to drugs. Do the crime do the time 🤷🏼‍♂️ It's time to sentence China to a 1k year nuclear winter. russian_market Is this a Rubicon? Xi is always escalating foreign relationships to boiling points forgetting having millions of Chinese spread out all over the world doing terrible stuff in their host nations.

This type of sentence is standard for supplying that amount of narcotics. No need to bring international politics into this. Meanwhile they are the largest supplier of fentanyl which has killed thousands of americans If you want to make drugs, you go to Canada. In China, you want to die😤 Meanwhile, China is the number one financier of methamphetamine in the world, backing and money laundering for ex-warlord types and terrorists in countries like Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines in order to continue to destabilize the governments of East and Southeast Asia.

I think Canada should do likewise to a Chinese prisoner in its captivity. Canada must not take this lying down. Don't here exposing your Western brainwashing. China been sentencing all drug traffickers and accomplices to death in the past 30 years Ban Chinese imports. Ban flights to and from China. Do it cAnada

A...wha... A Canadian....? Are you POSITIVE it wasn't an american...? What kill someone for a drugs charge? that's disgusting. China is really evil Ketamine is a safe drug.

China accuses US of 'outright bullying' over TikTok China accused the United States on Tuesday of "bullying" over popular video app TikTok, after President Donald Trump ramped up pressure for its US operations to be sold to an American company. In the latest diplomatic spat between the world&39;s two biggest economies, Beijing hit back after And yet Yahoo portrays TickTock as a non-threatening in a T to your security in your home and even your business, who do you think Yahoo! News is in favor of China or America hahahaha...ah China you always do this. Someone's bullying China guys, let's....oh I can't do it, too damn funny who cares

Google pulls 2,500 China-linked YouTube channels over disinformationGoogle says it has deleted more than 2,500 YouTube channels tied to China as part of its effort to weed out disinformation on the videosharing platform. About time the China catering ISP pulled it's head out of it's ass.

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How the U.S. Ceded Control of Drug Supplies to ChinaAcetaminophen, antibiotics and high blood pressure medicines are among a slew of pharmaceutical ingredients made predominantly by China . Disruptions and high demand during the pandemic have reinforced concerns about the dependence. The US did not cede control Corporations trying to suck up every penny for profits and bonuses sent manufacturing elsewhere Virologue Dr. Yan : L'hydroxychloroquine est le médicament le plus pratique et efficace pour sauver des vies. Les dirigeant du PCC en prennent. Pourquoi y a-t-il autant d'obstacles pour empêcher son utilisation ?

Trump Call for Cut of TikTok Deal Reignites Anger in ChinaPresident Trump’s suggestion that the U.S. government take a cut from the forced sale of the viral Chinese app TikTok sparked a new round of anger and reflection in China , as TikTok’s founder warned employees about “rising anti-Chinese sentiment.” BanTikTok Google Facebook instagram Twitter are banned in China US must reciprocate: Ban ChineseApps BanChineseProducts realDonaldTrump SecPompeo StateDept USTradeRep DeptofDefense EsperDoD marcorubio SenRickScott SenTomCotton PeterNavarro45 NikkiHaley Non - agricultural at present, the opportunity to fry gold! Chinese are immoral and unethical people! They lie and steal. They have no conscience! Absolutely disregard for IP. Everything is fair game. They will steal their way out. They are the worst form of human life, if I can call them humans! realDonaldTrump SecPompeo NikkiHaley

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