Can ex-President Trump be trusted with America's secrets?

Ex-presidents are entitled to classified briefings. Some ex-intel officials think Trump shouldn't get access to any national secrets when he leaves office.

11/27/2020 7:50:00 PM

Former presidents are entitled to classified briefings. Some ex-intel officials think President Trump shouldn't get access to any national secrets when he leaves office.

Ex-presidents are entitled to classified briefings. Some ex-intel officials think Trump shouldn't get access to any national secrets when he leaves office.

.President Donald Trump meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, left, next to Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak at the White House on May 10, 2017.Russian Foreign Ministry Photo / APThe president also may be vulnerable to foreign influence. His tax records, as reported by the New York Times, reveal that Trump appears to face financial challenges,

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having personally guaranteed more than $400 million of his companies' debtat a time when the pandemic has put pressure on the hotel industry, in which Trump is a major player."Is that a risk?" said Priess, who wrote"The President's Book of Secrets," about presidents and intelligence."If it were someone applying for a security clearance, damn right it would be a risk."

The White House did not respond to requests for comment. The Biden transition declined to comment.Trump has said his finances are sound, and that the debts are a small percentage of his assets. Generally, though, large debts to foreign banks — Trump's biggest creditor is reported to be Deutsche Bank, a German institution with links to Russia — would exclude a person from a top secret clearance.

Presidents, however, are not investigated and polygraphed for security clearances as all other government officials are. By virtue of being elected, they assume control over all the nation's secret intelligence, and are allowed by law to disclose any of it, at any time, to anyone.

Former presidents aren't subject to security clearance investigations, either. They are provided access to secrets as a courtesy, with the permission of the current president.Typically, former presidents are given briefings before they travel overseas, or in connection with an issue about which the current president wishes to consult them, Priess and other experts say.

Nov. 27, 202003:23When President Bill Clinton sent former president Jimmy Carter to diffuse a tense stand off in Haiti, for example, Carter likely received classified briefings on the situation ahead of his trip.And when George H.W. Bush visited his son in the White House, he sat in on on the President's Daily Brief, the highly classified compendium of secrets that is presented each morning to the occupant of the Oval Office, according to Priess, who interviewed both men for his book.

It's unclear whether former President Barack Obama has received intelligence briefings after he left office, but President Trump said in March thathe hasn't consulted his predecessors about coronavirus or anything else.Former presidents have long made money after leaving office by writing books and giving speeches, but no former president has ever had the kind of international business entanglements Trump does. Trump has business interests or connections in China, Russia and other U.S. adversary countries that covet even tiny portions of what he knows about the American national security state.

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That said, Trump probably is not conversant with many highly classified details, experts say, He was famous for paying only intermittent attention during his intelligence briefings and declining to read his written materials. Moreover, intelligence officials tend not to share specifics about sources and methods with any president, unless he asks.

So Trump probably doesn't know the names of the CIA's spies in Russia, experts say. But presumably he knows a bit about the capabilities of American surveillance drones, for example, or how adept the National Security Agency has been at intercepting the communications of various foreign governments.

Sept. 10, 202004:23Like so much with Trump, his track record of sharing secrets has been unprecedented in American presidential history.In interviews with the journalist Bob Woodward for a book released this fall, Trump boasted about a secret nuclear weapons system that neither Russia nor China knew about.

According to the Washington Post, Woodward's sources"later confirmed that the U.S. military had a secret new weapons system,, and that the people were surprised Trump had disclosed it."When Trump briefed the public about the commando raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi,

, according to reporting by NBC News.In 2017, Trumpnear North Korea to the president of the Philippines.That same year, a member of his golf club at Mar-a-Lagotook a photo of a briefing Trump and the Japanese prime minister were receiving in a public area

about North Korea, and posted it on Facebook.Owner of the New England Patriots Robert Kraft, from left, first lady Melania Trump, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, President Donald Trump, and Abe's wife Akie Abe sit for dinner at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort on Feb. 10, 2017.

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Nicholas Kamm / AFP - Getty Images fileIn 2018, the New York Times reported thatTrump commonly used insecure cell phonesto call friends, and that Chinese and other spies listened in, gaining valuable insights.Doug Wise, a former CIA officer and Trump critic, argued this week in a piece on the Just Security web site that Trump has long posed a national security danger, and that

.Trump's large debts, he wrote, present"obvious and alarming counterintelligence risks" to the United States.Russian President Vladimir Putin, for one, would have a great incentive to pay Trump to act on Russia's behalf, Wise wrote."Assuming President Joe Biden follows custom, Trump would continue to have access to sensitive information that the Russians would consider valuable," he wrote."As horrifying as it would seem, could a financially leveraged former president be pressured or blackmailed into providing Moscow sensitive information in exchange for financial relief and future Russian business considerations?"

May 10, 201701:51It was not impossible to envision Trump paid millions on retainer by Gulf Arab states or other foreign governments, Harvard professor Goldsmith said,"in the course of which he starts blabbing and disclosing lots of secrets. It wouldn't be an express quid pro quo, but people would pay for access to and time with him, knowing that he will not be discreet."

Former CIA Director John Brennan, a frequent Trump critic who was denied access to his own classified file by the president, said the Biden administration should carefully weigh the question of Trump's access to future secrets."The new administration would be well-advised to conduct an immediate review to determine whether Donald Trump should have continued access to classified information in light of his past actions and deep concern about what he might do in the future," he said.

Then again, it may never become an issue, said former CIA officer Marc Polymeropoulos, who pointed out that Trump has long displayed"disdain" for American intelligence agencies."I would frankly be surprised if he even wanted these briefings," Polymeropoulos said.

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C’mon! The question is, can we trust the deep state? Biden got more black votes and total votes than Obama Why don’t you have an open mind to some of the issues with the election What’s digging into some things gonna hurt MeetThePress No MeetThePress Absolutely NOT so either start reporting the truth about the entire situation you reporting and not just little snippets that you can twist and bend to make everyone else look bad OR ELSE As the businessman Donald Trump would say 'You're fired!!' End of the line

Sorry but do you really think that anyone asked for your Democrat biased opinion .... Nope no one did MeetThePress No , but the COMUNITY organizer Jr senator from chitcago was . FUK OFF NBC KGB Ask him, Izure he would give you something to think about. Like he’s going to go to briefings after he leaves the presidency when he never attended them while he was the president?

Actually you could give him the alternative fact briefings, then see if he monetizes it. You know the old rope a dope for the Biggest Dope. DiaperDon MeetThePress Yeah. No. Current president Trump couldn’t wait to tell Russians all his secrets. Of course we can’t trust him Van egy plusz eset.Egy állam törvényszolgái döntöttek.Ez is van olyan veszélyes!

NOPE!! No. Hell no!!!! Yes. Those intel officials are the deep state. They don’t hold the interest of everyday Americans like Trump does Trump 2024 He wasn't interested in office. Don't worry he won't want them unless he can sell them. No. He should not Just print a multipage document in Times New Roman, no bold print and with no illustrations. I think our secrets would be safe.

MeetThePress He will sell them to his Dictator Buddies! Will they go to the prison and give him briefings? NO He can't be trusted in any way! He tells people what he thinks they want to hear! He's like a name thrower,get people to be interested in him, cause of who he knows! As we have all seen this year,'Oprah was a great friend/supporter,' His words,definitely not hers! The man's sick

No, he can't be trusted. He's proven that. He shouldn't be allowed a credit card, let alone National secrets. With them tweeter fingers the launch codes with be tweeted out online In trump’s case it would endanger national security. He didn’t read them while in office. He’ll sell them after he’s left. This is so stupid. He freaking negotiated peace in the middle east, won a tarrif war with fkn CHINA, PUSHED back on NAFTA, ETC.ETC.!! WTF did Obama/Biden EVER DO? SEND a barrel of American money to Iran? Tuck their tails when the fkn taliban were murdering Americans? MafiaMedia

Absolutely not he will sell them like he sells his name No, as can’t be now... No way. He is already selling us out. He would do so even more as payback for his electoral loss.... Far more than I trust Big Guy. MeetThePress Agree Trump has failed and continues to be Putin’s puppet American president How the republicans do not see this is not surprising McConnell and his wife are in Russian and Chinese pockets

I don’t understand how he got a clearance to begin with, Soldiers can’t even get one for bad credit, but we have one to Donald Trump. So what is the standard? MeetThePress A good example of an entitlement that should be changed. Can an exception be made here? I wouldn’t trust this bish to empty my cats litter box let alone have access to classified material after he leaves the WH. Those with security clearances know that access to classified material is based on a need to know basis. Trump has no need.

Aw. that's cute. Using terms like 'President elect' and 'former' before the election is over is just adorable. MeetThePress Just write them beyond his 40 word vocabulary NO! JoeBidenKamalaHarris2020 Need to put the stopper on this leak in the DiaperDonald Given his apparent interest in them while in office, I can't see the point of trying to provide them to him once he's left the building.

He’ll just end up tweeting it No one will ask for his advice. So, therefore Trump should not have access to the intel reports. Which Zodiac sign gossips the most? “Gemini!” Trump is a Gemini. You do the math. Feed him fake reports and watch them leak. Definately JoeBiden KamalaHarris NOClassifiedInfoForEXPresTrump NOClassifiedInfoForEXPresTrump NOClassifiedInfoForEXPresTrump NOClassifiedInfoForEXPresTrump NOClassifiedInfoForEXPresTrump NOClassifiedInfoForEXPresTrump

Uh, Trump had no interest in briefings when he was president. Why would he want them when he’s not? Trump cannot be trusted. He stated in the past that he 'knows more than the generals', and now he will have a gigantic chip on his shoulder that this country turned against him by electing Biden. He has a score to settle and how better than by selling our intelligence.

For him to be denied access to classified briefings in the future, I think that he would have to become a felon first. As a felon, he would lose his security clearances. He would have to be indicted, prosecuted, and found guilty of a crime. Without that he would retain access. He shouldn't be able to know anything now because if no one else has noticed, trump has lost his mind... just look at what he's tweeting

Just give him a pair of briefs in a bag marked 'classified.' He'll never know the difference. He would sell them Genius idea Putin is counting on that intelligence. He didn’t help Trump get elected for nothing. He must get FUCKAL Lol, are you kidding. Dude is going to flee the country and end up as a puppet somewhere else where he badmouths the United States and sells state secrets.

the man shared eyes only codeword intelligence with russians inside the oval office in front of reporters Can Trump get classified briefings from prison? Trump doesn’t even read the intelligence briefings now while he is President. Here goes the swamp again! because owange man baddddd As a liberal the Democrats complacency scares me.. this was never about vote tallies in voter fraud, in the end Ellis, Giuliani are getting what they want.. scotus. They are going to argue the legislator is the one who picks the electors..b4 you get at me..look into it..scary!

Ugh why are we even telling him he would have access. Should’ve kept mouths shut, he probably wouldn’t have known. And NO HE SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT HAVE ACCESS TO CLASSIFIED INFORMATION. ALL HE SHOULD GET IS JAIL TIME! Give him the briefings and catch him when he hands’em over to enemies Absolutely not! It would serve us no purpose.

Agree This is just another reason he needs to be convicted. Agreed...he can’t be trusted He’s a threat to the American people. I wouldn't worry. He doesn't have the patience or the ability to read them. (That's not a snarky shot. It's the literal truth.) He can't be trusted. One shouldn't trust him. He is unpredictable.

NO. What a ridiculous idea. He cannot be trusted. TrumpIsANationalSecurityThreat NBC News has no idea how the National Security Act works or they wouldn’t have dismissed the charges against Hillary Clinton so blindly. She’s still guilty whether or not she escaped prosecution. Hillary should be serving a sentence for doing so.

No, Ex President DJT should never again be allowed near any information that even comes close to being classified. He’ll sell everything he knows to the highest bidder. He’s all about the money 💰, the country be damned NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! HELL NO!! Are you talking 2024 when president Trump leaves office?

He didn’t read them while in office, so I don’t he’d read them after his term ends. But, I see their point. He didn’t read the daily’s while he was acting as the president. Why would he read it for fun unless it’s to sell to our enemy es. If there had been proper 25th Amendment procedures in place he would never have received national security information whilst in office. This oversight, gap, concerning the fitness of prospective candidates for President to rule, needs to be closed by 2024.

We need to ghost his ass like a bad one night stand. Yes, certainly! Hate him or love him, he is or will be a former President (and I ❤️him). You can’t treat him any differently. 'President Trump revealed 'highly classified information' to two top Russian officials during a controversial Oval Office meeting last week'

In what journalism school does an overwhelming consensus equate to 'some?' PROPAGANDA! He will sell them to the highest bidder No he cannot. Or let’s put it this way. Send the info straight to Putin. Good. He won’t need those briefings in a criminal courtroom anyway. DiaperDon No, he can't even be trusted not to cheat at golf. Oxygen thieves are not to be trusted.

No worries! The Rump wasn’t interested when he was actually in office! He did not read the reports in office and certainly there’s no reason to waste the time. No kidding!! I agree. 1. He has nothing to add 2. He will sell them No So why should Trump be singled out and not the same privilege of past presidents after all they were not so great presidents they have a lot of skeletons in their closet where I feel he was the only honest president we had and he never got a fair shake

No he should not get access to anything. He would not be helpful at all unlike other presidents in the past. All trump wants to do is create chaos and get money for himself, which is what he will use the intel for. Hes a security risk now. NBC is total trash news brought to you by Pfizer and Merck! BigPharma hot garbage. What up with Lester Holts hair?

This is so stupid. He freaking negotiated peace in the middle east, won a tarrif war with fkn CHINA, PUSHED back on NAFTA, ETC.ETC.!! WTF did Obama/Biden EVER DO? SEND a barrel of American money to Iran? Tuck their tails when the fkn taliban were murdering Americans? MafiaMedia Take his security clearance away when Biden is sworn in!!!!

No Seriously though—did he understand the classified briefings to begin with? I think he’ll be relieved when he doesn’t have to get them anymore. NEVER, HE LEAKED SECRETS TO RUSSIA ON A REGULAR BASIS. NO NOT LEAKED, HE COULD NOT WAIT TO SHARE INTEL TO RUSSIA LIKE THEY WERE PART OF THIS COUNTRY. A FATAL MISTAKE OF TRUMP

Hell to the NO! R U GUYS 4 REAL? WE JUST GOT STUPIDITY OUT..HIS AGENDA IS NOT AMERICA! As they say..... Loose lips sink ships. I would agree with that. He can’t be trusted with secrets! Absolutely not. He's for sale to the highest bidder. He would advertise on QVC 'Secrets for cash'. SCOTUS will likely decide 2020 Presidential Election,...Kraken on the way.

“Entitled?” Based on what? It’s done based on convention not law. Convention doesn’t equate with entitlement. He'll just have all his email forwarded to Putin. That would be a NO! BIGSECURITYRISK You might as well brief Putin directly. Trump needs the money and will tell him everything !! NO!!!!! CHANGE THE LOCKS!!!

WHAT? We didn’t know this. BLOCK TRUMP FROM ALL INFO!!!!... & CHANGE THE STUFF HE KNOWS ABOUT!! He’s probably already sold many secrets. What a flipping mess... RichardEngel No question Trump relationship with Putin makes him a national security risk. Pull Trump’s clearances. Allow him to reapply and go through the vetting process.

realDonaldTrump is comprised. He's proved this over and over and over and over... I agreed, he is going to sell information to Russia. You know, he is a “business men” Hell no It doesn’t matter. He can’t read and does not have the temperament to listen. We’re GOOD. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Agreed. The man is NOT to be trusted.

SaltBox14 Trump didn't bother with the briefings when he was in office, why should we waste time and talent to brief him after he leaves office. Biden should also revoke his security clearance. Same for Jabanka. It’s highly unlikely he’s reading the ones he’s currently getting, but he would think nothing of selling them to Russia.

I agree NO. NormaOMalley1 Jesus no! Not one word. This a should not even be a conversation! Cut him off! What are you concerned about a few months ago you were reporting he didn’t read them anyway! MitchellMeeks11 HELL NO he shouldn't be given access to classified materials. Give me a break. This is an open and shut case.

Entitled is a strong description for something that isn't a Rule or Law... However, watch how fast Dems forget that, Trump denied Biden, INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING'S... I didn't Vote for no candy ass POTUS! A bad precedent and now more than ever needs to be abolished Not revealing tax information and excessive debt to lenders in other countries, um no...


No. This one is a no brainer. I know it risks setting a new precedent , but he is a clear and present danger to our national security. rolandsmartin No he can not be trusted please protect the USA I trust him way more than Obama and Biden I’ll take Fuck No for $500 Why are former Presidents entitled to a briefing? If they aren't in office then surely they don't need to know that information.

No Ex Only provide them in writing. Problem solved. No one will ever hear a leak from him. Don’t give his ass shit. Why the fuck will you give a terrorist the secrets F*CK NO. He's likely to use the privilege to claim he has 'evidence' of Democrat and enemy Republican wrong doing. The beauty of it would be that he doesn't actually have to have any real evidence. All he has to do is lie, which he does all the time anyway. DiaperDonald

Not their call to make. Opinions don’t matter. Laws do. If you think the law needs to be updated, do it. Otherwise, suck it up I would trust him as far as I can throw him - and I can’t. Never ever trust this man. He’s done too much damage to our country already!! HELL NO! Besides he hasn't paid attention to them while he's been in office, why should he get them after?

Do not worry. He does not understand it. He would sell the info, or just tweet it for attention. His whole family should be stripped of their security clearances Cmon, why do they need this anyway?!? If y’all must.. just legislate an exclusion for impeached former presidents. Add additional annual requirements to receive the briefs. Those who want it can apply for it every year.

Why isn’t anyone seeing this as the perfect Tyrion Lannister moment. Give him false info that could likely be true and see if any adversary ever uses it. This gives me “scorned lover I can’t let go” vibes GOD no! No He’ll sing like a canary!! If we could vote on that, it’s a NO for me! They aren't entitled to anything. It's a courtesy, for normal times.

They should just legislate this rule to exclude impeached presidents. Sorry, Bill. Why y’all need them anyway? We couldn't trust this asshole while he was in office, how can you trust him when he's out of office? It's not like he ever read any of it over the past 4 years, why start now. Feed him lies to spread 👍 then we will know who shared the 411...

Heck no! He sold his soul a long time ago. He'll sell anything to make a buck! The fact that we're even thinking or talking about this is most disturbing. Give him the highly classified 'For Trumps Eyes Only' information. 😉 Not if he’s in jail. Yet another reason to do so. Besides, you know, the crimes he committed.

Biden has a security clearance? No The simple answer is no, he cannot be trusted with America’s secrets. The complex question is how he’d get those classified briefings as a former president while in prison. Not none, he should be held accountable for the crimes he’s committed. I agree! What everyone forgot about May 10, 2017 realDonaldTrump secret Russian White House meeting? Where Jared Kushner asked, Kislyak if he could useRU embassy SIGINET? Where Trump told Sergey Kislyak, Sergey Lavrov about Isreal operator imbedded with ISIS Syria?

Nope to the dope. Can’t be trusted. If Trump continues to get briefings after he leaves office, even minimal, he is desperate for fame and fortune. 100% sure, he will sell out. weak It doesn’t matter, he doesn’t know how to read anyway! He hasn’t read one yet🤪 He can’t be trusted I agree! Oh hell no. GovHowardDean Because he'll sell them.

Why is this even a question? Start using common sense and for once do the most righteous thing. Bunker Bitch has proven that Americans cannot trust and depend on him. He’s a bigly disaster! Can you be trusted with the truth? So if you're asking can Trump be trusted with out secrets, what is the alternative that you are suggesting? Are you inciting violence with this tweet?

The key word is “entitled”. Meaning it is not required. He is a vindictive, scamming liar and should never have access to anything related to his four year reign of terror. Can you get classified briefings if you are sitting in a prison cell? NBC you should tell him to ask us himself. Y'all are the friend we brought home to ask our mom if we could go to a party. Doesn't matter who asked she said NO. lol You've embarrassed yourselves enough for him don't you think?

That’s a big NO! rolandsmartin Heck no he shouldn’t get intel, it’s frightening to think what he knows already! Wish he could be deprogrammed before he leaves. Many people are saying No No. Not to future ones, and not to those he already has. The only entitlement that Trump has coming is a private cell designed for America’s worst terrorist

He is classic insider security threat. He checks off every single characteristic (and has for decades btw). HELL NO! He was IMPEACHED! There should be Legislation to prevent a former POTUS from getting the privileges of a POTUS who hasn't committed crimes like Trump! His name is synonymous with CRIMINAL activity & conspiring with Russia! So NO PRIVILEGES for a TRAITOR!

No not at all, with DT NO! As I read the comments I do not know if he is entitled or it is a courtesy. Can you clarify this or can you give us a reference where we can check this out for ourselves. I am glad to do the research I just need help finding a source. No. All prior “former Presidents” have been, more or less, normal. Trump is not normal. He is off the charts abnormal & should be dealt with accordingly. He should NOT receive ANY briefings & he should be warned about serious consequences of revealing US secrets... and monitored!

RestingMyWings Nah. Surely the Biden admistration would never divulge any real intel to Trump. Let's remember we're going to have professionals in this WH and adults in the room. This will not be a Banana Republic. Will he get that in prison? rolandsmartin Not at all NO I wouldn't trust him with the Colonel Sanders original recipe

Positively agree ...wrecking ball alert ! I think being in Federal prison should preclude that. Exactly He absolutely CANNOT! That's crazy. This practice must end. There is no point to it that I can see Scary thought. But how can you stop him from doing that? RichardEngel F*ck no The deranged lunatic gets NOTHING. He will sell it to the biggest bidder

tweetsie26 No way. Never give Trump a national secret again. We cannot be that stupid. Trump is a clear and present danger and must be kept under constant scrutiny. Can’t treat him differently He can’t be trusted with them while in office. This is a huge NO!!! They need to give him folders filled with all wrong stuff.

Just give him fake intel and see how soon that info ends up on Putin's desk and then arrest him. I second that. The thought is terrifying. He has so much at risk.. it’s an ‘accident’ waiting to happen. are there any secrets he hasn't already sold? Impeachment should disqualify him from getting briefings. He was never interested in them when he was a “placed” POTUS, but I’m sure he’ll want them now so he can sell the intel.

He is and will continue to be a National Security threat. His $441M debt needs to be paid after all! Desperate man desperate measures. rolandsmartin HELL TO THE NAW!!!! Don't give him shit!! Absolutely not...I did see the White House gardener working on a grassy knoll This will be up to Biden and DontheCon will not be getting these.

Agree should not !! He is not deserving He is unfit He enticed constant division and civil unrest with his malignant narcissistic behavior and rhetoric ! Can't really trust the old Norris head with much, these days... No he will blab them. he needs to go from the tainted oval office to the Hague.!!! Hard NO.

I think Trump should be tried for crimes against humanity. He is the epitome of evil. And he wants credit for the vaccine. That’s all he cares about. SICK For all you non believers go visit a morgue or a hospital over run by the virus. He shouldn't get any of the benefits of an former president. Remove his credentials just like he did to others

Time to transition to tough PE coverage. 😂😂😂🤡 If he is convicted (felonies-NYC) that ruling may change. I can't think of anything I'd trust Trump with..national intelligence or my daughter. Past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior. He didn't listen when he was in office, so I think we'll be ok. 😉

tRUMP CANNOT BE TRUSTED AT ALL!!! “What do we do about a President that can’t be trusted with National secrets?” Get to the damn point. RichardEngel Since when does he read ... anything? trump should not get them. he will sell the information. trump is a traitor. He does not deserve them now. Certainly not after his removal.

This is BULLSHIT. If you trust someone who committed treason, like obama, YOU CAN DAMN WELL TRUST TRUMP. I DO NOT TRUST BIDEN. He doesn't read the PDB now and we don't know who is reading them. He shouldn't get them since he could care less! No he can’t No fucking way,tell him nothing. He didn't read them in office, don't think he will later. Don't give him access.

I think that withholding classified data from DJT would be prudent starting on 1/20/21 at 12:01pm. Too bad he can't be stopped from reading classified briefings now. Oh wait, he probably doesn't. He shouldn't be getting them now. Like his tax strategy, Trump would believe selling something for a profit would 'make him smart.' He's in debt, and his biggest asset is information.

This article is discriminating! What differentiates Trump from any other president? He was elected by the people and that must be honored!! Most yes, this one NO! RichardEngel He doesn’t read now! What makes anyone think he’s going to read after? To bad!! We never can trust anyone who has access to those codes or classified information. But like I say Trump was only a mistake a very dangerous mistake can costs to this nation everything.

bmls797 Definitely NOT!! Trump’s a Corrupt Moron, who would sell our secrets for 300M faster than you can say, “2 Big Macs, super sized fries and a extra large Coke, and make it snappy”!! Fuck no You should of kept that information to yourself! Trump would of never known and the country would be better off!

He shouldn't be trusted at all once he's dragged out of the WH. Trump is a broke, sh*tty businessman who barely paid $750 in fed taxes for 2 years. The bigger risk is the Kushners, though. They are smarter than Trump and work too closely with him. Intel, especially ex-intel that 'anonymously' leaks to organizations and governments trying to destroy our country...

Relax folks, he doesn’t read them as president, so after 3 January, unless the intelligence briefings mention him bigly he won’t be interested in reading them. rolandsmartin of course not🤦🏻‍♂️ rolandsmartin His classified briefings are Twitter and Info Wars. We have nothing to worry about. Agreed. DiaperDonald should be censured.

GovHowardDean Absolutely not (some shld be limited now) Make sure they are written briefings and they’ll be safe. RichardEngel because such info has value to people willing to pay, and he needs the money and is revengeful because he lost Heck NO. They are not entitled, it is a courtesy granted by the new president. Trump is way too sketchy to get any information and I would urge Biden not to grant the courtesy. Even when he was in office he was spilling top secret information.

*Entitled?” Or just accustomed to, by tradition? Either way, oh hell no for DiaperDon. wordsmatter I think that’s dumb no ex presidents need to get American secrets when they leave office!! GovHowardDean Except he'd be a perfect, if unwitting, double agent. Tell him what we'd want the enemy to know. As is par, make the story line accurate, verifiable & the facts reasonable. If he doesn't use or share them ... great. If he does, no problem or even a benefit to US intelligence.

Who will draw the pictures? We could feed him false information as he wouldn't know the difference. 😷 rolandsmartin This is so simple: if Trump can't hold a security clearance after leaving office, then he should not receive classified briefings. On Jan 21st, Trump's just another civilian with obscene debt and foreign enemy entanglements; i.e., he'll never be able to hold a security clearance.

HELL NO! He would sell them to the highest bidder no matter who is president. RichardEngel Exactly. All his kids and current team of ass kissers should have their clearances pulled the second Joe shakes Robert’s hand after the inauguration I Strongly Agree!! He Can Not Be Trusted He Is Friends With Dictators!! He Is Not For The Americans!!

GovHowardDean If Trump continues to get intel briefings then Kushner is getting them. BargainingChips GovHowardDean Absolutely, he must not. Lower courts wont overturn an election no judge wants that hanging over his career. It will all go to Supreme Court where they will likely rule lower courts ignored evidence experts analysis of voting patterns records showing multiple vote tabulations

Ha! Guess who gets to decide whether or not Trump continues to get classified briefings? Biden and subsequent presidents. Sometimes that arc of justice is shorter. HE.S NOT LEAVING UNTIL 2024! NO MATTER HOW MANY JUDGES THESE BILLIONAIRS/ MAFIAS PAID/PAY OFF!!! JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL IN THE U.S. SUPREME COURT! I AM A WITNESS! PROPHETESS JULIA ANNA HARVEY

RichardEngel It does seem pretty clear that Trump would be an incredible security threat although it would probably manifest itself most visibly with various self-enrichment scheme that go comically awry. We'd be at greater risk but at least it would be funny. GovHowardDean It is so obvious Trump cannot be trusted with national secrets.

RichardEngel I didn’t know that realDonaldTrump will still GET THEM IN JAIL? Would they deliver the classified briefings to his cell in prison He absolutely shouldn’t. Might as well send Putin a copy of everything and save him the postage. It’s a “need to know” basis. RichardEngel !!! Just make sure it’s while he’s sitting at the tinydesk

Hah! The first time Trump tried to peddle some classified info to an enemy gov’t & they asked if the info was reliable, he would say, “Well, a guy told me that & a lot people are saying that. A lot of important people. I have a lot of important people who are my close friends.” Trump should have access to the one intelligence brief he can truly understand:

😂😂😂 deejay90192 We should cut off right now, he is such a compromised & leveraged individual, this information is probably already sold in advance. diaper don , seriously 🖕🖕🖕🖕👎👎👎☠☠☠☠ He wouldn’t pass the requirements for a security clearance. That’s should be required for all presidential candidates going forward. If you can’t get clearance, you get no intel. (In the future, you can’t be POTUS if you can’t be trusted.)

RichardEngel Wrong! Trump should get the first briefing he requests! Then, once the fake info turns up in all the wrong places, he gets charged with espionage. not if he's in prison Not everyone can be trusted with that type of information! With the intel that he already has, they’re gonna have to keep an eye on him! It’ll be nice to finally have a real Politician back in the White House! Yes I said it and I mean it! The past four years was an embarrassment

Ex con president Trump can’t be trusted to any national secrets ones leave office, Some ex-Intel. Thinks , what is this telling us, that ex con Trump is a TRADER to our Country, this p.o.s. would start a line and sell to the highest bidder He’s not the former yet.. and possibly might not be. It’ll be funny when he wins; watching all y’all turn to saltines.. either way your politics are fake. It’s a show. Your votes matter about as much as TP I just flushed

I hope none get access to briefings once they leave. If they are brought in to help sure but if Obama, Bush or Clinton were still getting briefings I would be uneasy with that Oh God I agree ! Trump is a traitor. A deranged moron. No access to security secrets should be given to him. Drag him off to jail and problem solved

Trump should not be entitled to anything. He was impeached for Christ's sakes No- not when Trump is America's own domestic threat. How one person has ruined so many lives. You don't have a campaign slogan that says Making America Great again then let a pandemic run wild whilst you play golf. No! He doesn't care to given more, why should he be entitled to any briefings? He is an EnemyOfThePeople Traitor RussianAsset sellout

After 4 years, I still do not know how he became president. Here's some briefs NBC. TRUMP IS NOT AN EX PRESIDENT. HE IS STILL PRE SIDENT AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE. BIDEN WILL AND IS ILLEGITIMATE. No way Strip his security clearance!!! Then lock him up!!!!!!! You better monitor him cause he’ll sell what he knows to the highest bidder!!! And he’ll show no shame!

Agreed should not get any. He will be a danger to national security and should never be elected again. Trump can't be trusted with any vstate secret. He'd sell to anyone who's willing to pay the right price. To him it's all in the art of a deal! I agree... dumpy Trump is to bitter, if he can’t handle losing, he sure as heck can’t handle secrets. I think he would do anything to try and stay relevant.

No he can't be trusted. The man is totally unstable serious mental issues that no-one is looking into. If he is in prison will he still get briefings? Absolutely not He will tell everything he knows to the highest bitter You people are unbelievable. Panic NBC Nope, nope, nope, nope!!!! No!! Nope! 2024 is long ways to go. 😂

HELLNO Trump never did shit with the Intel's when he was potus If bet that they don't tell him much now. Thankfully. I doubt he's received anything at all sensitive after his May 2017 leak. MrFrankBaraan He can’t be trusted with them now. We never had a former President that was so kompromised'. No not Trump!

Ya think? The man can’t be trusted. He owes too many mobsters money. Shut him out. 4 years of damage was enough. He doesn’t attend briefings now when it actually is his job. What makes you think he would put effort into the presidency after he leaves. absofukinglutey NO Just show him some scribbled words in sharpie he’ll never know it’s not an official document!

Is he entitled to those briefings from prison No A complex question requires a simple answer. No!! If he receives an offer to enrich himself and all he has to do is sell out the country (again, some more) he will do it without question. He absolutely should not have that access to any classified information.

Should we be briefing jailbirds? I wouldn’t trust him with a $1 note Put the briefing in a book and have the agent wait while he reads it. Secrets will be safe. He won’t read them anyway Do we even need to ask? NO No Get your licks in NBC, according to Newton’s 3rd law of motion, the pendulum swings left then right the return trip is going to have a booster rocket

I love how that looks... 'Ex-President Trump' Hell no not Donald Trump he'll use it as blackmail cause he use against people who don't like what he does 3 ways he can do it money influence power No not at all his phone should be tapped 24/7 and the extended family as well He can not be trusted. He will sell anything to the highest bidder! Given his enormous amount of debt and his total lack of morals he should not have classified information NOW or once he leaves! realDonaldTrump TrumpIsATraitor

Heck no to briefings. Anything of value should be kept from him. He would be tweeting it out daily from the golf course Or heres an idea they dont get any more briefings etc, they are no longer the president they dont make the decisions anymore so why should they need information on what operations are going on. I wouldn't trust Trump with a bank account let alone national secrets.

He shouldn't be trusted he is dangrouse ,because America kicked him out ,he will try to hurt the country any way he can. Christian4JoeB NO! He knows a lot of Secrets now. I wonder how much they're worth to other people? Can he settle his debts that way? Entitled yes but not guaranteed to get Wake up you fools, you need to realise that the American Government doesn't want their terrorism support, war crimes and regime change to be exposed!

no, he cannot. Do not understand why ANY former Presidents get briefings. They're not involved in making policy anymore. ANOTHER Democrat / Democrat Media Bullshit Narrative He'll def trade them with china to erase his debt. He should be considered a persona non grata! let us follow each other After the Trump 2020 Team put The Brief on their enemy list of interest politicians and started monitoring us it became eminently clear how dangerous they are to our democracy and our freedoms. We chose to fight back by revealing the truth for all to see! follow & stay updated

He'll no he shouldn't get the Intel, he can't be trusted. He would sell the Intel to pay off his debts... And hookers! Of course he should have briefings... with disinformation to pass along to Putin. Absolutely agree Trump should be barred from receiving any further classified information starting the moment Biden is sworn in....

He surely can have them - they should just say “Mr President - he won. You didn’t” Of course not, he’ll tell everyone what they told him. It should not be a problem.. He doesn't attend those briefs now. Agreed. He already sells us out to the highest bidder while he’s in office. Also, impeached presidents shouldn’t get access.

Of course he shouldn't. He didn't do anything with them while in office and he'd sell secrets for a hamberder. 💙🙏🏻Good Morning NBC Family 🙏🏻💙 Can a known racist like Joe Biden be trusted with someone baby? If the former intel officers think it’s the wrong thing to do, there’s a strong chance that doing it is actually the right thing.

Well the media needs to stay out of it!!!! You people are on drugs NOOOO! he didn’t read them when he was in office, what does he care now Considering how he runs his mouth uncontrollably...he shouldn't at all Absolutely not! Ohh baN him 4 life plssss One thing we know for sure ...Bogus Biden can’t be trusted without any info that involves a thought process .. no ones going to accept Biden !! 👎

This is hilarious... I guess democracy isnt a thing anymore. trump can't be trusted. Periode. He can’t de-classify things, so what kind of trouble could he get into? But he doesn’t go to his briefings now...I’m guessing that he’d only attend if some foreign agent paid him. NO!!! He’ll just get them from Moscow

Hell no he’s a traitor No, no way, and hell no. If anything, we need to tail him to ensure he doesn't sell our secrets to the highest bidder. I have to believe that trump would not do anything to threaten our country. If not, he should never have been president. 45 is a treasonous crook. Absolutely not! No He Can't Be Trusted Because He Owes To Much Money. He is a deficit to Our Country. He Will Sell His SOUL. People He Doesn't Care.

Nah that moron can't be trusted He’s a Traitor..... Why would you ask that. Are you Democrats that full of Hate ? Letting this corrupt orange haired thing have access to anything is like having a convicted child molester as a school teacher, how many parents are cool with that? Nope 👎🏾, he has to be block as well as his family, no more privilege.

“Some?!” I believe EVERYONE with a brain thinks DiaperDon should be ostracized once he’s imprisoned. LockHimUp I wouldn’t trust him w the secret of the recipe to the “special sauce” McDonalds uses . He’d go around w that stupid look on his face, eyes rolling up and singing “I have a secret and you ooou don’t”. Psst, how much will you give me for my secret?

He may sell the intel to the highest bidder? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 That's no lie. That's the scariest thing Ive heard. Trump being able to get that intel. He'll be a convicted felon, so it won't matter That man going to run his mouth he going to tell everything from a to z that's why everybody's scared of him trying to be on his good side cuz he's that type of person he going to run his m************ mouth he's so crazy he going to slip and tell on his own self

Did impeached Nixon give away any national secrets after leaving office? If not, then trump needs to be held to the same standard! In other words, No he should not! Fuck no he shouldn’t. He was impeached for treason. No! I’d never trust him with a secret....and that includes a pinky promise. Firm No; he cannot be trusted.

He could not be trusted while in office. Just give him a box of crayons and send him home. Why are questions about Trump that we all should know the answers to still being asked? He should not! He shouldn't have ever Can a monkey be trusted with a revolver? Fuck, no. That alright, just follow the practices set by this idiot & his GOP enablers; use Executive Order to cancel it out or use Article II

Everything he cant know is TERMANTED He will definitely exploit the information. Do they give intelligence briefing in NY State Prison? Geez... let's hope not! I agree he wasn’t interested while in office. He is a security risk because he’s boastful and can’t keep anything but his taxes. Can’t trust that bastard to tell the truth... how can you trust him with a secret 🤐

Here’s where him being a businessman works in our favor yet again. Politicians are the ones who sell secrets like that. He’d be wanting to keep them because selling them is bad for business. No, trump cannot be trusted with confidentiality Only if he personally reads them aloud to all stakeholders in the briefing. He’ll at least read them then.

👍👍👍👍👍👍 Make America Globally Anathematic - Trump MAGA. Four of Forty-Five Yes he will sell them Absolutely not, he’s a traitor! Trump will sell them to the highest bidder!!!! Trump is the most dangerous man on the planet!!! We are NOT safe!!!! Absolutely not! He stopped others from getting the classified briefings, so he shouldn't get them either.

No he can’t! His wife can’t even trust him! If Schiff and those clowns can get the brief........ Should be more concerned about who will be reading these briefing to him, bc Trump only reads picture books and magazines. Is it because he's stupid, dangerous, and has a black hole for a mouth? I think that's it.

Hell NO !!!!!!!! Trump can't be trusted !! Remember the time he gave away secrets to the Russians IN THE OVAL OFFICE !!!! I completely agree that he should not get Intel briefings. Because he is a buffoon? CertifyTrumpAsDeranged CertifyTrumpAsDemented ... questi ex funzionari , probabilmente in pensione, che vadano a fare delle belle passeggiate perché si ossigeniamo il cervello .

Hell no!!! Trump shouldn’t get briefed on anything! Could put National Security at risk! Agreed! Pretty sure it's just a courtesy it's not a law or rule. Some Presidents will ask previous presidents for advice about certain situations and will brief them on developments, I don't see the Biden administration caring what Trump has to say.

Trump blew the cover of an Israeli op we were part of on live TV in front of the Russian ambassador. Fuck tie norms, this guy should get nothing. No PDB, no pension, no secret service protection. We know the intelligence community can't be trusted. Too many deep state rats and too many civil rights violations against US citizens during the Obama administration and then used against an elected president.

It’s not like he even bothers to listen to them as POTUS Not for felons. Jumping the gun calling him ex president aren’t ya? Classified terrorist He should be disqualified.... Idiotic piece! The Chump cannot be trusted to put the nation's interests above his own interests. RevokeTrumpsSecurityClearance Especially not if he's going to be prosecuted, or if he tries to pardon himself.

DiaperDonald Omummer and the rest past shouldnt get any briefings Impeached, diaper-wearing ex presidents should not be entitled to any of it. Agreed! He’s run his trap and get someone killed Trump can’t be trusted! Hell no ! He’s reckless and narcissistic Hell no Also, it would not be wise to give trump those briefings in prison. He might trade that info for extra items in the prison commissary.

AmazingDouglass HE. WAS. IMPEACHED That’s like asking a child if they like vegetables. Nooooo Of course not. It would make the Chinese takeover more difficult. Nope. I trust him a lot More than I trust NBC news for sure No He can’t be trusted. Period. I don’t believe Trump can be trusted with;out secrets. He definitely should NOT

Who are they? DiaperDon You really think this is over Biden is a moron. Hey where's hunter That is a scary proposition. Absolutely not. Oh my. He can’t even be trusted to keep his OWN secrets! I think not. leinfelder27 Verbal only, using terminology he can't follow and finds boring, padded with meaningless but comprehensible disinformation that can be tracked as he passes it along to others.

Agree 10000000% no briefings for Trump, he has done enough damage He can't be trusted with anything. You can end the sentence with, “can he be trusted?” Absolutely nothing after that statement matters, the answer is always NO. Gaslight him. Feed him bullshit. Watch where it turns up. If the Government really gave a damn about COVID they would talk about ways to boost your immune system; diet, exercise, vitamins, regular Dr. visits. They would get rid of obesity. But they don't want that. They don't want a healthy, free-thinking population. Wake up people! RT!

I bet some current intel officials have hoped that President Trump was not entitled to classified briefings when in office. For some odd reason they disapprove their hard earned secrets being told to less than friendly foreign leaders previously employed as intelligence officers. We say the same thing about Obama

Let’s see, he gave Sergei Lavrov classified info in the Oval Office, and recently destroyed a decades old surveillance treaty aimed at keeping Russia in check, and went so far as to destroy the specially designed aircraft built for that mission. He can’t be trusted Agreed. He can’t be trusted. Not this one. He owes too much money to countries that we don't know yet. It will come out in due time.

Agreed! 💯👍🏼 but y’all still, after 4+ years of apathy, think realDonaldTrump and his middle school intellect are gonna be interested in reading and or briefings about serious geopolitical matters?! Come on....his only interest will be howling at the moon I sincerely hope not. There is no reason why a man with his temperament and character should have access.

No reason to disclose anything vital to him He can be trusted with the secrets 1000% better than NBC can be trusted on reporting the truth. Who is Biden? That ship has sailed....he is selling dem secrets right now Nope AmazingDouglass Just another reason to prosecute his treason. TrumpCrimeFamily redmafiya

I’m not an ex-Intel official, but I agree 💯. Well I know when he’s at the salon, he’s going to gab to all the other gals.. are you also willing to refer to Barack Obama as “ex-president Obama”? Good job showing your partisanship 👍🏻 He shouldn’t get access to any national secrets WHILE HE’S IN OFFICE!!!

Why would the be worried about the same guy who showed off the nuclear football at a dinner in Maralago?! How many people forgot about that in the forest of Trumps absurdity? No way should he be entitled Hell no - he will be A convicted felon soon He shouldn’t be entitled. Please don’t give him access to anything!

If he does, he needs to be monitored for blabbing. Give him all his 'fraudulent' ballots to will help pass the time while he rots in prison. They trust Obama and Clinton What does entitled mean? We were entitled to see his taxes. We were entitled to having a president represent us. Norm should have no obligation to be followed for the norm breaker.

Of course NOT !!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Yes.. he will sell the secrets to Russia.. realDonaldTrump What makes you think he is going to attend these as an ex president. He did not attend as a current president !?! Yeah, we should worry about Trump & national secrets...but trust the Biden's?!?!?! 😂🤣😂🤣 Hunter Biden is walking blackmail in case you didnt notice.

He can receive briefings but he can't retain classified information. IF there are classified operations pending or executed, he can be briefed after the fact. Of course not. This is a no brainer. ProgDemLib Well, there is a good reason. ffs. Let's stop pretending. The minute he is without protection of Barr he is toast. T.O.A.S.T. Conman cons one too many times, end of con and end of story. There must be an accounting for ALL criminal offenses, from ALL actors.

Give him the briefings with pictures of Trump and he'll be happy. He dont take them while he is prez. Why would he take them after he gone? Does anybody really, really think he'll care diddly about Washington DC? He most likely will ditch the inauguration. He's getting outta town and going back into business. The media needs to just chill and enjoy the era of Biden rainbows and lollipops.

No he has a history of blabbing. That big baby would sell all classified info to foreign govs lolol. When you're $300 mil plus in debt anything is possible. No. Hell NO! You kidding he’d sell us out to the highest bidder. You giving Benedict Arnold the plans to attack Yorktown No‼️ If I was head of national security or intel. I would put together fake intel with a small bit of truth to see if it ends up in public or sold

It depends how he is as a private citizen, that’s why I use number. The team’s bigger than the name, 45, could definitely help 46 with situations like NK. But 45 would never contribute like that, and that’s why the requests should be scrutinized. No way this unstable nut job should get any briefings I Mean they’ve all been part of a major conspiracy to undermine his election, presidency and reelection. Why would it stop?

TRAITOR TRUMP WOULD SELLL HIS SOUL FOR A BUCK.!! Trump sold his briefings to the Russians He can’t be trusted! Up for the highest bidder remember he’s in debt up to his orange ears ! He would sell out his own family . Can’t trust a weasel ! He has done well protecting us North Korea Middle East troop withdrawals peace accords. NO WMDs on his watch surgical strikes on terrosits

no It is up to the current President to determine if the former president should have these briefings. So President JoeBiden would have to make the call if realDonaldTrump gets the briefings diaperdon has already proved he is a threat to national security. Not a problem. They would clash with his golf anyway so he wouldn't even be there.

Oh hell no!! Many wonder about Biden---and his family business with China. Im guessing when he is a convicted felon it will revoke this We have 4 more years to discuss this. Brief him with fake news. He won’t know the difference. Nope. Take his passport and phone. This is criminal called . MR TRUMP IS STILL ACTIVE GOOD PRESIDENT. Crazy .

NBC is irrelevant Ex President? DiaperDonald isn’t entitled to jack shit. Only if you want Putin to know everything. Kompromat is a hell of a drug Can we “nullify” a presidency to prevent exposure of national security? He should never have been trusted with our national secrets in the first place. CMargaronis Nope

He will sell them. I wonder how many he has sold already. He will sell the information to the highest bidder, just like a good little traitor. Why are ex presidents getting classified briefings? If the only thing Biden did in office was reverse Trump policies, his presidency would be a enormous success.

He should go to jail for domestic war crimes Don't tell him he'll tell Putin!!! No I am really scared of what he has all ready done and going to do he isn’t in his right mind he hates all of us because he lost the election. Is this an OpEd? No - he’s a treasonous risk Agreed! He shouldn't even now! Hes a dangerous unstable man


No he can’t be trusted. Why now He wasn’t interested for the last 4 years!! No The real question is, can Biden be trusted with anything? He will not recall or understand 10 minutes later! Like what is going on around him. AOC and squad; President Biden, Iran is our good friend! Montana is threatening to nuke Iran! We must nuke them first! Biden; ok!

Absolutely not! What kinda question is that? Trump can absolutely not be trusted! No secrets for Trump!! Nope he will sell the secrets He’d dig his dead Mother up and sell her if he could make a dime off her. With him it’s always been the money. Why are former presidents entitled to classified briefings ? Any president, for that matter.

theshornwonder Why are FORMER presidents entitled to classified briefings? Definitely, esp if he is in prison. trump never cared about the briefings while he was POTUS, so why would he once he is a civilian. He would probably sell the into to putin anyway He doesnt get his briefings now...the only reason he would have going forward was if the information could be used for profit or blackmail...

Where is the need to know? They are “Ex-Intel officials” for very good reasons.......likely because they are Socialist traitors It should be hard to get briefings from prison His loyalty is up for bid.... I promise you he should NOT! He hasn't proven he can keep a secrets from foreign governments. Surprise they didn’t want him to get the briefings for 4 years....

Especially not Donald Trump! I can just imagine what he’s shared with the Kremlin and our other adversaries! Just ask Greta, she knows! Stop corruption and Eliminate section 230! Trump is a danger and a traitor to America and should not be given these rights. No he should not absolutely now Agreed I think that might be wise.

I’d listen to those intel officials. He's unqualified to get them *as* President. Kind of agree No. He is not to be trusted; if he gets pissed off, he will reveal what he knows; since he is in deep debt, he could sell what he knows lorrainewhat you don't give rapists the addresses of women living alone and same with this maniac

Do they get briefings in the asylum? His clearance can be pulled! He hasn’t been interested in them while President....Probably will finally listen, when he isn’t- that sounds about right. 🤣 you guys are something else. Hey NBC how about asking Biden why he got money from China, Russia and Kazakhstan? And why he blackmailed Ukraine using taxpayer money

he Just looks at the pictures now. Nothing to indicate that he will pay attention to them when he leaves office. He doesn't read them now. Why bother? One guy was impeached cause he got his dick wet, this guy got impeached for foreign interference in his election. I trust the blow job impeached one over this one.

The swamp wants to keep the mosquitoes and malaria going in Washington D.C. Disbar his fat ass from this Agree’ _strate I say that Trump should *absolutely* get classified briefings after he leaves office. That is, as long as the classified information - whether true or false - is what we *want* our enemies to hear. This is what intel agencies do with those known to be foreign agents.

This is probably not exactly true. I only looked at the Treasury related information. But it says “may” which is not “must” ... and then it’s only information that was prepared while they were in office. Is it different for other classified information? Hell no No but neither could President Trump and yet, here we are.

Can we stop his access now? Please? Uh no. He's taking enough with him now. Trump is compromised. I expect that he has received misinformation for quite some time now. This is why half of the country believes the election is a fraud. Hell to the no! Let's be honest. He didn't give a hoot while in office. So why extend his access beyond his term. That's asking for trouble.

Says nbc formerly known as news organization. To maintain relevance to his fervent supporters via social media, I could envision Trump tweeting, something like 'just had security briefing. You may not know this but xxxxxx is about to happen. I wouldn't have done it this way.' Need to know basis Trump will use it for his own benefit..we all understand this. RT to RealDonaldTRump..Newsmax..OANN..SeanHannity..Foxnews

He’s just not mature enough People are so pretty hanging on to a grudge since 2016. Yet their policies all suck. It certainly would be smart to not allow trump access to any information he will share with his buddies in Russia or North Korea or Turkey or whoever would pay him $$$ for info. I am sure President Biden has already thought of this 💙🇺🇸💙

He will need to be under constant surveillance to make certain that America’s secrets are protected. I don’t know how that works, but anything short of that jeopardizes our security. he shouldn't get access to a fidget spinner. jeffgoldesq Dear Jeff. Trump will be continue to be The Peoples President Once again in 2021. Please stop your silly antics. You act like a child! You really should RD to tamp down your hatred and TDS! Thank you!

No , not what so ever No traitor to the USA should have access to national secrets Never He, Kushner would sell to China, Russia. Saudis. Israelis. Anyone paid them. OHHHHHHH HELL NOOOOOO NO he has proven he can not be trusted DiaperDonnie TrumpTerroism Even if he'll be a felon? He shouldn't have received intel briefings while in the Oval Office

NO!!! He should not be trusted at all. He has sold his soul to the devil already so our nations top secrets are nothing to him except $$$$$. The CIA & FBI def should monitor his movement when he leaves office. 1,000%! No They will have to fumigate the White House let alone give him security clearance again.

No realDonaldTrump No Trump can't be trusted -- after all, he still is Putinsbitch -- it's not just Russia we have to worry about with Trump blabbing our secrets -- it's North Korea, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia and even Israel ... Can Biden being led by anti American communists Oh shit! Forgot about that. He should definitely not get any kind of briefings as briefing him would mean briefing Putin directly. Also I am sure Trump will be hawking the info for $$$ from our adversaries.

I wouldn't worry about Trump!!! I would be extremely worried about the democrats having any access to national secrets. They sold us out one time what will they do next? The fake news is also on the side to destroy AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! Hell no RepublicansAreTheProblem realDonaldTrump the man who has lied more than anyone in history, who has spewed them & outlandish conspiracy theories, should not be trusted now or ever. Trump should never have gotten them to begin with along with his criminal son in law & daughter. DiaperDonald

Hell no... With trumps ties to putin and kim jong its shouldn't be hard to show trump is a security risk and shouldn't even be trusted with intel NOW much less after he leaves office. Lol...Why worry about him, I have more worries about Congress! This is where all the leaks keep coming from... No he cannot


No. Just show him appropriations bills. He won’t notice the difference. Obviously he shouldn’t. Let's be real about this they could deny Trump any briefings simply for the fact he's blabbed secrets before in person & on Twitter, plus Trump couldn't pass a background check he'd fail the ploy on the first question because he lies so much he doesn't realize he's lying anymore!

Befitting, as he hasn't been given them while he was the president. He owes 1 billion to who knows who. He needs to pay that money back. He will certainly try to sell US secrets to the highest bidder. The first thing Biden should do is yank his access to classified briefings. Hell no Madismammaw I 💯% unless you want them sold to the highest bidder? He was never fit for one day, in office!

No 👎👎👎👎 good idea bc he will no doubt vomit it out on fox news while trashing Biden. once again he is not a good person Trump is transactional. He will use intel for something he wants. He is incapable of keeping his mouth shut.realDonaldTrump LincolnProject DonaldTrumpfanclub I think they should take away his pardon rights as well.

Why should he have any intelligence briefings after he leaves office? He has been IMPEACHED for quidproquo with Ukraine. Presidents impeached for misusing foreign affairs shouldn't have the luxury. He shouldn't have gotten any national secrets while in office. Sorry Mr. President you’re done and you’re not getting anything except your ass out of the White House

Agreed. This IMPEACHED IMBECILE shouldn't have allot of what normal ex-POTUS get. Especially on taxpayers dime. Cheater Liar TrumpIsANationalSecurityRisk Traitor TraitorTrump AGREED! Why would he start to read them now? Clinton Obama, not they can’t be trusted!!! Here is what NBC won’t show viewers.

He doesn’t listen anyway - treat him like a mushroom- keep him in the dark and feed him shit...that’ll mess with TrumpPutin TrumpVirus Treason I think Democrats are domestic terrorist and shouldn’t get any Intel A few ex people’s opinions ! To create further divide!!! It’s sad state of affairs. I do not care for either Candiate . If Trump leaks secrets then he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law . Media just likes dig to create fear and hate

No. He’s a low life gossip. Tough shit Trump will no doubt auction off classified information to the highest bidder to pay off his debt. Too bad! Obama, the most corrupt President in history had access! He should not be allowed anywhere near Whitehouse intel. Just bar him as he would do. He wasn't interested in briefings while he was President so maybe he won't ask.

President Trump is staying in the white house another 4 years Fuck NO! Why the hell do any former president have access to this? There is not purpose. None at all. Heeeeeell no!!!!!! ex-president? 😂😂😂 Not so soon... Ex How. You kill him. Or you planing. A murder. No. Trump has been the most significant security threat to this nation. Who does he owe nearly a billion $$ to? And he so desperately tries to be buddies with the likes of Putin and Kim Jong Il. He uses his office to make $$ for himself, his kids, and the ppl who kiss his ass.

Hell, he shouldn't have been getting them while he was in office. russianasset In NO WAY should he have access! POTUS is a proven leaker of classified info! No For American I say give him 'the rope' and see what he does with it. Give him some fake stuff (which he could relate to) and then watch him share it with Putin/others. Trump can't keep his pie hole shut, so this is one way to make sure he pays for any crimes he's hidden via pardons.

Hell no! Hell no and I would guess that they didn’t tell him QUITE a bit.... Not like he's actually going to read them unless they are big pictures, or written in crayon. Doesn't matter Trump won The only way he should get a classified briefing is if our Intel community wants to spread disinformation to Russia. Tell DiaperDon something false but believable and see how fast Putin learns about it. Then lock him up. Otherwise, hell no!

It’s the corrupted minds in the United States that don’t want Donald J Trump to have any information. Our country is sick, and I’m not talking virus. I’m talking about ungodly un constitutional democrats that are trying to sell out or country to other countries and satan. I'm concerned about what he's learned while in office. He is not trust worthy!

No No No. He is so Vindictive Come on January 20th 2021 I agree I agree. nottrustworthy Even impeached ones? Most definitely For sure. Racist Your not even thinking right TREASONOUS trump is a security risk! Has been a national risk since he has been president. Biden needs to change that norm I doubt it he’s not even trusted with felt tips yet

Same anonymous ex intel officials are totally FullOfSchiff! None NO ! He won’t care about nat sec secrets. Unless, that is, someone ASKS him to get info for THEM. This guy can be trusted with guarding anything He shouldn't get them while he's in office, but you can't do that 😂 Voter fraud has clearly played a major part winning the US election. This was democrats devious plan all along. Coup. Democracy has ended in America. It is now controlled by globalist crooks. MSM propaganda are the real virus. ID and full transparency are essential for voting.

Just use him to feed incorrect info to the Russians? Amen! Democrats are completely deranged. 😈 no Oh hell no Hi there , i am from brazil , I have no job because coronavirus crisis, I need somebody help me 😢 Some? completely agree