Can humanity learn how to adapt to a hotter world?

Our weekly podcast on how to tackle climate change

10/25/2021 9:00:00 PM

Developments in agriculture will be necessary to adapt to climate change. The Economist’s editor-in-chief zannymb talks to BillGates on “To a Lesser Degree”, our podcast about how to tackle climate change

Our weekly podcast on how to tackle climate change

ACTIONS TO combat climate change have been primarily focused on mitigation - limiting the amount of greenhouse-gas emissions in the atmosphere. But even with those efforts, the planet’s temperature will continue to rise, leading to more extreme weather events. How will humanity adapt?

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Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, tells us why adaptation in agriculture is critical to feeding the world. We go to China to explore a “sponge city,” designed to absorb water. And we look at the peril and promise of solar geoengineering.Hosted by Vijay Vaitheeswaran,

The Economist’s global energy and climate innovation editor, with environment editor Catherine Brahic, and Oliver Morton, our briefings editor. Runtime: 34 min Read more: The Economist »

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zannymb BillGates This dude loved chilling with epstein. zannymb BillGates That was a big wedding Bill, & That was a big wedding bill. Perhaps our rule should be: 'activities unnecessary for the sustenance of human life on planet Earth': Alcohol production/consumption Professional Sports Haircuts Fashion Candy Zoos Pets pen clips (min viable product)

zannymb BillGates 'John Kerries' AREN'T part of humanity? 100 HUNDRED TONS of jet fuel dust. Bloviates. zannymb BillGates shibainu shiba SHIBARMY SHIBDELETEAZERO shibatothemoon 🔥🔥🔥 zannymb BillGates Humanity first has to adapt to the greed of the likes of Bill gates... zannymb BillGates Why? He's a multi-billionaire tech guru living in a bubble of extreme wealth. He is the problem. Like interviewing Al Capone on how to end crime.

zannymb BillGates One fix would be to start taxing billionaires since they pollute and waste and use more energy than any other group. zannymb BillGates I’d like to think of climate change as a vehicle to reevaluate our current understanding of the planet 🌎 this place we call home. It’s a multidisciplinary complex topic which has interrelated implications on all aspects of humanity. What legacy are we going to leave behind?

zannymb BillGates Adapt or die type thing. You have to accuse the horrid brat behind it. Or you know. zannymb BillGates

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zannymb BillGates humanity ? he doesn't know what it means! zannymb BillGates How about starting to teach people to not use refrigerators and air conditioning for 12 hours a day at all everyday? zannymb BillGates Nope! zannymb BillGates Climate change is any change caused by humans including those changes intended to prevent the climate change. Climatechange

zannymb BillGates Iblis zannymb BillGates Uhm, what exactly are his qualifications to offer any sort of advice on this subject? Has Thunberg authored a book that he paid someone to read and explain to him? zannymb BillGates Is there anything he doesn't know? zannymb BillGates zannymb BillGates You should definitely talk to Bill Gates about climate (or covid) to a lesser degree.

zannymb BillGates Epidemiology & climatology expert. Other fields of expertise, agriculture & food. Software. Authoritarian Bill.

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zannymb BillGates Thank you for this interesting update.

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