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Canada's Trudeau: Iran plane crash victims would be alive had there been no tension in region

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Monday that the victims of the Uk...


Canada 's Trudeau : Iran plane crash victims would be alive had there been no tension in region

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Monday that the victims of the Uk...

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Monday that the victims of the Ukrainian airliner shot down in Iran would still be alive if there had been no tensions in the region, according to a transcript of an interview with Global News TV.

“I think if there were no tensions, if there was no escalation recently in the region, those Canadians would be right now home with their families,” Trudeau said in the interview.

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Theres always been tension in the middle east, and Iran has always been a major factor in keeping that tension high. More proof that Canadians no longer have much value. They support hateful scum like this... Adam Schiff: Trump said on Fox that the intelligence showed Iran plotting against four of our embassies. As a member of the Gang of 8, that was news to me. Now, Esper says this was not intelligence, only Trump’s personal belief. That’s no basis to take us to brink of war.

There’s always been tension. But, the tensions was increased these days, and the high tension is one of the triggers of crash. Had there been no tension in Iran !!! Oooooo yes , so we all seeing the results of a senseless and emotional and ice cream eating Trump's single word of a useless man occupying the most deadliest office of the human race ...

And that's Trumps fault. That beard. Has he converted? Mr. PM JustinTrudeau DO NOT REPEAT MULLAHS' REGIME EXCUSE, tensions were created by Qaseem Soleimani when tens of thousands innocents got killed & millions were forced to leave their homeland, 1,500 protestors were killed in November alone DID U POINT YOUR FINGER THEN cndpoli

Yes blame Trump instead of deterring a terror regime. Canada is as soft as it’s people. Wonder what he would have said if there was suicide bomber onboard? Suicide bomber would not have blown himself up had there been no tension in the region? I guess that the long and roundabout way of saying, 'had there been no Israel'. Therein lies the source of most of the tension in the region. Sure there would remain the old Sunni/Shia problems but those are largely local and could have been managed.

Iran signals Canada could play active role in probe of downed plane, official says Iran has signaled that Canada 's Transportation Safety Board (TSB) would pla... Probing what? They cleaned up the site before the last ember blinked out. Im surprised they didnt pave over it and built a parking lot Now that they've cleaned up the site everybody's welcome When did Jamie Lee Curtis become a Canadian Official?

This guy must have maple syrup between the ears!!! Si l'avion n'avait pas décollé, il n'y aurait pas de victimes... c'est la faute du pilote ! Had there been a sentient being in the WH So, if the Middle East wasn't the Middle East this would have never happened. Reasonable I guess. Cowardice... What he meant to say was there would be no tension in the region of Amarco didn’t have an IPO.

He's right. If Iran had not been behaving like buffoons there would not have been any tension or people attacking our Embassy with one of their Generals in charge of the group and no need to react but that isn't how it happened and a second Benghazi isn't acceptable. What a piece of **** if no assassination , no one would be dead , and that plane would still be flying

Blame anyone and anything other than the perpetrator when you are a liberal.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Spend Time in Canada and U.K. During 'Period of Transition'Queen Elizabeth released a statement after the royal family summit in Sandringham came to an end on Monday Freedom!!! If I were aBritish taxpayer, I would be furious. No duties in England, no money from it’s taxpayers. Diana’s death really messed Harry up. It’s been hard for him to cope with. Year’s ago it was self destructive behavior and now he has a family he is afraid of losing. PTSD. 🇬🇧citizens haven’t helped either. They bullied her out of there. Shameful.

Justin’s new Moslem beardie-thing look... 🙄 Standing with the Mullahs against Trump. Does anyone take this entitled swap puppet seriously? Everyone needs to send Trudeau a tube of vagisil. An idiot!!!! Just before his death Soleimani told Justin Trudeau he wouldn’t be an effective mouth piece for the Iranian regime without a beard.

Tension didn't kill those people incompetence did. Some idiot shot down a plane that took off from their own airport. Even the mullahs apparently agree since arrests were announced. Trudeau is an idiot. And Trudeau wouldn't of been Prime Minister if he didn't have that last name.... That’s such BS. When hasn’t there not been tensions? Iran is the sole responsible party.

Ffs Exactly.

Queen agrees to let Harry, Meghan move part-time to CanadaSANDRINGHAM, England (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II agreed Monday to grant Prince Harry and and his wife Meghan their wish for a more independent life, allowing them to move part-time to Canada while... Sorry Canada! Tough day. 'If it pleases the crown, we would like to move out seeing as we are grown, married, and be free to do things on our own like adults.' I don’t think she had a choice in the matter. 😑

If Iran didn't have missles they couldn't shoot down innocent civilians. No knowledge about region. So which decade was there no tension in the region? I bet they'd still be alive if the Iranians let this plane go like they let all the other flights leave without shooting them down. Does this guy think before speaking? Wouldnt it be fair to suggest that with Iran being behind the US embassy attack in Iraq that Iran actually started all this? And if they hadnt been firing missiles into the US base that this is the cause of this tragedy

Is this his explanation to the families. Great leader!!! michaelfarleyza What a genius! I bow to his infinite sagacity.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 There’s always tension in the region. Do you not watch the news ever? Tension in that region didn't start with this administration. You just have to love stupid, it's the most entertaining thing humans do.

Plane crash eh Guess the rocket played no part .... What a shit

Confirmed: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Moving to CanadaAfter days of speculation, the Queen has confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be moving to Canada . Here's what you need to know.

It’s the Americans fault plain and simple. Those Canadians would be alive today if it weren’t for those two guys from Dayton meddling around with things they had no business meddling with. Many rape victims would have been alive if they hadnt fought back. Smart Trudeau smart! There’s tension around the world! Does that mean Airplanes just keep falling from skies every where? UkrainePlaneCrash

Iran plane crash victims would be alive if Iran knew how to shoot Russian weapons. Iran plane crash victims would be alive if Iran didn’t terrorize Americans...I could do this all day. Blame everyone except the people responsible for pulling the trigger...trudeuembarrassing.. Says the little boy toy, who is nothing but a caricature.

In other news, there’d be more descendants of the Angles and Jutes if it weren’t for the Battle of Hastings... You get more credibility when you say things like this when you’re in a turban and brown face. True! What a genius I mean, there's been tension in the region since the beginning of time, like most places on the earth. So, there's that.

Prince Harry Used a Fake Accent to Disguise His Identity in Canada, ApparentlyHarry's fake Canadian accent is pretty terrible, according to a local shopkeeper. AND 🤔

When was there no tension in the region? Like the dawn of recorded history? Canada has no national character or courage. In every great thing the West has done, Canada’s participation wasn’t necessary to the outcome. Canada has a lot of reflexive anti-Americanism borne of envy. Justin Trudeau is a hypocrite & a disgrace. He’s betraying the 🇮🇷 protesters.

Duh... but Coalition forces did not attack Iran so why shoot an airliner on a scheduled flight to Iran? Trudeau is an ass not to say the country messed up and killed bystanders for not reason. Wrong. They'd be alive if there were 3 or more working brain cells in Iran. Ridiculous, if the plane hadn't taken off, planes had been warned.

They would also be alive if no planes were ever invented.....where do you draw the line? Your giving me a tension headache!! Please step down and do the country a favour!! What country would allow a civilian airline to take off during such an uncertaint time frame? Only one with no regard for civilians, their own or others. And Iran proves this daily.

If they could only tell the difference between a missile and a flight plane? Wait yes there are instruments for that. And why the hell if the area was hot would you allow a plane to take off anyways? Pure incompetence on Iran part. Then they tried to bulldoze the area.

Canada province says sorry after training mistake sparks false nuclear alertThe Canadian province of Ontario on Sunday apologized for wrongly raising the al... Hello mate I have some pharmaceutical products and medicated weed available at affordable prices::+16098780187 Well, better safe than sorry, eh. It's Canada. 'Sorry' is an automatic part of the language.

Lily-livered for not putting the blame where it belongs, with Iran. Iranians fired the missile on someone's orders. The tension was due to Iran for its countless rocket attacks, for attacking the US embassy, for supporting terrorism via their general. Trudeau is lily-livered. Soft ass PM! No. They would be alive if the Iranians weren’t incompetent and a terror regime

BS. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻💩🤢🤢🤮🤮 Maybe the plane should have never left during tension MH17 Then there would be no Middle East. Another Rahul Gandhi of Canada. Dumb, blaming USA as a NATO member is unacceptable. Remember his coming to India on a friendly(?) visit with a Khalistani Turban-clad minister in tow. He was correctly ignored and insulted.

You are the one who helped Iran to increase the trade exchange between you until it reached 114%.

They would have been alive if Iran had suspended all flights in the region, didn't seek revenge at that time or a few days after the assisnation it is Irans fault. It's all down to their response. He is right. US is to be blamed for this tragedy. TraitorInChief Bell-end If my Aunt had 2, she would be my Uncle !

Change economy enslavement to crude oil & sheikhs handlers from WH. Then talk. The rest is pure hypocrisy & political farce. Canada what are you going to do Iranian people needs your help the Ayatollah regime has killed many people and killed your people too. Canada what are you going to do now If Eva didn’t... appletree

wish trudeau had bigger balls They would’ve also been alive if there wasn’t an extremist Islamist regime in Iran, or if they didn’t have the missiles or if their air defences were adequately trained. What a 🛎 end Get out from Middle East, whole region will be safe..

This clearly the elephant in the room. Doesn't matter if you hate immigrants or love trees, the reality remains, the US president is fully responsible. A few years ago Iran was almost ready to join international community. Today? Las víctimas del avión estuvieran vivas ,si tuvieras los huevos q tiene Donald Trump y te dejarás de mariconadas ,nevando la realidad del peligro del islamismo!!!!

Trump triggered this. Wow, he's got nuts this time. True Way to defend your murdered nationals. What an incredible leader. Lame. Weak. Urgh. You’d need to go to the beginning of time for their to be no animosity in the region. Is he aware there has been tensions in the area since Islam was created. teddyboylocsin

Bravo! Well said! Finally some sense, man!

The corrupt and inept Iranian regime killed the passengers. That's who did it. They also kill thousands and thousands of people daily and threaten Israel, Europe and ultimately Americans too. Blame the culprits. “Had there been no tensions in the region...” Narrator: The Sunnis and Shias had been at each other’s throats for over a millennium.

Been tensions in that area since before he was a twinkle in his daddy’s eye JustinTrudeau the type of guy to blame a woman wearing a bikini for being raped and not the monster who did it. He means: should realDonaldTrump not have made stupid moves then the Iranians would not have had a reason to shoot down the plane.

Come on, Justin. Call a spade a spade. If Trump wasn't a mongrel, that airplane wouldn't have been shot down. We NEED to get rid of this menace! Trudeau is a scandal...if Obama had not made shit in ukraine malaysian ariline will fly. the selective memory of this little guy makes me just sad for canadian. Ontario free.

It must be hard to have so little intelligence As a result, the agenda has changed. What a stupid remark—they don’t teach history in Canada, I guess —

Yes and tention was created by terrorist US. Canada has higher CO2 emissions per capita than the US. It's time Trudeau dropped his holier than though posturing and literally start to clean up his own back yard. If it had not been a attack by the US Then Iran government will continue to bomb all civilian planes that comes near their terrains carelessly because there is tension in the area

And that is true. Wow, what a statement! Late night statement with buzz DJT escalated the tension. Excuses from a toothless leader. But the world would continue to be under tension, maybe not felt by you, the longer the expansionist regime in Iran is left unchecked.

TrudeauMustGo Great Detriment to Canada. Well said. But who triggered the tension. The whole world know No shame liar! Iran plane crash victims would be alive had there been no Trump presidency and no US militarism they would have been alive had they not visited the terrorist regime, they would be alive had not the iranian revolution happened. they would be alive had the Write brothers not invented the plane

The Middle East has been in tension since 2003 .. Agreed Come on? Really (!) how did you ... The claim that the AA battery was firing at an UAV or a missile may be stretching the truth some. Is the IRGC claiming the right to shoot first and ask questions later? I express that same attitude toward others. Whenever stressed, I fart in public and blame other for creating a tense atmosphere. That said, I’d fart all over you PM for that racist pic leaked not long ago “stress alert”

Such a wimp Totally agreed Coward There’s always been tension in the region for decades arsehole Spoken like a true cuck. At what point has there ever NOT been tension in the region? Trump is main culprit of all innocent lives. teddyboylocsin Blame the US then What a shameful comment Being ignorants on how to use technology thinking a plane was rocket by the stupid iranians is the only obvious thing .. no one told them to shot the plane. They just did it and tried to claim it was a technical error !

Their has been tension in the area for over 30 years were have you been?

They'd also be alive if they weren't Visiting Iran in the first place... There has been tension in the Middle East the medieval age after the fall of Roman Empire. But there's always tension in the region. When is there no tension in the region? He has just turned himself into another spokesman for the Iran’ s Regime

Absolutely correct So who’s BLACK FACE” BLAMING⁉️ trump did it. A knack for stating the obvious. Trudeau reminds me of Brian's girlfriend on that episode of family guy IranPlaneCrash Then why is this clueless fool still funding terrorist groups that are making the Middle East unstable? TrudeauMustGo

DT's recklessness is unmatched. Is he attempting to tension with US? Lame excuse. The world would've been a better place had there been no humans. There is always tension in the region. He knows this, right? Lets be clear JustinTrudeau: the reason they died is entirely due to the oppressive, terror sponsoring Iranian regime - nobody else. Not “regional tensions”. While as a 🇨🇦 I am sad, the killing of Soleimani was absolutely necessary to end so much more bloodshed.

That's true. But americans really want that oil so they'll engage in a back-and-forth for it George Bush's invasion of Iraq caused a great loss to the U.S, Iraq and the entire world. It gave birth to ISIS whose remnants are in Africa. Trump's wisdom has caused severe pains to several families and countries. The U.S is now the problem.

What an absolutely ridiculous statement to say. He is no leader.

IATA icao must lay down strict guidelines for civil aircraft in war and conflict zones. Must be informed of any impending situation by protagonist parties. September 11th, 2001, America felt its vulnerability – even to threats that gather on the other side of the earth. We resolved then, and we are resolved today, to confront every threat, from any source, that could bring terror and suffering to America.”

Exactly.....Mr. Trump is responsible for that 'collateral damage.' And he had no back up or follow up plan....didn't think about the consequences, or the lives affected. They’d also be alive if there was no such thing as air travel. Yes, blame it on orangeface manbaby... If US hadn't been empire building it wouldn't have happened.

Are you tired of solving complicit mathematics? wretchardthecat From a country which would be ignored if it wasn’t for the US. Please be quiet. EXACTLY! POTUS makes bad bad decisions for the US and our allies. Period! In what time in history was there no tension in the Middle East?

What a buffoon! The plane crash wouldn't have happened if some Iranian idiot had just flipped the switch for its auto defense system to OFF, or if all commercial flights out of Tehran had been suspended. Trump didn't start the 'tense' situation in the middle East. The Bushes did. Do the people explaining this away as a “fog of war” accident believe the tensions somehow created a literal fog? The IRGC and the individuals in the airspace unit should be held responsible regardless of the extenuating circumstances

Yes, they were killed by accident, but all parties involved are still killing people on purpose every day in many countries, e.g. Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, He is another Pelosi Did he figure this out himself It all begin with.... You really don't need enemy having a prime minister like him. I am disappointed.

In Other Words... The Blood Is On Trumps Hands... Which We All KNOW!! Still Waiting On “Imminent” Info! SpeakerPelosi The earliest human records are documents of tension in that region.... but go ahead and orangemanbad .....

And had the Shah still been alive It all started by that serial lying crook in the WhiteHouse Don’t forget what Canada started with a tweet over human rights with Saudi Arabia that escalated into one of the biggest diplomatic rifts in years between the two nations. Talk about tensions...Wow A typical wimpass reply!

Right, right- tension in the Middle East that’s new. Plane crash victims would be alive had Iran closed the airport during what they presumed was going to be a retaliatory strike. This is not a first time that Trudeau expresses his poor judgement. Liberal just doing a favor to murderous Iranian regime. Sounds like Trudeau.

Spineless leader Trudeau Monday morning quarterback. Come on that’s like saying Canada has no garbage because you ship it to the Philippines.

Why would anyone fly at all during a military offensive action?. I don’t get it? You couldn’t get me on a plane during this conflict. Your an embarrassment!There has been tensions in these regions forever. The idiots in Iran should have grounded all aircraft until the following day. Morons! Then the incompetence of the soldiers responsible for firing on a plane filed with people.Come on Trudeau !

There has tension there for 40yrs!numscuale. And if I had two wheels I would be a bicycle No,no,no,no.With all due respect to the Canadian people this is a fault reasoning.The catastrophe happened due to no control system in air defense system,n in the Iranian regime as a whole. There we go! Shifting the blame from Iran by the world's childish PM. I can't believe how things around this issue are being death with by leftists. This way of justification is becoming a media industry disaster. FakeNewsMafia

Exactly: the responsibility is mainly on the dumb USA administration... Trump This coming from a guy that wore black face Had Schrump not tried to deflect from his impeachment and try to woo more Republicans. End-of-Story.

You know very well that there will always be tension in this area of the world. I hope your political conflict with Trump won't get into the fact that Iran killed 100+ innocent people including Canadians. His has lost his brain. Alright Castro Jr. Would the plane victims still be alive if the US had not invaded Iraq?

He's not wrong. Classic cuck response. The treasonous liberal talking point the last two days: 'Iran shot down the plane because they were on high alert because of Trump!' No. They were on high alert because they had just shot missiles at US bases and were worried the US would shoot back. That's correct. If the madman I mistakenly voted for had not in cold blood murdered a group of Iranians then this would not have happened. The blood like so much blood is on the hands of the USA and its perverted leadership. As usual for the last 80 years.

Hate to break it to him but there has even tension in the region since ... pre-Abraham. Wow! He's so insightful! Let me play too: 'Iran plane crash victims would be alive had Iran not fired a missile on a passenger aircraft.'

Where has this dip been for the past, oh, 3,000 years? Your Prime Minster of Canada is weak. Canada could not defeat Nova Scotia. Lol Aka Trumps fault 🇨🇦 He is best example of weak politican who sucks to evil because truth is to difficult to handle Breaking news: prime minister Trudeau confirms that no crash would have happened had there not been a plane.

Obviously ,Trudeau doesn’t have the guts to confront Iran. He s passing the blame. Oh, yeah. He won’t confront England either. You Canadiens are about to start paying for a Prince. Lol. Weak Prime Minister What I can't understand is why after Iran firing missiles at American bases why there not a 'no fly zone' in the area ? Why let a commercial flight take off in all the tension that was going on ? Something is not right.

Wow JustinTrudeau went full Vagina... what a wuss 1400 years of tension: Islam What a superficial analysis ,there was a war for 8 years between Iran and Iraq ( 1980-1988) but NEVER a plane was shot from either side. The present Iran regime is totally ignorant

War Kills. 👽 There was no tension in the skies over Iran, The tension on the night was that Iran were sending STS missiles into Iraq ... You know there was no tension in Iran as they were still letting aircrafts take off There's been tension in that area for 3,000 years. Not everything gets solved with diplomacy. Condolences for those who lost loved ones.

Never trust the french Think about it. Iran “accidentaly” shot down a passenger jet after they launched a series of missiles that “missed their target.” Image what they would miss or accidentally hit if they had nuclear weapons? Iran must not have nuclear weapons. IranAttacks 600 OF OUR AMERICAN TROOPS WOULD STILL BE ALIVE IF SOLEIMANI HAD BEEN TAKEN OUT YEARS AGO. AND THOUSANDS WOULD STILL HAVE THEIR LEGS, ARMS, etc. It's EASY for a BLACKFACE-WEARING COWARD FROM CANADA TO BLOVIATE WHEN THE U.S. KEEPS HIS COUNTRY SAFE TOO. WOW.

Let's pray our Canadian friends are never trapped inside an Embassy that has been set on FIRE, while the lunatics outside are waiting for them to BURN TO DEATH ! All done on the ORDERS of a MADMAN in IRAN ! Because Trudeau would just send a Card & Flowers asking them to stop ! Many people alive today will be alive tomorrow and in the years to come because trump had soulemani killed. Many people.

They made me hit you! When has there not been tension in the region?

Yes, this Intention in the region for 3000 years. Jimmy Carter is the one that escalated things with the United States Canada SUCKS Yeah, and the dog would've caught the rabbit, had he not stopped to take a shit. It’s time for this coward to resign. They'd be alive if iran said no commercial aircraft was allowed to fly while they scanned the skys for the USA response..... Or iran didn't shoot down the airliner more specifically...

That's an incredibly stupid, vile thing to say, but that aside..ask him to name the day there wasn't tension in that region and ask him how far back into time he'd like to travel pinning it all on the one who started it originally. Ugg seriously.. glad u will be taken down.with the fools in the deep state. They have it all. Tic tic

So don't you mean had some genius at that Airport suspended all flights for that night?!!!

And the Canadian Government position on traveling to Iran. Uh, don’t go. Iran shot G2A missiles within miles or its own airport. This isn’t leadership. This is sophistry. Sophistry and appeasement. Iran wouldn't be getting away with murder if we weren't all pretending it's casually acceptable to 'accidentally' down an airliner.

Ohhh hindsight you say? Thank you for these wise-wise words 🙄 Yep If frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their ass when they hop... the heck with the beard Trudeau should outlaw missiles in Iran. I have strong views on the legality or morality of killing a government official in a foreign land, but this balancing act is just unseemly. People who mess up should be taken to task, impartially. No ifs or buts here. The bereft families aren't interested in the politics.

Charge DT with war crime Justin Trudeau is a puppet snarwani You can bet on Chrystia Freeland to call him to order. No tension in the middle east.... Sounds reasonable to me. I am just thankful that Prime Minister Trudeau had the restraint to not retaliate and force innocent Americans to pay the price for our government's bloodlust. I would not blame him if he went to the UN to demand sanctions on us. I wouldn't want that but I couldn't blame him.

he said that... Waw! Tell that to the 1500 Iranians murdered a couple months ago by their government. No.... victims in Ukrainian plane shot down by Iranian missiles would still be alive had the pilot not taken off. There's always tension in that country. You shouldn't attack an embassy, oil fields American soldiers and on and on and on if you don't want tension.

Oh please! What a joke!! If nothing was done and he kept killing Americans, I guess that’s ok? I mean how stupid can you be? He must be a good friend of Iran and CCP.

It's like there is no history BT So has trudeau personally contacted Iranian leaders to discuss what happened ? There has been tension in the region since the beginning of time. Easy blackFaceTrudeau If U had any, u would do something.. Great observation That's right. Trump started this. Delicately put. Had to be dragged out of him almost but still, there it is.

How deep 🤦🏽‍♀️ UH OH, TRUDEAU MENTIONED AN OBVIOUS FACT Better focus on: -eyebrows -blackface -literally anything else

Exactly. Blame it all on trump. Canada is lost. Of course Trump caused this...there is no other conclusion to be reached. He needs to go. Love to JT. Trump is to blame! I would say, if there were an competent air minister, and force, to stop all take off and Landing . With the technology today, to shoot a comercial airline is unacceptable! No excuses

Trudeau needs to drop his nuts already and call it like it is: Don Trump is responsible for those 176 deaths. I wouldn't blame Trump or America, however this whole denial of any responsibility is not a good look. 霉国佬就是世界级的搅死棍 Buffoon The beard is no good.

Translation: 'That plane would have landed safely had the American President not used a murder to cover up his impeachment trial! '... Too easy. No shit Sherlock but is it our fault? What a wuss! Good point. They were arguing over the meaning of Justin's new beard. No, the plane crash victims would be alive if Iran would not have shot the plane down.

Funny - in Iran if you are gay, they will murder you or throw you off a building. This is what Nancy, Canada and the Democrats support. Uh yeah the Middle East would be a wonderful paradise where you could kick back and enjoy a lunch of dates and figs, without a care in the world, if it weren't for the 1,000,000 terrorists.

Trump is catastrophy !!!

Pathetic Iran's amazing military shoots down a passenger plane after take off and it's someone else's fault...... And they would've been alive if the Republican Guard had any intelligence or Iran should've grounded commercial flights, as they knew they would be firing off ballistic missiles just hours before...

Agree He is so astute. Sarcasm True that! Hey bro there's been tension in the region for thousands of years What an absolute coward. '... if there was no escalation recently in the region, those Canadians would be right now home with their families,” - Right, had Iran not murdered an American and tried to burn our embassy down those Canadians would be alive.

Unfortunately, Justin, in the real world there are bad people doing evil things that must be stopped. When bad people do evil things we don't blame their evil doings on the ones working to stop them. Some day when you grow up you'll understand that.

Be a man and said if the American imbecile in chief and his puppets haven't started. Prime Minister Zoolander gives Iran a free pass over killing his citizens. hey Trudeau, how many Canadian terrorists were among killed ? How come he didn't know that there's been tension in the Middle East for thousands of years especially since the State of Israel was formed after WWII?

Feel like I need to loan that guy my nads. tousands of refugees would be at their home, if the leaders of developed countries did not support the dictators clandestinely in the undeveloped countries.. Oh, Canada Iran SHOT DOWN a commercial plane period 🤦🏻‍♀️ What a wimp

Trudeau proves everyday why Saudi cut relation with Canada They'd also be alive had someone sanely mentioned that maybe while Iran lobs missiles at another country ... MAYBE they should cease all commercial air travel. 1500+ would have not been killed if the world leaders would have not supported a morderous regime

What? Sir, you are Canadian. had there been no racism there would be no blackface. JustinTrudeau Plane crash? And duh Huh, tension in a region causes bad things to happen. Junior has turned into quite the intellectual since puberty struck and he sprouted that beard. We should be into Orange Man Bad territory before his next shave.

No imminent threat from QassemSoleimani. Imminent threat was from trump for going berserk. UkranianPlaneCrash was the victim of trump’s disastrous escalation. American Defense Secretary, Secretary of State, Military advisers and trump all lied. He's right but no doubt they'll crawl out from under their rock to point out where he's gone wrong.

I hope the international community demand an investigation into the necessity of realDonaldTrump assassinating Soleimani. I am NOT defending terrorists, I am defending democracy.

...for fourty years. Thought I would post this cute gif of a dog and cat Progress in the region was always going to be bloody. It was the totally incompetent Iranian government that shot the plane down, not Trump. At this point our best bet is to make sure that those people didn't die on vain. That means holding Iran accountable for its actions

Makes complete sense. The US is responsible for Iran's inability to run air defense and air traffic control systems because, I don't know, tension? Get a massage. This headline sucks. It was made very clear that he was talking about the recent assassination an escalation. And he also mentioned how he was disappointed not the United States of America acted alone and unilaterally. When have I seen this before

Dam it what the hell are going to do to this crack pot president,you have let our military get so lacs.we can’t kick our way out of a wet paper sack for friggen sakes Scumbag Why is this so hard? The passengers would be alive if the Iranians didn’t shoot them down. JustinTrudeau great!! pick up the phone and tell that to your next door neighbor!! 🤡🤡

There never been a time with “no tension” in that area.

And the 23 people trampled to death at the Solelani funeral would have been alive if the regime had not forced them to go to the funeral. Translation: the world is so scary I do not want to see it and I am afraid to do anything, may I go now? I have new indian dress to try on, it is so colorful and nice to touch, you will see

Trudeau doesn’t care that Iranians killed Americans. Wow I’m shocked Iran plane crash victims would be alive had there been no Ayatollah. Time to go to The Hague and file charges of involuntary manslaughter Sanction Canada for his comments. He and Canadians are anti-American. There would have been no tension on earth if columbus didn't have make this mistake.

You do realize this is the middle east we are talking about right Justin? He doesn't deserve that facial hair.

Take care of your own company u keep ur nose out of ours Then you and NATO should have stopped Iran propagating terrorists a long time ago It was a horrible thing that happened. The tension could lead to a change in the Iranian government and hopefully a democratic state where people are free and economic sanctions are lifted.

Trudeau speaks as if he was Iranian PM not as Canadian Absolutely true. Trump aggravated the entire situation. Iran wants nothing more than the destruction of Israel. A large majority of the middle east is volatile. Literally the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm also willing to bet that the iranian forces manning the missle batteries are not as trained as they should be...

Iran plane crash victims would be alive if there was no Ayattolah. Yeah, they'd still be alive if Obama or Bush had killed Soleimani, or Bush hadn't invaded Iraq, or the earth had been hit by an asteroid. What a dick. Yeah, exactly as I expected. Weak.

trump started it, c'mon, you can say it Well he can crap in one hand, and wish in the other, and see which one fills up first Very true There’s always been tension in the region There will never not be tension in this region. How about we just don't shoot down commercial airliners What a meaningless comment by Trudeau. When has there NOT been tension in the Middle East?

I like his evil Spock So why does Iran and Qatar keep supporting terrorists? No lies told here.

What a Marxist punk. So why does Trudeaus brother make propaganda films for the Iranian Regime? Because Trudeau and Iran are ideological allies. when.has there not been middle east tension? 🙄 By “tension,” he means “Iranian Terrorism, courtesy of that butcher Soleimani.” Poor Justin Trudeau has as much trouble with words as he does with Blackface.

BS. This is a coverup . This is exactly why Trump is a true leader because he deals with the situation and Justin will ignore all the terrorists they harbour until it becomes our problem and then we have a big problem! True. is trudeau a canandian or chinese? People die regardless but when the US gets involved in foreign affairs it has no business getting involved in then more people die

So, You're blaming the U.S.?

He aware what region this is correct? This is what happens when people in government stop pursuing justice and start pursuing vengeance. Oh, they'll have all the justifications in the world but escalations in violence are almost always the end result. He's right. IMO, djt is the one with blood on his hands - he caused all of this mess.

Thought he was wearing a turban at first Translation: the victims of the plane crash would still be alive if Donald Trump didn’t escalate things without evidence of an imminent attack

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