Can Narcissism Ever Be Good?

Is narcissim different from self-love? What is healthy narcissism?


Why narcissism is in many ways the exact opposite of healthy self-love

Is narcissim different from self-love? What is healthy narcissism?

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Most of all of this rings true as the day it was thought for the first time. Unfortunately we live in the now and some parts may be up to interpretation still. All good shit though ☯ Yes...war fighters. Years back I read how Psychology is a popular major. It is interesting but do most become involved in THAT They become human resource managers and go into various jobs working with people. Hope they learned like I did..that those VARIOUS theories are there..use logic

I barely studied Psych. as 1st major when younger&eagerly chose Criminal Justice where my passion is. Psych. people&Sociologists come up with generalizations because of the USUAL ones they see.I studied how Sociologists stalked people to watch them for mo,s/study. Too many silly generalizations / stereotypes &these terms/generalizations should ONLY be used as a research GUIDE to UNIQUE individuals. Many Psychologists think people in 1 group fit it pretty much entirely.Narcissists surely LEAN towards self-centeredness etc. But self-hate?

Nice read What ever you think and my god is with me all the time and open with me

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