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Canada, Ontario

Canada police: Ontario Muslim family killed in anti-Islam hate crime

Muslim family of five who were struck by a vehicle, killing four of them, were targeted in an anti-Islamic hate crime, Canadian police say

6/7/2021 11:51:00 PM

Muslim family of five who were struck by a vehicle, killing four of them, were targeted in an anti-Islamic hate crime, Canadian police say

A man driving a pick-up truck slams into and kills four members of a Muslim family in the south of Ontario province, in what police say was an attack 'motivated by hate.'

Fast NewsA man driving a pick-up truck slams into and kills four members of a Muslim family in the south of Ontario province, in what police say was an attack"motivated by hate."Four members of the Canadian Muslim family were killed on Sunday when a pickup truck jumped the curb and ran them over in London, Ontario province, officials say. (Twitter/ @Pacinthe)

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Four people killed after a car jumped the curb and ran into them were deliberately targeted in an anti-Islamic hate crime, Canadian police has said."It was pre-planned and premeditated and that's why first degree murder charges were laid," London Detective Superintendent Paul Waight told reporters on Monday.

"There is evidence that this was ... motivated by hate. It is believed that these victims were targeted because they were Muslim," Waight said.Waight said police in London, about 200 km southwest of Toronto, were liaising with the Royal Mounted Canadian Police on potentially filing terrorism charges.

Canada is not a liberal, multicultural haven just because we have healthcare, gun laws & brown people in government.Canada is built on hatred - the recently unearthed 215 bodies of indigenous children and last night's hate crime killing a Muslim family are testament to that.

— Sana Saeed (@SanaSaeed)June 7, 2021A Canadian man Nathaniel Veltman has been arrested.The 20-year-old suspect was arrested at a mall seven kilometres from the intersection crosswalk in London, Ontario where it happened, and has been charged with four counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. 

A Muslim family out on a peaceful walk together were targeted because they were Muslims & intentionally plowed into by a vehicle in London, Ontario CanadaThe only survivor of this attack is the little boy on left. He is in the hospital in critical condition.

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anwarkhan3737 کل انگلینڈ میں بھی ایک پاکستانی کو بیدردی کیساتھ قتل کیا گیا ہے This is sad for canada. I always feel proud of canada.2017 in the mosque, Quebec big tragedy. Same year after Quebec Hamilton Ibrahim mosque fired. 24 years ago I came in canada. It was my dream country. Now no safe for us. I believe our faithis strong.

imagine if a muslim committed a similar crime Very very sad... Islam sentiasa BENAR, dunia dan akhirat 😩😩😩😩😩😩 AntiIslam hate is spreading in the world. Why doesn't any western country call this a terrorist attack? Were they struck by a random vehicle or was someone driving it? Is it so difficult to say that they were murdered by a domestic islamophobic terrorist?

Innocent people murdered. Where is CNN? HarrisRichard77

Police K-9 killed, 2 officers injured after suspect's ambushA police K9 was killed and two officers were injured during a firefight with a suspect after a 911 call was made about a domestic dispute Friday afternoon in Braintree, Massachusetts. this is terrible news 😢 💔😢

HarrisRichard77 This is not Islamophobia. This is AntiMuslimism. This is criminal. Lets stop depicting it as a mental disorder by calling it Islamophobia. This is AntiMuslim. Islamophobia is all over the place. Thanks to msm MaddyWithKhan Hate Crime is an act of Terrorism. Islamiphobia is a fact in the west. And they have no one blame but their media for this.

May Allah bless them His last name is Viltman, isn't he Jewish? makes sense that he did what he did in the light of what is going on in Palestine. Horrible hate crime. szs___7 Lets keep the record straight n not call it a HATE CRIME Its sheer terrorism Muslim aren't terrorists, actually Kristen are terrorist.

I hope this hate crime help the canadian society and world to see the dark face of terrorism. And again I hope this help to the world to research what is islam Pareesa01_ Hey world, Look out of the walls of your prejudice. Learn the truth. Don't be the victim of malicious propaganda. You will be amazed by the truth. MuslimLivesMatter Islamophobia Canada FreePalestine

De__gaulle Shocking and sad indeed..

Deaths as gunmen attack town in southwest NigeriaAt least 11 people are killed after unknown gunmen attacked a town in Nigeria's southwestern state of Oyo They are fulani Herdsmen terrorist not unknown Gunmen please

This is the sort of monster western media and governments have created. How proud they must be! Dear Canada, after those hate crimes either the indigenous kids or the truck incident I will say only one thing to you : Celine Dion and that Justin Biebers Not hate but white terrorism or christian terrorists

One orphaned child and an old man left with no support. Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilaihi raaji'un. May the terrorist be punished for what he did . Respect the wishes of the family and don’t share their pictures. Oh my God. This is sooo sad and despicable. People have sooo much hate. They hate to a point of killing. Sad, sad sad.

Very sad...i'm shocked..😢 KhurramDehwar This is a private family photo. It should not have been used. The family does not want the faces of the dead and the kid to be shared. Not new Muslim's are paying for being muslim and following Islam since islam begin. We know Taif incident when Prophet faces Islamophobic atrocities.

6 killed, including 4 kids, in wrong-way crash on Kentucky highwayA driver heading the wrong way on Interstate 75 struck a vehicle carrying five people, killing all six, Kentucky police said. damn :( SE TEN ICE FAT B

Terrible- feel very sorry for this family It's a terrorist act. This was another terror attack targeting Muslims. terrorism Islamophobia stopmuslimhate Such a beautiful family, unacceptable 😢 It should also be branded as terrorist attack It's terrorist attack on Muslim StopIslamophobia stopterrorismagainstmuslims stopterroritonmuslims

😓😥😓 how did he know they were Muslim and not dressed like (Southeast) Indian ? did he see them leave mosque? so many questions لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله I thought Canada 🇨🇦 was the safest country on Earth 🤷‍♂️and had no issues with diversity

22 Tweets About The Truly Wild Ride That Is 'Cruella'Twitter had a lot to say after learning why Cruella hates Dalmatians... Dalmatians killed her mom Saved you a click barbspatino 😂😂😂 These people missed a lot of plot points in the movie. 1. Cruella never shows hatred towards dogs in the movie. 2. The dogs didn’t kill her mother.

May allah have mercy on them Let's call it what it is. A terrorist attack against Muslims. yet the mainstream media is so biased to cover such news and call the spade a spade! This won't even make a headline on most news outlets. But indeed your Lord never forgets. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun. cnnbrk CNN TheLeadCNN cnni - so this is not newsworthy?

Canada was never like that. It has the best migrant minds comprising of doctors and engineers unlike UK. White Chiristian terrorists are taking over the west and Europe now. Lets use this chart for guidance ........... Искренние соболезнования родственникам и друзьям убитых мусульман. Убийцы обязательно понесут наказание. Аминь. Вечный Аминь. 🙏✨☀️☝️

😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 All these newschannels spreading hatred and false narrative are equally responsible for their death. This will happen as long as people like TarekFatah spread his venomous hatred against Muslims. jack TwitterSupport please banned this individual from social media, this is no place for him to be active on Twitter

Hate crime ..? Or terrorism Red Indians Aborigines Black Slaves Asians Africans Latin South East Europeans Arabs South Americans Jews, all have experienced the real side of democracy: Feudalism Medieval Renaissance derived from Ancient Greeks Romans. Nothing has changed last 4000 years.

There’s Nothing on TV Doing What We Are Lady Parts Is DoingA bold, funny series about Muslim punks goes where no sitcom has gone before. I love this show so much. So fresh.

It’s shocking and sad 😢 VisualReceipts This is terrible! Wtf Canadian terrorist murders Muslims... So sad JustinTrudeau CBCNews STOPHATE, STOPIslamoPhobia JustinTrudeau Muslim world need to rethink their support towards radical Islam. This victim playing will not help until Islamic give up their political & violent ideology. 🙂

World leaders should so pass a law to stop Islamophibia. Otherwise this type of target killing will continue. Ex-Muslims of North America ExmuslimsOrg must be proud that their activism to dehumanize Muslims by denigrating Islam 24*7, is bringing results now. It's irony that these cultures are the one they try to uphold in front of Muslims as ideal culture. Shame on you.


No mass protests after Honolulu police shoot, kill Black manLindsay Myeni and her South African husband moved to Hawaii, where she grew up, believing it would be safer to raise their two Black children here than in another U.S. state. Three months after they arrived, Honolulu police shot and killed her husband, 29-year-old Lindani Myeni, who was Black. “We never thought anything like this would ever happen there,” Lindsay Myeni, who is white, told The Associated Press in an interview from her husband's hometown, Empangeni in Kwazulu-Natal province. What the hell happened? Is defunding the answer? REFORM and RETRAINING. Not BLANKET CONDEMNATION. Hatred against blacks form part of white ethos and pity people are shot for flimsiest of reasons. Question is whether the victim was armed and did he threaten any police officer? This will further divide the two communities ,already divided beyond repair. Are protests expected after someone black is killed by police each time, no matter the circumstances and before an investigation is completed? 'He ignored commands to get on the ground and physically attacked officers, leaving one with a concussion, police said' If true...🤷‍♂️

Such a beautiful family. Unreal. May God have mercy on their souls! This is one reason I don't wear hijab in the U.S. & many mullahs say this is acceptable for safety reasons. It's sad that I or anyone else should feel this way. Sad, sad, story :/ the western media takes a big responsibility in what is happening against muslim all over Europe and America.

Only the 9-year-old boy survived. Very sadly. Islamophobia is getting more and more terrifying in Europe. 😭😭😔 Very sad and dark day for Canadians! Such a pretty family destroyed by Christian terrorists