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Can I Wear Shorts as Short as John Wayne’s?

How short is too short for shorts? Ask John Wayne.


How short is too short for shorts? Ask John Wayne .

Men’s shorts with eensy inseams have lately come back in style, recalling the startlingly small hot pants that “the Duke” wore back in the day.

I HAVE TO admit: John Wayne had some nice legs. And he must have known it too, because during a 1959 vacation to Mexico, the chisel-chinned star wore a pair of hot pants so microscopic that his shirt tails nearly hang below the shorts’ hems. They have maybe a 1-inch inseam and, on a towering fella like Mr. Wayne, who clocked in at a purported 6 feet 4 inches tall, that is awfully eensy.

The inseam length of Mr. Wayne’s audaciously undersized shorts is at the extreme end of the scale (truly, I don’t see how you could get smaller)...

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Wayne had change from jeans too leathers for long horse trips them men boxers no women on ranch and prey and no go around bunk house or shitter sleep in trees cause snakes Oh good GRIEF - they aren’t shorts - it’s a SWIMSUIT 🦵good lord,and 🤠 sure was a packin’ ☀️ 🇲🇽 His penis is almost hanging out. Please dont.

That’s not John Wayne. The Duke wore no pants. Just Chaps. He was True Grit, not Jeff Bridges. They should have used Iris Dement’s version of “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” in the Original. Although Hailee Steinfield was surely awesome in the remake and dwarfed everyone else. No one wore shorts like Lemmy 😁

Wish I never saw that picture. Tiny shorts with espadrilles? Cowboys didn’t dress like that! Or did they 🤔 And espadrilles, I might add. Wtf John!!! 🤔

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Yes! I’m all about the short shorts for the fellas! Who knew? Whoa mamma! Look at that moose knuckle 🙈 Holy crap no Are there not more relevant things for the WSJ to discuss? For F sake You better not make fun of his shorts pilgrim or you'll be in for a bad day. John Wayne was a pussy. That photo is just wrong.

sad to see him feeding his lung cancer He also smoked more than 3 packs a day so, I will pass on the shorts and the smoking... still a great movie star though

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That was the style back then. Only if you get a certified letter from a professional that you’re as badass as John Wayne! Oh HELL yes Is this the masculine version of skirt length economics? Are men's shorts worn shorter in times when general consumer confidence is high, and are men's shorts worn longer when the overall economic outlook is gloomy and fearful?

Who knew the Duke toted a man-purse? And moose knuckles are not a good look for any man, regardless of their star power. ItDepends You call those shorts? See Lemmy from Motorhead. Ugh - I think that he’s wearing a swimsuit - not casual shorts. Now, can what he’d say today if he saw the kids walking around with their pants below their butt and in the silly shorts that look 6 sizes too big and inseam almost to the ankles 😁😁✌🏻

Yes and be sure to wear a pair of Crocs with them to complete the look. John Wayne=Sexy!!! My dad IS John Wayne. TYLERPOLICEDEPT 😘

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Garbage article, you can do better than this. just don't...

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