Can You Go 8 For 8 On This French Fry Test?

Yum, but also hmmm.


Can You Go 8 For 8 On This French Fry Test?

Yum, but also hmmm.

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Would you like fries with that? No 8❤️

There’s No Elegant Way to Eat a Corn Dog: Here Are the Democratic Candidates at the Iowa State FairCampaigning in the form of pork chops, turkey legs, and deep-fried everything Next can we have 'WHO the presidential candidates ate'? Love the campaign food coverage. Yang’s order is Kasich-esque. They’re all for climate change but none are vegetarian.

Should You Spend a Lot of Money on a Nonstick Pan?Armed with the right frying pan, you can do a lot of things with relative ease No 👍 Sure is

Dole recalls baby spinach sold in 10 states over salmonella fearsA sample of the baby spinach products tested positive for salmonella during a random test. TODAYshow Why is lettuce more susceptible to salmonella than other foods? TODAYshow One of the best days of trumps presidency was the day he killed an entire forest to show us all the regulations he was getting rid of. I ❤️trump and the deregulation that allows me to play Russian roulette with a food item that used to be just so boring😂😎🤣 TODAYshow Will never forgive Dole for killing off Popeye!

French troops in Mali anti-jihadist campaign mired in mud and mistrustThe French soldiers seeking out jihadists in central Mali's savannahs were ... Yep mistrust all but the terrorists. Smh Neo-colonialism Stop and search by foreigners invaders and colonialists. This is racism of the highest level.

French ministers ask for investigation into Epstein’s activitiesTwo French government ministers ask for an investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's activities in France Good. Maybe a proper investigation can be done over there. Maybe. JefferyEpstein WilliamBarr bill clinton went to orgy island 15 times I hope there are tapes! Donny is going down if there are.

French child protection group urges Epstein investigationA French child protection group stepped up pressure on Tuesday for prosecutors t... They don't have to urge. Was already the plan. Epstein claimed in an interview last year to have dirt on powerful figures according to New York Times. Hopefully there is evidence in his apartment in Paris which I suppose is inaccessible to William Barr who has proved capable to tidy up evidence WTF has France got to do with Epstein?

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