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Can Justin Trudeau’s Beard Overturn a Century of Politics?

Hairy wannabes are wondering if Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's beard is a sign that facial hair is making a comeback in politics


Hairy wannabes are wondering if Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 's beard is a sign that facial hair is making a comeback in politics

North America’s top politicians haven’t worn whiskers since before World War I. Hairy wannabes are wondering if the Canadian prime minister is blazing the way. It ‘gives him a lot of gravitas. It looks good.’

Hairy wannabes wonder if the Canadian prime minister is blazing the way. It ‘gives him a lot of gravitas.’ To beard or not to beard: that is the question for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Photo Illustration: WSJ; Photos: REUTERS; AFP/GETTY IMAGES Share Read more: The Wall Street Journal

WheresWarren That's some hard hitting journalism by the WSJ. Pulitzer Prize winning stuff. This is tabloid gossip, with all that's going on, this I what you decide is important enough to report on? Pathetic and disappointing Wall Street Journal. Hang your collective heads in shame, then fire the editor, and for good measure the writer.

Peak journalism. High performance Investigative Journalism? Beard can't cover his foolishness Will the WSJ go back to pretending to be a real newspaper anytime soon? No he's a imbicil.

Feeling chilly? Warm up with this creamy tomato soupThis easy creamy tomato soup rivals your favorite canned variety — without the added sugar and dairy. - NBCNewsBETTER BETTER Add crackers to thicken it up. BETTER I don't trust NBC, stop following me bro BETTER Umm... and as shown, with a toasted cheese sandwich...

Is this a joke? Do you expect women to grow a beard to seek high office? You bunch of chauvinists pretending to be “journalists”. How dare you! What are you doing?!?! We have more pressing PROBLEMS than his DAMN BEARD!!!! DO YOUR JOB!!!! Is this really the state of the media today? FFS A beard can make you look more attractive yes, but it doesn't raise your IQ.

This is a beard It’s a mask for his smugness & stupidity, nothing more. It’s just a beard. Pfft... and, those other PM never got involved in movember What a useless article. Trudeau grew a beard to be in sync with his Muslim brotherhood He converted

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Drivel You want to talk 'trailblazers' for seeking high office while having a beard? 😂😂 Trailblazer for the intellectually challenged. WTF? 😂😂🤣🤣 nothing will make PM Dressup a leader. Ace reporting, guys. Just ace reporting. Is this WSJ or GQ ? Gross

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Long as he keeps his eyebrows from falling in his soup The man is incompetent. Can you lend us this guy for a year or so to fix Canada. We are desperate. is this satire? Do you mean like Justin Trudeau's dad? No. There are plenty of great looking men with beards. He's not one of them. He needs to shave immediately.

Only if profoundly proven that beards contribute to the soundness of decisions A good double No one cares Before the sex change or after?

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what is this horseshit ... YES Journalism... Do Better. --humanity tia Imagine deciding this was a good story to print. Is this really a WSJ article? Canada dude is a follower. Not a leader. SenTedCruz Very important story..... He just wants to look older and more “mature” It must be a slow news day. 🙄 manwhohasitall 😜

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He could have played Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies. 'Let us now send a Peace envoy and see if we cannot resolve this, peaceably. War is a failure to negotiate peace.' - is that not the Canadian Way ? Don’t care 🤷‍♂️ Better that than black face! Same uselessness Seriously? That's the best you can do for an article?

This is news? I, personally, applaud the boldness with which Justin Trudeau has lifted himself up by his beardstraps to the highest ranks of government, inspiring a new age of potential leaders. 'If you have a beard and a dad who was also Prime Minister, you can be like me! No women tho lol.' Great journalism

Trudeau won (sorta) the election because east and west Canada were split; he did not win because he's well liked. I anticipate that there will be no more historically despised leader in Canada (beard or not) than Trudeau. Have the conservatives selected a new leader?

Justin Bieber Donates to Chinese Charity Amid Coronavirus SpreadAs the coronavirus continues to spread throughout China, justinbieber is doing what he can to support justinbieber That's divine love ❤️ justinbieber justinbieber please coronavirus kill justin🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

The beard would look better if it did not clearly highlight that he dyes his hair. No but Justin can be a trailblazer for selfie taking incompetent idiots seeking higher office How to we make this white guy a trailblazer...... Let's Throw a beard on him! The manipulation is daunting, they treat society like little children. Has half the country really gotten that far removed from reality

I don’t care for beards or tattoos. He was a goof without a beard and now he’s a goof with a beard! Nothing else! TrudeauBriberyTour2020 TrudeauMustGo Trudeau is just another follower posing as a trend-setter. TedCruz He's just plain FINE! Ask Melanie and Ivanka. I doubt it. Wtf is this ?

glad we're covering the important stories Instead of focusing on Trudeau’s adolescent facial hair, how about people’s thoughts on his underdeveloped brain! Exhibit A- why I dropped my subscription. Thank you for the confirmation God almighty. I pray this is a parody site. What ball less wanker write this?

Trudeau already cleared the path to high office, for those who have a long history of racist and dehumanizing black face. After that, being a 'trail-blazer' for bearded men, seems a little less of a hill to climb. It’s not a beard. Please don’t lump all of us bearded fellas in with him. Through extensive research & investigation the NABDA (North American Beard Defence Alliance) has determined Trudeau’s beard is actually just a skin reaction to shoe polish. NABDA

Nopes. Trudeau's beard isn't following anyone. Is that why ted Cruz is growing one I just thought it was a disguise

I don't worry about whether Trudeau has a beard or not. I want to see results instead of all this one-sidedness. Just like the Plantagenet's and the Tudors. ♀️ his beard is giving away his aged beauty 🤮 No he is not Who cares! how dumb can you people get! 😮 Who really is Justin Trudau? Who ever you want him to be. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Like this is the most thing that matters around a hypocrite! Like, there’s nothing else going on in the world?

This is not news WSJ? More deep, substantive analysis by WSJ. Possibly. He looks pretty attractive with the beard. I don't really like beards. His father Fidel would be proud I usually associate clean shaven men in suits with used car salesman. Black Beard Face He's still going to get snubbed at the next 'G' meeting.

Slow news day? Rather Lincolnish...I like. As opposed to the number of bearded Sikhs already in high roles in the Canadian govt or how about Manmohan Singh the former PM of India? Seriously WSJ, did you forget about him or are you showing your inner racist?

Journalism You’ve turn into trash WSJ WTF is this garbage? No. Nope. Trail already blazed. Lousy title. Lousier premise. When fake liberals fade, their facial hair starts growing in, a la Al Gore Is he still wearing Blackface? Must be a very slow news day. A BEARD LOOKS GOOD ON SOME MEN AND NOT ON OTHERS IF TRIMMED PROPERLY

Well his dad Fidel Castro did so he's just following in footsteps here..... Why, Canada? Why?

Considering the person himself, probably quite the opposite. tedcruz is gonna get him for copyright infringements No. He will be an object lesson for people to avoid. He could use a little color on his face. Yes Should I just retire then? stillabetamale Another fine piece of journalism right here. woke pizzaprincess28 דברים שאני לא כתבתי אבל בו זמנית כן

How many times you gonna post this thing lol

He is a beacon of hope to all Raccoons! Osama Bin jnr Ummm people have seen the facial hair of political past yeah? Such cutting edge financial journalisming, bravo. Another article with zero research...Canada is currently shut down thanks to blockades that Junior Blackface will do nothing about. He’s had numerous ethics violations over the years, investors have fled and the economy is tanking. But...the beard....

Imagine going to university doing a post-grad degree, getting a gig at WSJ only to end up writing puff pieces about Trudeau’s facial hair. 😬 Trudeau's beard just one of his stick on eyebrows Won't fix bad policies but does look better. Men need to look more manly. Very important question Cutting edge critical commentary here

What about this dude? lol Oh ffs This is stupid. Make fake eyebrows great again! Is this news? Slow news day, huh. Can you waste people’s time with a more trivial subject? Bearded no. Black faced yes. beardbrand

JustinTrudeau is handsome with or without a beard ! As long as we get a seat on the security council, the country continues to be a world leader, makes money, allows for a good life for who ever comes to our shores, he can do pretty much what he likes with face. Make blackface great again And for blackfaced men ?

No it just proves men with low T can still grow beards! Asking the real questions here, mate. Can the WSJ find a more Embarassingly inane story? Cutting edge news here. SenTedCruz has already made the man scruff mainstream. You are always so soft on him...that is very cute.

Trudeau vs. Evil Twin Trudeau Looking professional The beard would be more palatable if he was actually delivering on his promises He is a lightweight...flying all over the world trying to shake hands and get a seat on the UN Security council.Instead he should be a leader and get the rail lines open which is currently shutting down Canada. American Democrats, he is no Obama. POTUS Obama has a brain.

In news today. Man grows beard. Feminst are perplexed and trying to find deeper meaning and inference from it... Is this really what makes the news. PM Trudeau’s beard? Not the fact that Trump is, in your face, strong arming anyone that gets in his way to his dictatorship of the country. Fucking Main Street media.

If you can't change brains, take then a different hat. Will anyone notice? Journalism 🤦‍♂️ fidelsson It hides the blackface.

When you're so unpopular and ineffective, they lede with your beard Would you prefer his occasional black face? He went from left liberal cleanlook to islamofascist beard. God gave men facial hair for a useful purpose, but we men use and misuse it to hide our insecurity. To WSJ, may be God was nuts before WW1 and wised up since. Trudeau beard is fine and MANLY.

Trying to look like a man but we all know he’s a fruitcake Melania love it. While the WSJ is searching for deeper meaning, let me remind the readers that barely 30% of Canadians voted for him. He’s the only Can prime minister who violated our Ethics laws. Canada is in a potentially major crisis,he can’t direct the police to remove 10 ppl off train track

Ted Cruz's beard already did. He still pees sitting down, a beard is not going to change that. Why?

I mean this in the most respectful way possible. FAWK OFF!!! The next thing would mouth: “Chain reaction of Trudeau’s beard leads to loss of millions faced by shaving razor companies.” 🙄 Trudeau has become a Sikh. JustinTrudeau He is really good looking tho 😍 N n BM O Simulated masculinity people pay a subscription for this?

NHL beard Expect the Muslim conversion shortly. Real life MetroMan

Something about shaving and climate change, I’m certain. You are better than this WSJ. Nobody cares about this stuff This is the crap you charge $400 a year for? A very important piece from WSJ... He’s pretending to be a man🤷‍♂️ 'I grew up and more wiser from the fresh shaving manboy who used to do dumb things like black face' that is this is next.

😂😂 Who the hell thought it was a good idea to write an article about someone's fucking BEARD All agreed

HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s going for the Cruz effect. Could work. Talk to me when he grows a neckbeard Hmm...Does Trudeau color his hair? Since his whiskers are gray, makes me think he colors his hair. Amazing piece of journalism, He feels shame and is hiding his face under the beard Trudeau One can only hope.

From Peter Pan to Pan Can TheEconomist No!

He needs to look wiser for the stupid things that come out of his mouth. Get Better glue this time Justin. Remember the falling eyebrows. Hans Gruber.. I thought he married his beard? He’s a goof. 🤮🤮🤮 yummm He is nothing but a joke and embarrassment to Canada - still no investigation into HOW he got re-elected (even though minority). Off he trots on a world trip to bribe what 3rd world leaders he can for a seat in the UN using and abusing taxpayers money HailClimate

Slow news day huh? He wants to look more like his Daddy. Guess it’s better than his last facial adornment WSG or TMZ? I have been lost without an explanation about his facial hair. Hopefully I can finally get some sleep after reading this!! This article is like a 4am idea. Sounds like a cool idea at the time but when you look at it in the morning..😒

Is this TheOnion? Still haven't. Hard hitting news. Get over it. Sometimes a beard is just a beard.

Looks good... Lol Yes If he grew a real beard maybe Sorry, that isn't a beard. That's a 'beard.' lol I thought Canadians didn’t have beards? 🤔 He looks fab. Only if you’re as good looking as him sans facial hair You have to be a man first. Some men can wear a beard and it looks good. Others not so much. It looks good on Mr. Trudeau.

Um, yeah, he was a trailblazer among world leaders: I hope not. Wtf 🤦 democracies working... On beards 😂😂😂 He’s a furry. kibebs Is that Trudeau and Obama? Oh my! Is this what you guys are publishing these days? Holy fuck. RIPjournalism How much money did Trump’s hotels make last week from foreign nationals? Maybe go look into that first before you dedicate resources to beards. emoluments

He looks more and more like his dad every day!

FLOTUS loves it Slow news day? Can the WSJ write a dumber story? what? Where does the beard comes to reach higher office..though Mr.Trudeau looks handsome No. Looks 100% better with the beard! Honestly? Are we discussing beards now? I must be living in a relatively progressive bubble since I easily forget how many conservative retards there still are. The world is on fire (also literally) and THIS is a concern in some circles? Oh boy...

Give us a break!

Is it fake like his eyebrows!! 😂 JustinTrudeau Seem like he fit better in the category 'Pathetic, impotent world leaders who would most benefit their country by jumping off a tall, tall bridge.' Is this a Guardian headline? I thought Fidel was the first! No he is trying to look older and change his look after multiple scandals about his government.

Dumb story idea and yet another reason why I won't renew my subscription. This is news worthy? WSF Who ok'd this story. This is inspiring - thank you It’s always nice to be reminded why I shell out for a WSJ subscription. That was sarcasm.

He just wants to have dignity which he doesn't have at all. All of Arab world is bearded. Clean shave look suits him better. He’s Canadian...so...no...oh, but the black face look worked for him. Sounds like Trump saying he’s the first person to do something Nope! Men can be judged based on their appearance, but not women. Got it.

He also opened up the trail for blackface, though I think GovernorVA beat him to it I’m always on the fence with this one, but I do like the trend , around the office I wear one but usually shave for meetings with clients What? Who cares about a beard! How about a leadership trail-blazer who listens to voters, thinks & plans long term & truly serves while in public office - or am I missing something...?

Also, many north american leaders don't look like this... I hope so. Not while wearing duck socks. No. Shave that shit, he looks better without. No You sound like People magazine, could this be the 1970s again? He is no Grizzly Adams, he could be Grizzly poop though. (you know we care) It has potential....

When journalists run out of news. That’s some hard hitting stuff there. Glad I follow. Gross

He’s a trailblazer alright Somebody gets paid to write this? You've gone full parody. I'm here for it. He is Canada’s Obama. Bad news. The Lion in Winter Depends on Melania of course. Like his daddy He looks good in beard. We already had POTUS Abraham Lincoln. 😂

Have you not ever seen almost every Middle Eastern leader? Can't imagine Trump with a beard! That's the kind of journalism we didn't know we needed. Life changing subject. Having a beard does not mean thinking He looks like ted cruz lol maybe the beard is a political clicbait but maybe it isn't Now can you resist clickbaits. These type of clickbaits in the video are annoying ones.

We can hope not. Were you embarrassed to tweet out this story? Is his beard glued on like his eyebrows? Right.

Yes........... of many colors. I am very impressed by the many, many years of aging and excruciating stress that have blossomed on young Justin's face along with his dignifying salt-and-pepper whiskers. No one will ever let him stay in office in that suit though. It should be tan. Tan, Justin. Tan. POLL - 99.9% No 0.01% Ey

The journal is the last place i'd expect to find trash like this............... Yessss, I’ll waste ink on such a nonrelavent subject. Journalism is gone. No. Can Canada's Justin Trudeau be a trailblazer for men who wear black face seeking high office? ...only for those seeking to appear like an unemployed wizard...

Pretty weak beard I had a beard for 24 years and when it turned gray I shaved it. Mr. PM-JT either need to either, shave it, dye it or let his hair's real color come out to math the beard. Might be he wants to be like Harry of Harry/Megan couple. Beards come and go as do mustaches. Long hair, short hair, crew cuts, etc. No big.

Traditional values are going to make a comeback too. Just look at fellow Canadian Republican Ted Tired of being called a kid by Trump! No he’s trying emulate jordanbpeterson We prefer to think of him as our “soon to be former Prime Minister”. The beard can stick around for all I care. It's cold in Canada. What's Ted Cruz' excuse?

We 🇨🇦 hate him Radicalisation du PM ? Est ce qu'il voit un imam ? 🤣🤣🤣 It's already there Is the beard as fake as Justin’s eyebrows. Really? What about his pubes? I mean, since we're talking about body hair... 🙄 tedcruz over here like: Politics is dirty as it is, now we have dirty germ infested beards!

Yeah, I mean the guy brought back blackface, seems like he's one of the last person I’d be looking to trend with Based on that beard, it’s clear that coloring your hair is alive and well. That beard looks about 20 years older than the top of his head.

You used to be a respected publication. Next think he’ll try bring blackface back. No sorry, that’s brown face for people we like. No. They simply discussed his public look and thought it would make him seem more mature and give him a semblance of gravitas. Justin Castro? He looks like a very very gay man with or without whiskers.

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