Cooking Chef Kitchens Stylish Aprons Aprons

Cooking Chef Kitchens Stylish Aprons Aprons

Can You Cook Better In A Fancy $300 Apron?

High-end aprons are cute and all, but are they worth it?

1/24/2020 4:24:00 PM

High-end aprons are cute and all, but are they worth it?

High-end aprons from brands like BA Craftmade, Hedley & Bennett, Jones of Boerum Hill and Tilit are cute and all, but are they worth it?

For Sandy Davis, chef for New York’sRoxo Events, it’s all about the basics. “I’m perfectly happy with the white aprons that come from the linen supply company, especially because they’re washed by someone else, not me,” he told HuffPost. “Some of these custom-made aprons remind me of woodshop. Are you actually cooking a meal or building a birdhouse for your grandmother?”

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Davis likes the crisp, white look, which means that he goes through a lot of aprons in an average day. “This past Friday, I wore six different aprons during a 16-hour day, when I was working three huge catered parties. I guess either I’m obsessive about looking clean or I am one hell of a messy chef.”

For former Top Chef participant and Philadelphia-based chefEddie Konrad, a good apron must begin with function, but it’s nice when it can include fashion, too. “I prep in the same gear as the rest of the kitchen staff, but when it’s time for service, I switch to one of my own,” he told HuffPost.

His current favorite is an Italian denim with purple deer hide trim from Craftmade, but he said he also owns “at least 10 more” of Kate Meier’s aprons. “Having a well-maintained uniform is a symbol of professionalism and respect to the craft. For me, it’s important that I feel presentable if I go into the dining room to talk with customers.”

Konrad noted that aprons, while decorative, also are workwear: “Most of us spend way more time at work than at home, so it’s nice if an apron can give us the feeling of a comfy sweater,” he said.He also likes knowing the story behind the brand: “Kate, the BA Craftmade founder, is a mom who’s connected to the industry through her kids. I like supporting her and

. I even had her make an apron for my three-and-a-half-year-old son.”So Do You Need A $300 Apron?The chefs we talked with clearly have strong opinions about the type of apron they like to wear, but they’re also clear that it’s part of their uniform ― what they need to wear to work every day. For a home cook, the $300 apron is pretty much like any other piece of kitchen equipment. You don’t really need more than the basic model, but if you want to treat yourself to something that seems more like one the pros might be using, then feel free. We can’t promise that you’ll be a better cook, but you might be a better-

dressedone, and that can be fun, too. Read more: HuffPost »

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No. I can’t find my eye roll emoji! I say Mircowave, Bare Naked! Ah, NO. Because if an apron can make you cook better, then I have a hat to sell you that will make you smarter…🤪 can you at least try to post something interesting Lol. Its just an apron. And no, people don't cook any better in one. I would rather wrap a towel around my body than this bullshit.

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